Kevin Federline gives away tickets

November 8th, 2006 // 125 Comments

Because he had a pathetic 20% turnout in New York this weekend, K-Fed has dropped the price of tickets to his performance at the House of Blues in Chicago tonight to a whopping $0.00. That’s zero. As in free. As in he’s giving his tickets away for free. I’d joke that soon he’ll be paying people to see him perform, but the thought of him with any money after Britney divorces him is too ridiculous to even joke about.


  1. BarbadoSlim

    It also occurs to me that these properties might be mortagaged up the ying-yang, if so he’s probably gonna get half the equity only. Stick that up your ass faggot.

  2. BarbadoSlim



  3. Fish – PLEASE provide #28 with a reserved spot for a post so that we can get a full report on how bad the K-Earl show was.
    I can’t wait for the Pollstar numbers to come out next month. He may be the lowest grossing artist of the year.
    And for all of you still arguing over K-Earl’s divorce settlement, please remember that he has 2 other kids from a previous relationship, so when he banks his $$$ another court summons should instantly appear for him regarding increased child support payments to Shar.

    This whole situation should make every atheist in America a believer now – There is a God, and he does render justice onto those who deserve it.

  4. commissioner


    I’ve looked for her pre-nup. All I can come up with is the “faux” marriage agreement. If you have to have a “faux” marriage agreement, is it really a good idea to get married?

  5. el_princess

    Awww…I kinda liked Brits downhill sprial..especially the time she cried.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    #54 you said it.

    The level of income she was bringing in at that time made her a target for losers like this scumbag. She could’ve just shacked-up with him, the end result would’ve been the same but less expensive.

  7. Dory

    I’d just like to say thankyou to those of you American’s who voted yesterday. Thankyou for taking some power of that mental president of yours. You have No Idea how big the sigh of relief the rest of the world breathed when that happened!!!!

  8. Dory

    And I agree with # 53

  9. PunjabPete

    Commissioner and others… Here are the prenup details per US magazine 2005…

  10. commissioner


    I looked at the “pre-nup” Punjab directed me to. I agree with you; if she was smart, the Casa La Spearderline was mortgaged up to her moneymaker.

    I met plenty o’ guys like him before I was remarried. Always looked at my shoes then asked how much money I made. Usually before asking my name.

  11. sexybitch

    So how the hell IS my ex-boyfriend, and did he like your shoes?

  12. BarbadoSlim

    Hahaha he loses the Ferrari, it should be summarily crushed as it has been tainted.

    On the other hand, it’s very generic to say he gets 1/2 the house, is the house paid for? I mean these people aren’t buying houses cash, the taxes alone would bury you. You need to carry some debt with real estate (at least where I live)

  13. commissioner


    I told him he couldn’t afford me after he told me he “trained horses” for a living. (In my neck of the woods, “training horses” means unemployed and living with your sister.)

  14. NipsyHustle

    i’m sure shar is experiencing a catch 22 right now. while she is elated that this cheating ass scumbag is getting dumped…at the dame time she has to be bummed that brit’s not paying his child support anymore. i wouldn’t doubt if shar is calling brit herself begging her to take kevin back.

  15. commissioner


    I’m telling ya, I bet she owes on that house. No way would her handlers allow her to pay cash for real estate. I’d love to see the look on Kevvy’s face when he’s told his Amex card “has been declined”.

  16. sexybitch

    Damn, that little fucker’s lost another job! He used to be a “consultant”, but only idiots from Louisiana still fall for that one.

  17. sexybitch

    And don’t everybody from the great state of LA get on my ass, you know who I mean.

  18. commissioner


    Yep, another one of my favorites. “Consultant”.

    My daddy used to say, “never trust a man who wears a suit to a bar”. He said they were either a drug dealer or a car salesman.

    Those bar hoppin’ days are over for me now. It used to be amusing to hop out of my “sin wagon” (hot little sportscar) and watch the idiot “consultants” point and make plans for later.

  19. sexybitch

    My daddy just told me get the cash up front, and to this day I swear I don’t know what he meant by that.
    Out here in LA those who aren’t consultants are all “working on my screenplay”. Uh-HUH.

