Kevin Federline enjoys the money

August 14th, 2006 // 41 Comments

The Scoop is making the pretty bold claim that Kevin Federline is glad he has a second child on the way because it means more money for him from Britney Spears. A source says:


  1. EdMoney

    Way to go K-FED, wish i was a DOUCHE-BAG just like you

  2. talk about riding the gravy train…

  3. rolson

    Even though we are skirting the edge of a double standard here, this guy needs to start growing up.

  4. YoMamma

    ooh 4th!

  5. YoMamma

    sorry, I was so excited to be SO COOL that I am in the single digits.

    His mamma must be so proud. I know I am.

  6. RichPort

    He better milk this cow before it dries up. I don’t think her next ‘Greatest Hits’ album will cover another couple of kids.

  7. Yuck! He’s got chicken legs. Get thee to a leg press young stud muffin!

  8. Hey…”gravy train”, “cow”, “chicken legs”, I call for a lunch break. Cheetos and gravy, yum!

  9. laury

    I used to really hate Britney. Now I think I pity her more than anything else. She knows she’s not as hot as she used to be, and now that she has a child and another one in the oven, she’s afraid of dumping Kevin. She’s probably thinking : “If I dump him, I’m gonna be alone, cause who’s gonna want me? I’m fat, ugly, and I got two kids…” Hey, we all make mistakes, we’ve all been with some asshole or bitch who everyone thought didn’t deserve us. Brit is not as dumb as we’d like her to be. She’s just scared.

  10. ImSuicidal

    @8 Can I have the hershey squirts as a beverage?

  11. nc72

    No honey that’s not anacin. Yes honey it’s your pills. $$$

  12. reptilicus

    Good for him. Why wouldn’t he take her for every last dime he can?

    It’s like all of a sudden everyone thinks that he married her for love.

  13. twzzlrgirl

    First of all, I’d rather believe that K-fed was having sex with Brit for the money than ’cause he’s attracted to her. yuck.

    Second, after that stupid video of Brit, I have to say that K-fed is the brains of this operations. Sad, but true.

    #9 — sorry to say, but I think she’s dumber than we’d like her to be.

  14. laury

    Ugh, just looking at that man makes me want to slap him. So full of himself, so damn confident that he’s going to get Britney’s fortune… He makes me want to puke. And yeah, he does have ugly-ass legs.

  15. AmericanMcKrout

    “He looks just about as happy as a pig in slop!” For all you city folk out there, that’s cuntry-talk for “He appears to be as euphoric as Tom Cruise with a cock in each oriface!”
    Tee Hee

  16. laury

    #13, it’s your opinion… She does act really dumb, but you see, my mom’s boyfriend looks as dumb as can be, you’d think he has a pickle in his head instead of a brain. yet my mom says he’s really smart, so who knows.

  17. ImSuicidal

    @17 – “yet my mom says”… “yet my mom says”… “yet my mom says”… “yet my mom says”… you pea brain.

  18. ToiletDuck

    My bestest EVER college friend from Vassar, Cathy Cuntington, says, “ewwww….”

  19. twzzlrgirl

    O.k., this is the dumba** who thinks time travel is possible. And yet K-fed says it’s not…so who knows?

  20. Yeah, asking K-Fed Yo to be that sneaky is pushing it. He probably knocked up Britney because that’s what dumb people do. I doubt he’s deep enough to have ulterior motives. Hell, he’s barely evolved enough to have motives, much less ulterior ones.

    You’ve heard Britney talk. And burp, for that matter. There’s not much left to do in her life except have sex, and neither one of them seems smart enough to figure out the workings of a condom.

  21. Jacq

    Superfish guy, I love you. Your comments are second to none, especially the one about slapping Jesus. Please marry me.

  22. Meghann

    So basically…he’s a prostitute.

  23. Jacq, damn it, click the link and enjoy life over here!!

  24. mrs.t

    How much did he get for his kids with Shar Jackson? Wait…Brit supports him, thus pays his child support for those kids, so he’s milking the cow at both ends.

  25. I Fucked Your Honor Student

    I can’t wait until these children are in school.

  26. It’s like some perverse microcosm of the welfare system, with Britney subbing for the bloated federal government and K-Fag standing in for a black family of nine. I hope for her sake Brit’s invested well, because I really don’t see that comeback happening. Not ever.

  27. RichPort


    She’s contacted Frito-Lay about stock purchases and the possibility of being able to acquire their Cheetos line, but she has yet to hear back. At the very least, she’d like her husband to be on the board.

  28. reenie11

    ok, shouldn’t she be out of money soon? All she’s done for the past 2 years is shop, try to kill her baby and fuck k-fed, how much does that pay? I believe mommy has weaned her off the titty, so who’s watching the bank acct?

  29. Jacq

    #24 – I’ve been there and I LIKE IT! I set-up an account when I went to Tranny’s but I don’t know what the hell I did. I’ll figure it out when I sober up in a bit. Kate and Pete are back together, so I had to party like it was 1999 this weekend.

  30. I’m not sure what kind of Pre-Nup gives him more money if she has kids. It’s not as if the kids will be living with him after the divorce.

    And after seeing the Brittany video on here a week or two ago, all I can say is, That annoying cow deserves this guy. I’d have killed myself or pushed her in front of a buss years ago and he still seems to be hanging on….He’s a Good Ho.

  31. PunjabPete

    That is an amazing pre-nep…

    “Go ahead, knock her up, she will take the dependants and you can have more money for your spawn. Really. We just want there to be more Kevin in this world. Please. Reproduce….”

    More money fo rhim based upon more kids for her? Hell, I would have tapped it cheap back when they first met…

  32. andrewthezeppo

    thanks for a shirtless smoking ono the beach pick…I just vomited in my mouth a little. There is nothing more white trash then smoking without a sirt…well besides Britney of course.

  33. K-fed should be paid for all the hard work he does, I mean just look at him… I am tired just looking at him. Whoo, okay now I have to get back to reality and real work.

  34. IFuckingHateYou

    That is hard work for K-fag, you can tell by the picture that he doesn’t enjoy having sex with any women, much less Britney.
    That’s one faggot that’s earning his money the hard way.
    There’s a rumor going around that TC was hiding under his bed and being his fluffer right before he knocked Brit-Brit up – both times. There would be a 3rd kid, but Tommy couldn’t contain himself and swallowed.

  35. jrzmommy

    He looks lost in thought. What deep thoughts could he be thinking? “The right one. NO no, the left. No, nope, definately the right one…my tattoo is on my right shoulder….right? No, wait, this is left, no, wait…ow why is my finger burning?”

  36. MyWellRehearsedMistake

    No, no, of course it makes sense that Brit would put that in the Pre-nup I mean if they break up he’ll pay her child support, more money for each kid right?, and of course he can’t actually get a job or earn anything on his own so she needs to pay him off so he can support her… oh, wait… hang on a minute…

    I never believed Brit was that dumb til the ‘time travel’ video, and she can’t have been faking it cos I’ve seen Crossroads, she’s a shit actress.

  37. Libraesque

    WOW, those are some sexy fucking chicken legs he’s got, paired with that fat white belly YUM YUM!!

  38. riley

    shes so much better than him. why is she still married to him?

  39. Mya

    I wish somebody would post pics of Kevin Federline before he got together with Britney for comparison purposes. Do people want him to look like a pauper just so we’ll say he’s not spending his wife’s money? If I were married to a millionaire, why shouldn’t I spend his money? I’d have to keep up with his socialite friends after all.

  40. gee…who would have thought that?

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