Kevin Federline doing what he does best

January 20th, 2006 // 55 Comments

How many of us have found what we’re best at? Kevin has. And now he does it for a living. He’s turned going to the ATM machine and taking out other people’s money into an art! There is no wasted motion, so fluid. It comes so easy to the guy, he’s yawning! Game recognize game. I salute thee, Kevin Federline, I salute thee.

Credit Maria for the tip.



  1. He’s sleepy. He was up all night playing Dance Dance Revolution but he ran out of quarters.


    I think he is yawning, because, he is humming his new song to himself, and even he s bored with it.

  3. ZoomBoy

    *Yawn* “Another day, another 5k of Brit’s money, another pound of weed. Life is so boring…”

  4. ESQ

    I am so waiting for the day K-Fucked hooks up with Pee-pee Hilton and spends all of her money.

  5. gossipmonger

    YAWN…like taking candy from a baby…

  6. teleporter

    I like the “I’m an eight year old with moon boots on” look. Maybe he should just tight roll them since he has the untied white high-tops on. I seem to remember that being fashionable when Vanilla Ice and Poison were all the rage. Of course they aren’t, and never will be giant bags of douche when compared to K-fed, relatively speaking, of course.

    K-fed makes me ashamed to be a human being.

  7. Sheva

    It’s a highlight of life dirtbag moment.

  8. Maybe, now just maybe, he was being a good for Brit and decided to do the shopping for baby? Just a thought, I know.

    Looking at those jeans he is wearing he looks like he’s got lock jaw from sucking to much nub the night before. Paying back owed debts. Where are your knee pads bitch boy?


  9. Queen LaQueefah

    that man was born with a star above his ass. no matter how much of a fuckup he is, he still manages to find another ambulant latrine to mate with, one with money who doesn’t mind having a guy at her side who can’t even get a fuggin’ job.

  10. What a disturbing thought.

    Typo* he was being good for Brit.

  11. prideofchucky

    Yeah he just is yawning but I still like to think that maybe saying to himself in a high pitched gay squeal:

    “A-A-A-h my god Yo! Looka alla dez benji’s!! I’z ratha gonna git usted to idt”

  12. Layne

    you can pay for EVERYTHING these days with a credit card……except pot

    wonder where he’s going….

  13. Larry

    That’s hilarious! The poor guy, he can’t ever withdraw or spend money without this connection being made. He’s doomed, DOOMED I SAY!

  14. HollyJ

    I hope all this publicity about the weed smoking has lead to the DEA staking out his home taking secret video 24/7/365.

    If we’re lucky, they’ll leak one of Brit & KFed’s hot monkey sex romps to the net. I bet anthropologists and The National Geographic would pay big time to see that.

  15. Mary45

    So he’s going to meet the “man”… How does he stay so slim (even though it looks like his legs are 2 feet long), smokin all that weed??

  16. rachel

    does he have his wedding ring on?

  17. sedation

    look, you can see the outline of his wifebeater under his ratty thermal. my guess is he
    a) never takes it off, so it has become fused to his body
    b) has a full torso wife beater tattoo b/c he’s too lazy to bother to change it
    c) wait, a & b could be the same thing . . .

  18. laquilter

    Well, at least he’s gotten rid of the cornrows.

  19. Zed

    Okay, I’m going to think positively about K-Fed for once. Maybe Kevie’s going to use that money to…

    1. Pay off his drug dealer and thus spare his wife and child’s lives for failing to pay up on his coke and weed bill for so long?
    2. Pay for drink tips on his hot date with Paris Hilton this weekend?
    3. Pay off his drug dealer to spare Paris Hilton’s life?

    That’s it. Can’t think of any other positive uses he would put it to. Unless he’s donating it to the Mother of Mercy fund at St. Catherine’s. Hey, it could happen, couldn’t it?

  20. bigfatmomma

    This picture is worth posting?? I think i’m getting tired of seeing his weasely ass picture everyday.

    The other trash is good stuff. keep up the good work.

  21. HughJorganthethird

    At first I was confused by the lack of a wife-beater. Than I saw he has one on underneath.

    K-fed keeps it so real it’s fucking scary.

  22. MandySmurf

    He looks like a pseudo-Columbian drug lord.

  23. ESQ

    humm…dee..dum…another hard day at work…

  24. rachel

    I’m glad I wasn’t standing by him while he was yawning cuz he probably hasn’t brushed his teeth in weeks.

  25. laquilter

    maybe instead of federline, his last name should be creditline?

  26. playahater101

    Life must be so hard when you’re a mooch.
    Does this guy own anything besides white t-shirts/wife beaters and jeans?

    I’m surprised he hasn’t drained all Brit’s bank accounts yet. With all his brilliant money making ideas, including the dance school with Michael Jackson’s father. THERE’S a winner!

  27. pixel killya

    Sniff….stinks like updog in here.