  20. PunjabPete


    I too am sure a Mortgage is involved… The split is half the vlue if you sold tomorrow and paid off the note… So YESLMAO…

    I too am sure a Mortgage is involved… The split is half the vlue if you sold tomorrow and paid off the note… So YES< that is minus whatever is owed. It could be a total gain of $10,000 equity considering how mortgages start out mostly interest in the first two years… So maybe he won’t get that big $5M lump. Even if he only gets $500K, he is still sitting pretty for a little while… Then he can sell his soul to whoever bought Kato Kailins in order to complete the bookend set…

  21. PunjabPete

    WTF? WHere is the rest of my post? THere were like 5 more sentences!!!! You suck FISH!!

  22. PunjabPete

    Anyway, here they are…

    Yes, you are correct…
    He may not be getting a big $5M lump if the mortgage is huge adn the equity is small. That would be awesome… We can hope…

  23. sexybitch

    The rest of your post will show up 5 days from now with the rest of the late breaking news. Let’s hope Casa Feddy has a triple or fourple mortgage!

  24. ponk

    i wonder if fed-ex is still cool with everybody hating him.

  25. mrs.t

    #64-we have a cat named Nipsy Russell. Are you, in fact, a cat?

  26. NipsyHustle

    #75—nipsy russell was a black man. so really you own a black man. shame on you. you can own a black baby but owning a black man is so colonial. we don’t do that anymore.

  27. pursang

    This just in…FED-EX has filed for custody and spousal support. Wigger just ain’t got no pride ‘yo….

  28. mrs.t

    #76-How do I know I can trust you? You were obviously a huge ‘Liars Club’ fan, to have chosen to honor one of that show’s late, great alumni with your screen name….you’ll suck me in with your romantic memories of colonial slave-trading, and then everyone will laugh when you reveal that your ideas are actually a corn-shucker from the late 1800′s.

  29. mrs.t

    77-any fool can see that he really needs to sue for pride support. And wife-beater reparations.

  30. RichPort

    Now he’ll be worth what he dresses like: shit.

    What’s the opposite of sold-out? Sold-in? If so, this concert will be sold-in even at these prices… let’s see, what do I have to do that night… coat my pubic hair in honey and sit on a fire ant’s mound… stick my ass in a polar bear fence… wrestle a pack of bikers with only a spork and my faith in Xenu… wear a “Guns Suck!” t shirt to the next NRA rally… tell a pack of steroid-laden psycho lesbians to go iron my fucking clothes you bitches… convince liberals Jesus picked Dubya… visit Amish land with a bottle of anti-depressants and machete… there are any number of things I’d rather do than see Earl for free…

  31. Leori

    Right on #57
    No one died when Clinton lied.

  32. MargeAggedon

    See? That’s exactly what I said. I KNEW they were giving his tickets to homeless people in the hopes of having someone show up.
    Shelter is a big draw these days. Even if they do have to put up with the noise.

  33. mrs.t

    57, 81- a friend just sent this to me. The similarities are uncanny.
    So, anyway, I was in Stockholm Sweden, and went to this museum that was
    built around a big warship built in the 17th century by the King of Sweden
    at the time. The boat had sunk in Stockholm harbor and was actually lifted
    out of the water in the 1960′s and now sits in it’s complete state in a huge

    Well, anyway, along with the huge boat, they also had a nice installation
    about life in Sweden during the 17th century. At the time, as with most
    European countries, the people were in a state of abject poverty, and of
    course, the royals were living large.

    I was immediately struck by one placard in the installation that explained
    that , even though the country and it’s peoples were totally poor and
    dealing with plague, and famine, The King of Sweden, Gustav Vasa was
    insisting that the people should be more concerned about the threat of an
    invasion from Poland… Poland! can you imagine?

    The king of Sweden of course spent vast amounts of money on fighting this
    war in Poland against the Polish. I am sure at the time he used lines like
    “We must fight the enemy there, so that we do not have to fight them here!”

    Of course, the people of Sweden in the end suffered from it (as well I am
    sure, the people of Poland)

    So in his endeavor to fight the evil Poles and everyone else he deemed a
    threat to Sweden, he built what he thought was going to be the largest and
    most deadly warship in Europe.

    The ship had three rows of Cannons. Compared to the normal one or two rows
    of cannons on most warships at the time. The king had ordered this, against
    the recommendations of the ship designers and senior naval commanders.

    As the boat left the dock on its maiden voyage, it sailed only half a mile
    and then a strong wind came and the boat listed, with the weight of all the
    cannons, it started to list so much that it eventually sank to the bottom of
    Stockholm harbor. It had only sailed for less than half an hour.

