Kevin Federline drops PopoZao

September 25th, 2006 // 59 Comments

Perhaps in a moment of clarity, Kevin Federline has dropped PopoZao from his debut CD Playing With Fire and reportedly replaced it with a duet with Britney Spears called Crazy. Additionally, a rapper who had claimed to write most of the lyrics for Federline told the New York Daily News: “I didn’t have nothing to do with that, dog.”

I wonder why everybody is suddenly distancing themselves from what I believe is the greatest song ever written in the history of sound. Did Leonardo DaVinci pretend he didn’t paint the Mona Lisa? Was Michelangelo ashamed of the Sistine Chapel? Perhaps we’ve forgotten just how powerful and moving Federline’s tribute to Brazilian ass is. And if that’s the case, my friends, then the terrorists have truly won.


  1. Alex

    Manna from heaven!

    Waaaait! This is planet Earth! Man, what Barry Manilow could do for this artist!

  2. Beastiephile

    I just watched two minutes and forty-two seconds of what, exactly?

  3. KatieA978

    I now remember ANOTHER reason I hate K-Fag. He looks like my ex-boyfriend with that pulled back hair, and my ex used to toss off to his own music as well.

    Although I will admit that my ex had a modicum of talent, which is, of course, where the differences begin.

  4. c

    Horrible. I hate that trash like Federline is even famous and considered worthy of media attention.

  5. A2Bcom

    Kevin who? Isn’t his 15 minutes over now?

  6. tiina

    OH MY GOD! heeeeeeeeeeelp. this is horrendous. worse than that. and the worst part of it all is that he seemed to like it A LOT. Federjerk- you got no taste! Your album should be banned from ever seeing daylight for the simple reason that once people finish listesning to it, they could end up just as retarded as you.

  7. poker_n_d_rear

    i say i dont hate kevin federline we must remember people he did bed and wed an artist whos music to this days brings the idea of screwdrivers through the ears to be good, if a no talent fuck wants to be with a no talent fuck, then i truly hope they and their children become the next pratridge family only then will i know we’ve broken the mold musically, then i can kill myself with no regrets

  8. Unmarked_Art

    Reason number 8,453,923,007,045 why doing cocaine is probably the worst idea ever. I hope Aphex Twin does a whole Remix of his album with nothing but sucking sounds from a dollar bill mixed with toilets flushing [from around the world].

  9. ha ha….popzao???? wow, he got lucky with that moment of clarity….to bad it won’t make a difference

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