Kevin Federline gives away tickets

November 8th, 2006 // 125 Comments

Because he had a pathetic 20% turnout in New York this weekend, K-Fed has dropped the price of tickets to his performance at the House of Blues in Chicago tonight to a whopping $0.00. That’s zero. As in free. As in he’s giving his tickets away for free. I’d joke that soon he’ll be paying people to see him perform, but the thought of him with any money after Britney divorces him is too ridiculous to even joke about.


  1. HollyJ


  2. This turn of events should come as no surprise to anyone except Kevin himself.

  3. HollyJ


    I’ll see if it he sends me a plane ticket and $1000, but that’s my bottom line.

  4. Deecag

    Zero. Also the result of his IQ test.

  5. PapaHotNuts

    At what point can I begin to feel sorry for him? I’m getting close.

  6. Shagggy

    yea he is kinda a zero isnt he

  7. punkrocky

    hahaha that is actually the most pathetic thing ive seen.

  8. cole007

    I am LOVING it. Now, if we can just get dubbya to move to paraguay. the apocalyse is coming!

  9. frenchtoaststix

    Poor Britney. He’s giving his goodies away free to us poor slobs but she had to pay for it. TWICE! Karma is a bitch when she bites you in the ass, Brit!

  10. BigJim

    Price of return airline ticket to Chicago: $1,100

    Price of cab from O’Hare International Airport to downtown: $55

    Price of hotel in proximity to House of Blues: $149

    Price of ticket to Fed-Ex-Earl show: $0

    Being in a close enough proximity to Earl so that I can fling a beer bottle at his retarded head: Priceless.

  11. pinky_nip

    I “performed” once inside the House of Blues in Chicago. I charged Long Island Ice Teas.

  12. jrzmommy

    and please let it be an empty house still. just to add to his downward spiral I’m beginning to refer to as K-FEDS HAPPY DANCE TO HELL

  13. Missallanpoe

    lol…you know what….jesus TANGO dancing christ =) I…don’t even really know what to say to this. To tell you the truth..I would of gone for free and threw the video tape of her blowjob at him “this is how it use to be” then throw a picture of some random 180 lady with C sized tits and a huge nose at him, “this is how it’s going to be”.

  14. sid

    DAMMIT, if not for my clunky OS9 G3 Mac, a dialup account, and typekey always forgetting I’m already registered, I coulda been first.

    Not a big deal, it just would be special for me, y’know?

    As far as Kfed is concerned, I don’t think there’s anything cute we can add to this.

    It’s perfect. All we can do is bask in its light.

  15. Missallanpoe

    180 pound lady*

  16. November 7th & 8th are redletter days for K-Fed!


  17. Missallanpoe

    well…180 pound…180 years matter. =D

  18. BarbadoSlim

    I don’t know what else I can say about the Popofag at this point.

    ‘cept eat shit and die, in no particular order.

  19. Well, not to worry, I am sure he will make out on getting some money by selling their sex tapes.

  20. iheartgossip

    Why should he charge people to see him “rap”?

    It’s not like he needs the money. He is, after all, getting millions in the divorce settlement.

  21. jrzmommy

    Great Next Career Moves for Kevin Federline

    1. Personal Assistant to Naomi Campbell
    2. Celebrity Boxing Match with Mike Tyson
    3. Pete Doherty?s Person al Phlebotomist
    4. Chicken Coop Cleaner in Indonesia or VietNam
    5. Outspoken Democracy Advocate in Terhan

  22. reptilicus


  23. BarbadoSlim

    @22, oh, he’s gonna need some money alright, the way he “rolls.” This dirtbag is prolly gonna take a one time payment or some kind of annuity . How much you wanna bet he’s still gonna go to Vegas with his faggot troupe of “buds,” until he spends it all.

    The worse thing than being poor, is to have been rich and then be poor.

  24. jrzmommy

    Whatever he does next, I hope it involves a Tequila and Tranquilizer cocktail and a swan dive from a 10th story balcony.

  25. 86

    23. 6. The Surreal Life!!!!

  26. a_wu

    I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to see the most ridiculed man in America for free three blocks from where I work the day after his wife divorces him. Bring it, K-Fed, bring it.

  27. cole007

    suicide is too thoughtful, self-loathing, and shit for this dudebroah, hey, hey, ya ya ya, yo, buy my cd, yo.

    no one will one him as a backupdancer now.

    he’s going to have to sell that $40,000 watch to a casino, I bet, just to keep going in craps one of these days… I mean, this weekend.

