Kevin Federline files for custody

August 9th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Kevin Federline’s lawyer went to court yesterday afternoon and filed legal papers seeking custody of his two children with Britney Spears. The documents are under seal so the details of the petition are unknown, but Federline recently threatened to file for full custody because of Britney’s recent behavior. I don’t really see how Federline can mess this up. Anybody who owns a computer or TV knows what kind of mother Britney Spears is. K-Fed could show up to court with a cage with “baby” written on the side and still end up getting the kids.


  1. woodhorse

    K-Fed is fucking clairvoyant when it comes to finding the Trifecta of all meal tickets. He should get a job on Wall Street or something.

  2. wedgeone

    Tigers have spots … #46 just got their cherry popped!

  3. susanist

    Well the Dumbass who runs this Blog finally makes some sense of course its always when he’s critical of some woman he’s jack-offed to but believes he’s better than.

    What a punk. its no wonder he has so much punk love for a punk like K-Fed. Consider what ‘Britney does for a living than look at the purpose of this blog and the delusion that the Punk is performing some sort of community service.

  4. susanist

    All of you who find time to berate these women you don’t know are the American equivalent to the Taliban. The real issue is that you hate them for causing you to have a rare erection and that you have jacked off precious sperm for the lust of the Britney’s and Lohan’s of the world,

    Pay back’s a mother for all all of you but you really should have somethinbg serious to consider like the prospect of visiting Afghanistan while you are young and stupid and have the energy to dodge bullets.

  5. susanist

    Whatever any of you Beavis and Buttheads have to say about accomplished women like Britney is worthless dribble from real losers.

  6. Them are gonna be messed up critters. I think that her mom ought to get custody of them. Neither of those two are capable of being parents.

  7. latty

    if ‘accomplished’ means having the ability to simultaneously snort coke and feed my kids cheetos…..
    wa-yu’ll, than ah am miiigghty proud tuh be a slack-jawed yokel with none of them thar faaaaancy accom-plish-munts!

    her only accomplishment lately is remembering to keep her clothes on….oh, wait! she can’t even do THAT!

    screw off, pissant.

  8. Italian Stallion

    She’d make a great bottle opener……….

  9. zecatwoman

    Seriously, WTF?! Accomplished? Lip synching to insipid bubble-gum pop music and letting your hoo-ha dangle out does not an accomplished woman make. I would say that you are the real threat to women, considering how low you have set their standards.

  10. foog

    “Federline recently threatened to file for full custody because of Britney’s recent behavior. ”

    Recently, superfish has shown a recent trend towards crap writing. I recent that. errr, I mean resent that.

    Seriously though, how hard can writing these things be? Blurb, insult, posturing. It ain’t rocket surgery. Pruffread yer shit fer Chrissakes.

  11. Jiggy Supreme

    Dear #33 –

    I was only contesting based on the fact that she was swimming topless with some back up dancer. I don’t follow these things and research them day in and day out like some people who shall remain nameless do…good uhhh luck with that.


  12. Britney Spears no vale ni medio centavo. Se ha despretigiado de una manera increíble, paso de ser la princesa del Pop, a ser una vulgar fiestera babosa y underground. Ya nada le luce.

  13. Whoever.

    I’d like to beat the shit out of Susanist. Because she’s a crackwhore, too.

  14. woodhorse

    #63 I’d like to introduce Susanist to Edna Bambrick. It would be Lucifer meets Satan and we could all step back and laugh at the fireworks.

  15. woodhorse

    Oh, wait! I forgot to throw in that crazy woman that posts the outfits she puts together every day – what was her name jrzmommy? – She should be in on that too.

  16. Britney is Certifiable

    It’s about time! Good luck to Kevin – I’m praying for the boy’s sake that it goes in his favor. I know he will have help from Lynne Spears, so those boys will be well taken care of. Britney needs to suffer some consequences for her behavior. Losing her boys may be the only thing that will save her or them from severe harm.

    Please let Allure Magazine know that you do not appreciate them putting her on their cover for an upcoming edition. Allure Magazine is not a rag mag and young women read this magazine for inspiration. What has Britney done that young women need to aspire to? There are other more deserving young women, who have done well in their personal & business lives and that are doing some good for our world.

    Britney has done nothing.

  17. Morris

    The whole situation is unfortunate. Any picture I have seen of their two children, they look scared to death.

    I don’t beleive that children should be taken away from their mother..however, I’ve changed my opinion on that. She needs help…she got help? but it didn’t help, did it?

  18. Pam In Evansville




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  20. Jacqueline

    Look yall! huh huh uh….I can eat corn-on-the-cob through a picket fence! Yeehaw!

  21. kels

    *rolls eyes* i dont think kfed, or britney should get full custody of those children. i could type all day about how discusting i think britney is, but for now ill just leave it as: she is a bad mother, and she should have kept her legs closed.

  22. kry

    Is K-Fed working this hard to get his other kids from Shar Jackson? No. Wanna know why? She doesn’t have half the money Britney does. If he gets full custody, he gets lots and lots of child support from Britney.

  23. Rubystar

    K-fuckup is sad…. like #73 said… he isn’t fighting for his other 2 kids… and he probably never sees them either…. he’s a horrible dad, the biggest gold digger, and a nobody, and honestly he’s the best example of white trash I’ve ever been given the pleasure of seeing!

    dirt-bags-r-us here we come!!!!

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