Kevin Federline files for custody

August 9th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Kevin Federline’s lawyer went to court yesterday afternoon and filed legal papers seeking custody of his two children with Britney Spears. The documents are under seal so the details of the petition are unknown, but Federline recently threatened to file for full custody because of Britney’s recent behavior. I don’t really see how Federline can mess this up. Anybody who owns a computer or TV knows what kind of mother Britney Spears is. K-Fed could show up to court with a cage with “baby” written on the side and still end up getting the kids.


  1. CaffeBeotch


  2. ***

    the kids would be lucky if he got full castody

  3. Second.

    And for once, I agree with Rapper wannabe K-Fed. He’s doing the right thing… low profile, good and responsible behavior. While Brit keeps up with the Hiltons and Lohans.

    GO KFED!!

  4. CC Deville

    I think Jayden Should get custody of his older brother and then they could make a bosom buddies-type sitcom about the two toddlers dressing up like women to live in their women only nyc condo.

  5. Britney's Nappy Weave

    I never thought I’d think K-Fed would be the better parent, but I hope he gets full custody too. It’s the kids’ only chance. Trust me, if he was out partying it up and being totally irresponsible like this bitch, they’d have pictures of it too.

  6. Malffy Hernandes

    Fifth!? Um, like 1year ago I’d be like ‘Hell no’ but nowadays it’s like do lawyers even need to be involved?

  7. adeliza

    It’s about time.

  8. Gerald Tarrant

    Wards of the state. Neither one of those shitheels should have had children.

  9. Lovely

    She should get her kids taken away from her just for making that face. Fuck everything else- that alone should warrant the death penalty

  10. Chirst on a Crotch

    Yep, I’m all for daddy custody. Some chicks just cannot bring up children. Goes to show that you can’t judge a douche by the water he squirts.

  11. M

    Britney isn’t even fit to raise pigs.

  12. Stickman

    When you can make Federline look like the better person, it’s probably time to kill yourself.

  13. bubba lubdubski

    i never thought i would be saying this but,

    Way to be a man, K-Fed!

  14. pointandlaugh

    I NEVER would have predicted that K-FED would look like a fine upstanding, responsible parent. But compared to Britney, he looks like Father Knows Best.

  15. Nikki

    I totally agree that KFED should get these poor kids. At least with him, a nanny will raise them.

  16. ^^^^^^KraziHotKelliKlone^^^^^^^^^

    Krasy Kelli should raise those Kidz
    Zhe could teach them to Zwim
    and molezt them
    and show them how to zell crack
    on the ztreet corner

  17. lidiya

    i guess it’s win-win-win. more money for the federline douchebag, britney is relieved of the 10-minute per diem she spends with her offspring and the toddlers are somehow better off. that’s an extra 10 minutes to wash your “hair,” brit!

  18. Kfed is the shit. He is so underrated. Dude played her like a fiddle. He is a hero to all men

  19. Annie Rexia

    If kfed raises those kids like he shaves my cootch, he will make one hell of a dad.

  20. It is utterly unbelievable that K-fed (I used to call him K-fag!) is actually likable to me now!!! Especially after seeing this retarded picture of shit stains! Remember when the world hated him and felt sorry for shitney for hooking up with him? Well I’m not sure what he did but he’s got my vote for success, the kids, and whatever else the poor thing wants. I actually feel sorry for him for being mixed up with this mental case, walking offense! What is your problem Britney?

  21. K-FED

    How the hell did I end up as the responsible care giver? Oh well, thanks for all the support. Now, please don’t accuse me of being a money grubbing gold digger when I ask the court for a butt load of my Ex’s cash. It takes money to raise kids, and I think we’ll all agree that I have no salable skills or talent. I need to get Brit’s cash before she spends it all on fried chicken, pork rinds, and high quality drugs, not necessarily in that order. Thanks again, and peace. KFED

    PS- You can now buy my record at Big Lots for $0.99. K-

  22. sharpeidude

    That face she makes for the camera says it all….career over.

  23. richinhouston

    Now I know why she had 2 kids back to back. The mouth position looks good, but her teeth are in the way. Poor K-Fed.

  24. Ya

    Hey, I can’t post this in the other section about popups (for some reason the bottom of the screen is black), so I’m posting it here. When I come to this God-forsaken website, it redirects me to:

    What the hell is that?

  25. Sportsdvl

    If skanky Britney had made that face more often she’s have ended up with a protein diet and less kids to worry about.

  26. Jiggy Supreme

    K-Fed only wants full custody because the more custody you have the more child support you get. If he just has joint custody, he won’t get as much money. Everyone knows that the media over-hypes everything. Britney’s kids are probably well loved and taken care of. I’m a parent, and I go to parties. My daughter is either with her Grandma or Aunt if I go out, but parents don’t just sit around cooking and cleaning 24/7. I’m not saying Britney is a class act, but first prove that her kids aren’t being taken care of. I am assuming that they have the best childcare money can buy. K-Fed just wants the money!!

  27. jrzmommy

    Well, as the year has progressed, it seems K-Fag is the less of two evils.
    God she looks like a donkey in this photo!

  28. DGC

    Should be a slam-dunk for any father other than K-Fed. Those poor kids don’t have very good options.

  29. LL

    She should lose custody just for wearing those ugly-ass, old-woman-in-Boca sunglasses.