    In the end, no one was punished or reprimanded for the sinking, not one
    admiral, not one designer, not one official…

    I guess we never learn do we?

  34. Dory

    Apparently not… and I see Democrats have won the other house. Does that mean Bush will be able to do anything at all or is everything going to have to go through the opposition??

  35. littlefattycakes

    While I realize it may be poor form to comment on another article’s “comments,” I must say that I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the number of people rejoicing about this divorce. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for warrented celebrity bashing, especially when it concerns free-loading mother-fuckers, but celebrating ANY divorce is just sickening. Marriage is sacred! Why is it funny to laugh at the destruction of one of the world’s oldest, holiest, and most respected institutions?

  36. Leori

    #85 you make a good point, but in Britney’s case how “sacred” is marriage, really?
    Two words: Jason Alexander. And I don’t mean the fat guy from Seinfeld.

  37. sierra1438

    I was so going to go to the show tonight (I actually considered paying the $25 to see who would actually attend KFeds crap ass show) but the gym sounded like a much better idea…So #28 please let us know how it turned out and even he even showed his sorry ass face.

  38. a_wu

    OK fishheads, sorry to disappoint, but when I got there House of Blues informed me that the tickets were only free until 4 and then they went back to their regular price. I pity Earl, but not enough to shell out $27. Maybe the next time he comes through and plays at the mall I can catch him for nothing…

  39. sierra1438

    so sad fedex…so sad…apparently NW law was representing at HoB…how pathetic.

  40. BigJim

    I remember a while back I was watching some stupid movie called “True Romance”. It had Christian Slater (drug-addled, alcoholic bone smuggler) and that butt-ugly sister to a tranny Patricia Arquette.

    Anyway, the only reason I was watching this flick was because some dumb broad I was with thought it was all romantic and I figured that if I feigned interest I might get her to touch my fun stuff (mission accomplished, by the way).

    The only part of the movie I remember is that there was this wigger in it, back before there really was such a thing as wiggers (early nineties). I remember thinking, “man, that fucking white guy pretending to be black is totally annoying and retarded.”

    If I remember correctly, Slater blows the wigger’s brains out. Or maybe he just beats the shit out of him. Either way, the wigger got fucked up.

    That part was cool, cuz I hate fucking wiggers.


  41. kristaldmix

    #85 Im sorry but I just cant associate the words “holy” “sacred” and “respected” with these two assclowns. “Institution”, definitely since that is where someone as delusional as him belongs. Way to go, Had-her-poon.

  42. BigJim

    Behold, through the miracle of google:

    Wigger got his balls blown off and then capped in the head.

    Now if only someone would do that to Fed-Ex.

  43. laikiska

    #85: which century do you live in? Marriage is only ‘sacred’ to religious people and even THEY get divorced. Marriage was a necessity in the old days so women were protected. (AND people didn’t live so long, so they didn’t need to put up with each other’s crap for too many years). Marriage nowadays is a luxury that most people don’t take seriously. Move with the times, girl!

  44. littlefattycakes

    Well, even if I am old-fashioned and idealistic, don’t you still see my point? It’s really sad and unfortunate for all parties involved, especially the kids. All I am saying is that divorce is never funny and shouldn’t be celebrated, even if the parties involved are, in fact, ass-clowns.
    Also, I realize that marriage may be a “religious” institution, but people still do it all the time (I bet you’ve either done it or want to do it yourself someday), and when they do it, they make a PROMISE to each other that they are going to stay together. When is breaking promises funny?

    Despite all of this, I still think that Spears is a talentless bimbo (with good lawyers) and FedEx is a worthless piece of white-trash shit. I wouldn’t be so put off by all those divorce business if they hadn’t had offspring…

  45. littlefattycakes

    Er, #93 i mean. not 95. 95 doesn’t exist yet. My bad.

  46. littlefattycakes

    But now it does. Okay I am done talking now.

  47. I have no idea what he’s going to do for a living, as I doubt even the gay porn industry wants his ugly mug in their movies.

  48. sexybitch

    What’s the snuff film industry’s best offer?

  49. Leori

    Speaking of wigger movies, “Malibu’s Most Wanted” made me want to dig my eyes out of my head with a rusty fork.

  50. #98

    2 dollars more than he’s making now.

    …which would be 2 dollars.

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