Kevin Federline Gets Metrosexual Makeover

January 31st, 2005 // 3 Comments

Britney Spears’ husband Kevin Federline has received a “metrosexual makeover” for an upcoming magazine interview. The former back-up dancer was stripped of his usual white trash outfit of wifebeater and baggy jeans for a more “dapper” look in a shoot for April’s Details magazine. Spears was also present with her new dog Bitbit to provide “direction” for her partner, though I’m not sure Britney Spears’ advice on looking classy would be the best, um, advice.


  1. xanjeleyzx

    His femine side is awfully delightful. Excuse me while I stab mysef in the ear.

  2. i really like this i think it pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!

  3. His new looks made him look more smarter and more younger again.Gosh, maybe the cigarettes he sucks in constantly might have something to do with his not keeping up with his kids and his huffing and puffing too. How stupid are people? Quit trying to kill your self off with cigarettes and maybe you’ll live to see your kids grow up. Britney smokes too, these 2 little kids breathe in their parents sickening, killer, poisoneous smoke all the time, and the parents don’t give a darn. Child protection should take kids away from murderous smoking parents, 2nd hand smoke is worse than smoking.

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