  30. I used to LOATHE Fed-X but I now realize what a genius he was and still is!!! He deserves every penny for putting up with that pork belly for all this time. She was such a stupid cunt for not realizing that she wasn’t even his type! He likes the sistas! I would NEVER stay attracted to a guy once I found out he had kids with a sista cause I aint a sista, I’m blond and blue eyed like shitney! Guys that like sistas like them cause they don’t like blonds! She deserves to lose that fortune she made due to stupidity. Kevin you deserve everything you want, and I think you should get all her money to raise those kids and hell, Shars while your at it. What a dis on shitney!!! It’s like some really gross being killed her and created this fat blimp that kinda looks like her to take over her life. KEVIN YOU GO BOY!!! I’M ON YOUR TEAM AND HOPE YOU TAKE HER TO THE CLEANERS AND HAVE A ROCKIN AND A ROLLIN GREAT LIFE. SHIT, I’LL EVEN BUY YOUR C.D. AND IF SOMEONE TOLD ME I’D BE SAYING THAT 6 MONTHS AGO I WOULD’VE TOLD THEM THEY WERE DELUSIONAL. CAMP K-FED ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  31. ^^^^^^KrazyHot KelliKlone2^^^^^^

    No Klone #1. One of us needz to
    Do the dirty work for her
    Zhe will remain here on this zite
    To Forever pozt her immortal proze
    And peck out linz
    Of immortal wizdumb

  32. Fire Starter

    This is a lot like our last presidential election. It doesn’t matter which candidate you choose, they won’t be able to handle the responsibility they are asking for.

  33. Britney's Nappy Weave

    # 26, what planet are you living on? What about the incident where she drove w/the kid on her f-n lap in the SUV? Or the one where he wasn’t facing backwards in his car seat? Or when she almost dropped the little fucker cause she was holding a highball glass in one hand? How many examples do you NEED to prove she’s a bad parent. Sheesh. Wake the fuck up.

  34. latty

    god, this picture makes her look like a fucking horse.

    nyyyyyaaahhhh! neeeeeiggghhh!

    poor mister ed. she is an insult to his kind. :’-(

  35. jus'stupid

    Well, at least with K-fed, they will betaken care of by the staff. Shitney is probably doing the same, but K fed isn’t in the news half naked, and sucking on everyone.

  36. Bubba from the Trailer Park

    Damn you Bit-Bit, if you had just married me you could be happy now hanging out all day in the double-wide and watchin your Stories all day while smoking Marlboros.

  37. lästermaul

    Looking at that bich makes me sick.

  38. Briana

    Rofl, I love that pic of her. It’s so hilarious, XDD.

  39. GEEZ I hope he wins.. those poor kids.

  40. UglyPeopleSafaris

    In an unrelated story,


    I do! I do!

  41. Cobra

    Hey, Superfish, what does this picture of a jackass in sunglasses has to do with anything? Oh, wait…

    Not even K-Fed can fuck this one up. All he would have to do in court is show the picture of Shitney posted on this page to the judge and say “Do you really think that this donkey-faced whore could take better care of my children than me? Just look at her. I bet that if you leave two turtles in her care for a couple of hours, you’d later find out that one ran away and the other was pregnant”.

  42. It’s about time! If the judge has half a brain, he will grant K-Fed’s wish!

  43. She does look like the fucking horse I had that died, but she had real hair.

  44. wedgeone

    Vegas is giving 5 to 3 odds in favor of K-Earl.

    Do you think that he makes the boys call him “Papa-zao”?

    Hopefully Brit will spontaneously combust in front of a hottub of naked, fag hag, music video dancers within 7 days of losing custody. What a shameful example of a human being she is.

  45. Cronus 10

    Yeah, but I don’t think most judges surf the internet looking at gossip pages.
    The judge in this case could think Brit is a responsible, intelligent, perfect little angel.

  46. star69

    #26 has said it all. The truth is that the only thing K-Fed really cares about is the money. The full custody will bring him more money. He’s using those poor kids that he solely created with the skank so he can charge more money from Shitney for even more money. He’s always been a scumbag and always wil be. She’s stupid enough to have trusted this fucker in anything at all. He was always in for the kill.
    Whoever actually thinks that K-Fed will be a better dad is out of their minds. just because the paparazzi’s not following his loser ass around and seeing him living the same life Shitney does (drugs, booze and being a pimp) doesn’t mean he’s a better dad.
    The media just doesn’t care about him, so he’s antics are not photographed.
    Does the tiger change it’s spots?
    K-Fed doesn’t either.
    Those kids are miserable and will be miserable in both house holds.
    Bad or not at least they have a mom right now. And Shitney may need a lotta work in being a good mother, but at least she loves those children.
    She doesn’t beat or abuse them.
    Give her some more time and she may calm down.
    I think.
    In the meantime, they’re fine with 50/50 custody.

  47. everyone’s a winner at the special olympics!

  48. zecatwoman

    Uhm…#46….tiger’s don’t have spots.

    I say make them “ethnic” looking and let Angelina have them.

  49. Bling

    She needs to think about her kids. Joint custody is better than not having your kids. If I were her, I’d be busting my ass to be respectable and a good mom. A good mom doesn’t mean a mom who stays at home with kids all of the time…Just someone you know that loves you unconditionally and someone you know will always be there and accepts you for who you are. That’s a good mom. I’ll get off my soap box now…lol. :D

  50. We-Le-Surrender....

    And as long as I live… I will never be more surprised about how this turned out than I am now… K-fed was the good one? WTF – next thing we will find out he is really Keyser Söze…

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