Kevin Federline disses Britney Spears’ boyfriend

May 9th, 2007 // 103 Comments

  1. The Squizz

    She’s a washed up whore. And she smells like piss.

  2. justsmartenough

    Glad to see K-fed isn’t bitter. I love how she became goodlooking again after dumping his ass

  3. Flip Rogers

    SECOND….first will be mine soon!!!

  4. Flip Rogers


  5. tinyTy

    wash that whore, she smells like piss

  6. Why is she wearing only a bra in public? And what’s with the microphone? Geez. Do you think she LIKES being called trash? No…..

  7. tits_on_snack

    Is that a trash bag for real, in the last pic? Federline’s onto something yo.

  8. Flip Rogers

    Oh i forgot, I would eat her shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. BarbadoSlim

    Yes, the dump to find trash, hmmmmm, much like going down a sewer to find shit.

    As an aside, I barely remember clitney, she was some sort of dancer? Anyway, no idea who these other people are supposed to be.

  10. wedge1

    #2 – you call THAT wig beautiful? Please confirm your sarcasm in that post, and that you weren’t for real. Please.

    #6 – Is that a microphone attached to her tit, or is it a heart monitor diode? Is medical science trying to determine if Britney actually has a heart?


    i think her children are officially dead now

  12. TexasTranny

    I LOVE how she wears her lingerie in public. I would love to see her walk around in nothing but her pretty bra and panties.

  13. @11 Word. What the hell happened to those tots anyway? Did she just get bored with them? Slutbag.

  14. Howie Day – Gay

    Kevin Federline – Gay, Douchbag

  15. Wow Just Wow

    I am so glad my mother didn’t walk around in public in her bra.

  16. The Squizz

    Can anyone answer the question?

  17. LL

    These look like they were taken before or after her 15-minute “show” at the House of Has-Beens. It would be nice if Britney would put as much work into improving her personality as she’s putting into trying to resuscitate her career (FYI: a 15-minute lip sync ain’t gonna do it, Britney, no matter what your hangers-on say).

    If Kevin Federline is at all smart (and I know that’s a gigantic “if”), he’ll STFU and let Britney ruin her rep all by herself. She certainly doesn’t need his help to prove that she has no class or decent priorities whatsoever.

  18. bungoone

    2, what the eff are you talking about?

    and i love how kevin came out looking well-adjusted after brit’s debacle.

  19. justsmartenough

    Goodlooking – Gotcha! But her body isn’t looking too bad, considering what she looked like a few months ago.

  20. rtnmac

    I can’t decide who has the more horriffic gimpy eye… her or Paris.

    I say spears wins it by default of her Sinead O’connor head stylings.

    That and I don’t feel as dirty after we get naked. After sleeping with Paris, I just feel like bathing in turpentine and lighting myself with a match.

  21. DrPhowstus

    I swear, this is like the pot calling the kettle cannibus.

  22. Populist

    The Queen of England was in the country recently. Shockingly enough, Britney, the paragon of class and good breeding, was not invited to the festivities. That invitation must have been lost in the mail.

  23. #11 Yeah they probably are. If she can’t even remember to put on a shirt, how’s she gonna remember to feed them?

  24. justsmartenough

    Wig is better than bald. Unless her hair keeps gettin in the way…

  25. tinyTy

    #17 Getting drunk, urinating on herself while passed out, not bothering with a shower the next day since she has no hair, getting drunk……….

  26. tinyTy

    She may have gotten skinny, but the bitch has the skin of 50 year old chain-smoking bar fly. In evidence, pic#3 lines on neck and sun ravaged skin on chest. I’m turning 40 in 2 days and my skin looks fresh as a fuckin daisy compared to this use up trash bag.

  27. imran karim

    did she perform in her bra? she used to be so hot

    imran karim

  28. mrs.t

    Though K-Fed’s line was “Ya gotz to go to the cow to get the cash.”

  29. mrs.t

    And what the fuck is she doing, climbing around in that car? God, just get out. Or just get in and sit down. With her mouth all open…”Ya’ll, I can’t find my panties!”

  30. Shanipie

    WTF she loses a few pounds and so suddenly she has to walk around in broad day light in her bra to show it off? I mean she has a few more months of hard core working out before she would even look sexy dressed like a whore. But good god nothing screams despret for attention like this shit. I FUCKING HATE HER

  31. jrzmommy♠

    Look, KFag, just because you’re not as loud about being a dirtbag as your ex-wife is doesn’t mean you’re not a dirtbag. We haven’t forgotten about you and shit like Popo Zao…….

  32. first of all #1, that’s cuz i peed on her.

    and man! fed-ex should really concentrate on how wonderful it is to skateboard in traffic. the world would be a much better place

  33. baby momma drama already? geez! Britney and Fed-ex are the fastest moving couple in the WORLD.
    first she got a 55-hour marriage…got divorced
    then she married again…kids…divorce
    went to rehab…left
    went BACK to rehab…left
    went to rehab ONE MORE TIME…left
    now she’s doing 15-minute concerts and k-fed is doing…nothing…again

  34. and i thought re-hab was supposed to CURE you. not give you the impression that its ok to wear ur bra in public. what is the has-been world coming to?

  35. Jimbo ?

    Nice to see another picture of Britney with her mouth wide open and who else is in the back seat? Was she out in the car giving Howie a quick blow job? And where in the fuck does this dumb bitch buy her wigs. That is a cheapest ass wig I have ever seen.

  36. Youko

    If my body looked like hers, I wouldn’t be caught dead in my bra. Her body looks worse than my 40-year-old mom’s.

  37. chaunceygardner

    She’s trying hard, but the little slit-trim is still not quite back to being jizz-worthy. Unless it’s being implemented as a punishment. Like, humiliating bukkake shit.

    I take it back, I think every man who sees her should jizz on that addlepated whore.

  38. gaygaygaygaygay

    Oh look Britney in a cheap wig looking cheap acting cheap etc… she’s a ho bag.

    #27 tinyTY I wonder how your body looks compared to hers, you old bag. Just because you stayed indoors most of your life doesn’t make you hot, Dumpy McStretchmark.

  39. DrPhowstus

    @37 — Shouldn’t you be using the library computers in your junior high for educational purposes only?

  40. jrzmommy♠

    37–You should print that out and paste it to a piece of construction paper and give it to your mom on Sunday for Mother’s Day. That’ll make her wanna pay for college!

  41. TaiTai

    I don’t get it. How was K-Fed “dissing” her new boyfriend? It sounds like he was describing his own technique.

  42. justsmartenough

    41 – College? You mean “the hair cuttin’ akadameee”

    37 – Could you post a pic of your mom? Sounds like I’d give her a shot at the title…

  43. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I heard from someone that went to an HOB concert that it was actually cat pee she smells like.

  44. Skip Smith

    Seriously, how many times has this site made that “top hat and monocle” joke in the last year?

  45. The Squizz

    Pic #4 looks like she’s lickin’ the jit from her upper lip, no??

  46. Jimbo ?

    @46 Yes it does. Just like Cambells soup Mmm Mmm Good! Then the tramp wears a cross. I wonder if anyone was recording the event she still has her head set on

  47. TexasTranny

    @46…yummy, tastes salty.

  48. bearandbu

    I was in rehab and my therapist told me to go out in public in only my underwear. I got arrested and now I’m back in rehab for slapping the shit out of my therapist.

  49. tits_on_snack

    Remember when millionaires were throwing money at her for her virginity?
    Remember when it was a big deal that she was seen smoking a cigarette?

    Oh Britney.

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