Kevin Federline can’t afford rent

November 9th, 2006 // 126 Comments

Remember when I was joking that Kevin Federline might have to move back into his dumpster? Well turns out I wasn’t joking. A rent check from before K-Fed met Britney has made its way onto eBay with ‘INSUFFICIENT FUNDS’ stamped on it. Although proving K-Fed used to be a hobo is about as tough as proving you could grate stone on my abs. All you gotta do is look, baby.


  1. sexybitch

    I was surprised it wasn’t written in crayon.


    It’s a starter check. Which just adds to the amusement.

    Also – Yorba Linda? Jebus.

  3. clarkehead

    Again, I have to ask – what in the HELL was he renting in Yorba Linda for that kind of money? There are some nice houses there, but not for $3625 a month. That’s a mortgage payment AFTER the housing bubble.

  4. sexybitch

    That could actually be a coupla month’s rent in one check: either first and last in order to rent a new place, or knowing what a financial wizard he is, a bounced rent check from the previous month and the current month. Which bounced.
    Also, look at the date – he’s six days late with the rent, too!
    This is the reason why landlords love hemorrhoids like the K-Fedder.

  5. jrzmommy

    looks like K-Fuck is desperately trying to find ANYTHING he can to pay those legal fees. Cancelled checks, receipt for cigarettes, his broken shoelaces….

  6. sexybitch

    He tried to make a withdrawal at the sperm bank before he realized it didn’t have an ATM.

  7. RichPort

    …videos of Brit giving him hummers…

  8. RichPort

    #106 – I hear he got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job…

  9. sexybitch

    Sippy sippy!

  10. sexybitch

    You now owe me for a new keyboard and monitor. I didn’t know I could spray coffee that thoroughly.

  11. jrzmommy

    Rich, you now owe me a new digestive system because the violent vomitting I just did broke the one I was born with……..mmm…is that the pasta I had last night? BRUNCH IS SERVED!

  12. RichPort

    SB – Expense it. Big companies like you when expense shit.

    Jrz – I’m going on eBay to find you a new digestive system as we speak… do you have a racial preference? Nothing like penne with bile sauce…

  13. marshmallow-dream

    #99 – I’ll take that as a yes. Now chug along … get a life.

  14. prettierthanyou

    That is pretty high rent for a lowlife schmuck.

  15. Naid

    Rich, which your on Ebay might as well look into a small camper for K-earl, he MIGHT be able to run an extension cord from shar’s new place to his camper if he works his dick right

    and hello sexybitch *nibble*

  16. Naid

    Edit – They took down K-earl’s check from Ebay… hmm wonder what happend ?

  17. RichPort

    #113 – Take what as a yes? You didn’t ask me if I wanted to cock slap you. Aim for another target you fucking doofus.

  18. #1 you said “fist” hahaahahahahahahaha. boo-yah!

    -Stuart Scott

  19. Hippo

    In my experience, starter checks don’t usually have pictures on them. I wonder if something more sinister is going on here?

    Like Kevin stole a blank sample check and it’s not even his account or something?

  20. mullinitover

    Starter check! Not only did this bounce but I bet it wasn’t even from his account – ahhhhhhhhhh he’s going to do well for himself.

  21. Beastiephile

    FedEx bounced a Pooh check? My day just keeps getting better.

  22. nightshirt

    that is starter check. he send it and didnt realize it was made out to “void”

  23. rae4kma

    Ok I lived in Yorba Linda for several years and and it is a very nice place to live. Our rent was $1800 for a 2 bedroom apartment. Just knowing that that loser, greasy, wannabee lived there when I did grosses me out!! And it really brings down the City!!!!!! WOW he lived really close to me…ewwwwwwwww!! I am thinking it is 2 months rent.

  24. rae4kma

    That is definitely 1 month rent!! The house is listed for over 1 million!!!!!!!!!! I looked it up to see where it was and it was the next street over from where I lived. Small world!! I am sooo happy he is getting what he deserves!!! NOTHING!!!!

  25. ha ha….guess his sugar momma cut him off

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