  28. I hope he does the same thing for the show @ HoB in Hollywood! If he does, I’m soooo there.

  29. Italian Stallion

    Number of people to show up to free Kevin Federline concert- 0

  30. commissioner

    At least my life didn’t spiral out of control like this after my “Dear John” text message. I just threw his toothbrush in the trash and moved on. That’s how I roll.

  31. EazyE

    A year from now he won’t even be able to get on the Surreal Life.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    Hey, if I were this particular douchebag I’d thank my lucky stars for having had a semi-good run on the gravy train, take the money, move to some place like Alaska (or any place were the living is cheaper) and just play video games and watch porn for the rest of my life.

    I’m thinking of doing exactly this

  33. Morticia

    He’s trying to be a rapper because rappers need ZERO talent. AND I MEAN ZERO!!!

  34. NipsyHustle

    don’t you suckas recognize? earl is priceless.

    i feel sorry for artists that have a ticket price. madonna’s tickets were a hundred dollars. hell, that makes her no better than the average escort. kfed is in a league of his own.

  35. Morticia

    It’s not like he needs the money. He is, after all, getting millions in the divorce settlement.

    Wrong. He gets $300,000 for each year married. That’s $600,000 and no community assets. I think she’s letting him keep the ferrari though. Tard.

  36. Binky

    # 9 He might end up in Paraguay, but apparently Don Rumsfeld has been seen in Patagonia scoping out the old Martin Bormann estate.

  37. PunjabPete

    #28 – you so have to go to that.. Yell taunts at him and then come back and tell us what happened… If i lived in Chicago I would get 10 of my friends together, supply them with booze, and bring a video camera… Sweet Jesus would we be rolling in the dough when all the tabloids got the footage of us chanting “Go K-Fag, Go K-Fag, Go K-Fag” Can I get whoop whoop?…

  38. PunjabPete

    37 – try again…
    $30,000 per month for 1/2 the time they were together… So $360,000 there… Any items over 10K get returned to the gifter. Half the value of the Malibu house (valued at $10M)so that is another $5 million. She is allowing him all the proceeds from their stupid reality show. Once he cock-blocks over custody, she will throw in another $1M to get rid of him forever. He should pocket a cool $6.5 million before taxes….

  39. PrettyBaby

    Yeah, this is not the Best Week Ever for old K-Fag. Poor, poor wigger. BUT all my pretties, I KNOW that there will be some dumb Hollywood slunt there to let him leach off her. Oh, Guess what Shar’s doin’ tonight…. Now SHE’s having the Best Week Ever!

  40. PrettyBaby

    He will blame Britney for all of this too. Because she filed for divorce no one wants to see his “show”

    If I wanted to see a creepy guy yelling Hey 50 times, I would walk past the mexican guy that works at my building.

  41. commissioner


    House issue was probably covered by the pre-nup. If it wasn’t, I’d sell the motherfucker for fifteen bucks and give him his half.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    #40 you know all the stories about the guy who wins the Lotto, thinks he’s on top of the world, then it turns out he doesn’t know shit about managing money, hangs out with a bunch of losers. Then he’s in debt, tries to pull of an armed robbery with a dude named “Tommy” who then rats him out. The lotto winner ends up in Pound Me in The Ass Chatanooga Correctional Facility giving blowjobs for a pack’o smokes from a black guy named Trey.

    He’s THAT GUY

  43. BigJim

    Ah, sweet Schadenfreude.

    The only thing that could make this day better would be if Airforce 1 crashed in Paris Hilton.

    And Perez Hilton. Fucking fat faggot.

  44. PunjabPete

    Everything that I have seen suggests that the house was in both of their names as a community asset. Supposedly they split it based upon value not sale price unfortunately… So she looks like she will definitely have to buy him out for some serious cash… However, at 20 million, getting away from that waste of space woudl be worth it….

  45. BarbadoSlim

    I seriously doubt Britney’s handlers would let her make such a stupid move as buying the house as a community asset after they worked out such a robust pre-nup. Has anybody seen the deed?

  46. commissioner


    There are many ways to get around that pesky community property law; this I know.

  47. sexybitch

    Obviously he’ll blow it all with his peeps, a la MC Hammer.

  48. commissioner


    Britney may be a dumb hick, but her handlers aren’t. They’re gonna keep their little gravy train on the right track.

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