Kevin Federline cashes in on his gut

Making each McNugget that almost collapsed his arteries so worth it, Kevin Federline has been offered seven figures to endorse a weight loss product, according to RadarOnline:

Federline is reportedly considering an endorsement deal with a company called EP-2 (Extreme Physical Performance). The source said the former back up dancer has been offered $2.5 million to become the new face of the fat-burning tool which is set to hit over 1,400 GNC stores.
While a rep for Federline has yet to comment, a spokesperson for EP-2 confirmed to “Yes, we’re trying to do a deal with him, but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Somewhere Britney Spears just kicked in the door of a Dairy Queen and yelled “I wants mah fats money, too, y’all! BLIZZARD ME, BITCH.”

NOTE: Hats off to Fumus who called that shit like a week ago.

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