Kevin Federline drops hints for Britney Spears

July 19th, 2006 // 56 Comments

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Kevin Federline was spotted mid-goatee carrying a new BOLA Trainer, presumably for Britney Spears so she can get back in shape. I assume this is what they do now. Kevin Federline brings home exercise equipment and Britney Spears brings home clothes that aren’t meant for fourteen year old boys. Neither of them actually use the stuff, but at least they’ve found a way to communicate without actually having to talk to each other.

More of Kevin Federline getting people in shape after the jump.


  1. OH YES COJO. Diaz is such a tart she is retarted! YAY!

    That’s almost as funny as “a halibut good time”!!!!

  2. RichPort


    Didn’t I already bitch slap your home schooled Ralph Reed high school ass a few weeks ago? The last thing funny I’ve heard you say is “Get his dick out of your mouth!!!” to your mom when you caught her going down on me again. Reread that “How To Be Funny Posting Online” book… this time make sure it’s rightside up.

  3. Shelley Bonnechance

    I am excited for Kevin because I think he and Sean Preston are going to have a great time learning to tie their shoes together in a few years.

  4. nc72

    Heh maybe it’s for him to shape up before his debut at the Teen Choice Awards. Let’s see if the boy can rap…

  5. scaulen

    If I was the Yankees I’d move to NH, the logo change wouldn’t be that bad, and K Fed isn’t smart enough to figure out he needs a new hat.

  6. england06

    #4 that was hilarious and so true.

    Whos your daddy? well he’s everyones daddy.

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