Michael Lohan challenges Kevin Federline to boxing match

August 24th, 2008 // 33 Comments

Michael Lohan is challenging Kevin Federline to a charity boxing match, according to OK! Magazine:

“Everyone wants me to fight K-fed because he’s a notorious celebrity dad and so am I,” Michael tells OK! exclusively. “It’s for charity.”
In addition to amusing those who want to see these two slug it out — the money would benefit the organization, Long Island’s Fight For Charity. But, adds Michael, this isn’t some touchy-feely event. “It’s serious boxing,” he explains. “You have to go get a trainer. I have to register with the Mature Boxing Association.”

If Michael Lohan was really serious about helping the children, he’d make it a knife-fight to the death. Then again, that’s just me and my incredible passion for charity. It’s all about the kids.


  1. someguy

    FIRST. But I need boobies.

  2. Me2

    not-so-first, knife to the death? with a moat surroundign them filled with starved piranha and poisonous water snakes.

  3. Me2

    not-so-first, knife to the death? with a moat surroundign them filled with starved piranha and poisonous water snakes.

  4. omg.. this is how we get to start a monday morning.. about two never-was’s? and like #1 said.. not even a never-was with nice bewbs! blech.. gonna be a pissy week.

  5. rough daddy

    he really believe he’s famous! and thats one charity ill avoid! leech!!!!

  6. 3rd Rock From the Sun

    He looks like French Stewart.

  7. havoc

    Couldn’t they just have duel with pistols?



  8. M

    Anything to stay relevant, eh Michael?

  9. toolboy

    hey Michael, I got a charity for ya, it’s called your illegitimate daughter. Douche.
    It weird, but situations keep arising that force me to root for KFed….

  10. D

    Personally, I say we just cut out the middle man and just let Danny Bonaduce kick both of their asses. It would honestly make the world a better place.

  11. Sam

    Thunderdome “Two Enter one Leaves” although it would be awesome if no one survives.

  12. Lola

    The entire Lohan family are just screwed up…. Most of all the parents… Look no further when trying to figure out why both those worthless celebrity wanna-bee’s are messed up in the head

    (it’s planned to be?)

  14. blah

    They are both notorious losers and moochers

  15. KC

    And by “everyone” he means “no one.”

  16. No one

    No wonder why Lindsey is so messed up. Look at all the pathetic moochers she’s surrounded by… her mom, sister, ex and creepy dad.

  17. britney's weave

    “Everyone wants me to fight K-fed”

    i’d like names, please.

  18. missywissy

    Yeah, who’s “everyone”?

  19. Is… that… a friendship bracelet? I think I had the same one in 1986. That could be it. Maybe he has my Christian Hosoi skateboard, too?

  20. This whole family seems to be going on the assumption that everyone is as stupid and dysfunctional as they are, and would really GIVE A CRAP!!!

    Actually, they’re probably on the same social level as K-Fed which is “very low”.

  21. kevin

    Kevin looks awful and gross~~~Look at his profile at Richromances.com. No one will be interested in him. It is said he is gold digger.


    Is he also registered with the Mauture Douchebag Association?

  23. Obvious

    Why Not ?
    Neither one has anything else to do

  24. devilsrain

    Fucking reality whore. These people make me sick. Please DIE

  25. Love your site! They must need the money. I mean, come on Mr. Lohan, can it get any worse? And I can’t believe Kevin is going to go along with this! I liked to article to our site! Wonderful reporting. You are inspiration to me and my baby site.

  26. NastyBedazzler

    Does anyone else think this guy looks surprisingly normal, what with being a Lohan and all?

    Oh and…. nice bracelet. Fag.

  27. rimrocket

    Personally I love the circa 1990′s friendship bracelet…

  28. pat

    Why don’t we just drop Lohan in Afghanistan and let him fight Taliban? If he wins, he’s benefiting people. If he loses, well …

  29. sly

    They need to fight to the end, which would ideally be BOTH of their deaths!

    I’d pay to watch that, but nothing less!

  30. gf

    I bet KFed and MLo are only good fighters when their opponent is a woman. Have either of them ever fought a man? I doubt it. They could probably be very intimidating to a woman, a child or kittens.

    No doubt a pro woman fighter, like Christy Martin or Leila Ali or the Frasier girl, could take both of these creeps on and KO them both.

  31. You wanna fight?

  32. Mr. Beerhouse

    Wait a minute people, I wanted to view the comments to see who yall would pick to win this battle-de-douche!!! No taker yet, eh?

    I think Mike might want to back off his statements, cause I have a feeling K-Fed would royally whoop his ayass!

    Anyone else?

  33. carla

    For what? Duche-bag of the year award?

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