  28. BadGoat

    Give the guy credit. It’s a big responsibility, spending other people’s money.

  29. Johnny Be Good

    “K-fed makes me ashamed to be a human being.”

    Well said. All we can look forward to next (besides the divorce) is when K-Fed drops his first single on the laughable piece of shit album he has recorded and is mocked not only by Eminem et. al, but the general public at large.

  30. The Lazy Asian

    Maybe he was depositing money. And maybe Ricky Martin is straight.

  31. metroville

    K-Fiddle, Fiddle, Fiddle
    The cat in the middle
    The massively untalented moron ran away with the hillbilly’s money.

  32. DannyJames

    im tellin ya, this guy has to be hung like a friggin blue whale to keep Brits dishin out the dough. Chicks do that ya know :)

  33. moomoovacaroo

    the average blue whale penis size is 10 feet long by 1 foot in diameter. The penis of the blue whale is also known as a “dork”. What. Don’t look at me that way. I read it on the internet.

    frankly, I don’t think brit’s all that picky, if anything her 55hour hubby said about the 2 straight days of orgies is true. fuck, eat cheetos, pretend to have abilities, sleep, fuck, pop out babies, sue a magazine, eat more cheetos…

    what a life.

  34. Kelly

    Thinking “I just sucked my wife’s dick for all these money. Need to practice so when she divorces or I sent us to the poor house I know I will still git mine”

  35. TommyO

    K-Fiddle di Dum has got the right idea I think. I watch the show Cops and so I know that this happens in the wonderful world of trailer park white trash all the time. So what if its not his money? He’s the one that went and married that nasty hillbilly b***ch. I would have to jack all her money too, just to dull the pain of havin’ to wake up next to her in the morning. Jesus, I’m gonna vomit.

  36. convictchick

    am i the only one who wishes they had k-feds life? hes my hero. not everyone can con a (formerly) super hot megastar into marrying them, having their baby and then handing over their hard earned millions. what a champ. go kevin!

  37. Viola

    He said that he is going to postpone the release of his album “until people know him better”… I hope, somebody steals and destroys it by then. Where is Spiderman when you need one?? 8-)))

  38. Jeremy1Esq

    Maybe if he had released it when he wrote the songs back in high school, the guy from Milli Vanilli would not have killed himself because he would have realized there actually was a bigger douchebag on the planet

  39. Cuore56

    Someone please tell me why he exists. Oh yeah, that song “Popozao” sucks more than anything on this planet. It has a horrible mix of “instruments” & he claims the word means “get your ass on the dance floor” in Protuguese. Methinks not. A choice lyric I can recall is, “I wanna see ya’ kitty & a little bit of titty.” Ummm…why has he been permitted to reproduce 3 times already? Someone should start a petition to have him sterilized.

  40. DannyJames

    “i wanna see ya kitty and a little bit of titty”???????? Sounds like Anna Nicole writes his shit.

  41. MonkeyWithTOES

    I understand the purpose of this site is to promote hatred, but thank you #36 convictchick for the reality check. Who doesn’t day dream about winning the lottery and telling our boss to shove the job up his/her ass? So the guy doesn’t have a regular job…..wish it was me! (Or are we talking the fact that he’s a guy and it is SHE who has the cash? Wouldn’t be a problem if it were the other way around I suspect….nobody’s ragging on Donald Trump’s current wife. Why do you think she married Donald? Because he’s hot?)

  42. hafaball

    I don;t think he;s yawning, I think he;s singing. Singing about how damn rich he is, and how he doesn’t have to do a thing except take the money out of the machine. If he’s gonna do what he did to britney to every girl he comes in contact with…I say stay far away… O.o

  43. Malice_Alice

    I married rich and don’t have to work. Nothing wrong with that. You bums are just jealous. Suckas.

  44. LB

    K-Fed is infact a groundbreaking revolutionary, surging far ahead of the rest of us when it comes to the new concept of masculinity and feminism!
    Why, with K-Fed’s help, women will see that they, in fact, don’t need us men to act in our primative hunter-gatherer ways, but instead simply need a test tube and another chick adept in the ways of cunnilingus.

    Trust me, it’s only a matter of time before Britney moves to the island of Lesbos, and probably adopt whatever local religon they have there.

  45. juicylips

    Britney and Kevin. Dirt recognize dirt.

  46. soapbox

    That’s him getting the first and last $5 from his album sales. Poopoozao all the way to the bank!

  47. AmberDextrose

    So much money, so little taste. What’s with them shoe-bootie (shootie?) things? They look like the last part of a decontamination outfit. Perhaps Britney makes him suit-up before approaching her after a night of slaggin’ around.

    You know, that open mouth kinda looks like the expression on one of those sex dolls.

  48. Next Kevin Fuckline step: have sex with all Pussycat Dolls, untis his member became soft, red and with cramps.

  49. Sara=hater

    No wedding bad, huh? But he kept the real symbol of the marriage with him….the ATM card!

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