Kevin Federline can’t afford rent

November 9th, 2006 // 126 Comments

Remember when I was joking that Kevin Federline might have to move back into his dumpster? Well turns out I wasn’t joking. A rent check from before K-Fed met Britney has made its way onto eBay with ‘INSUFFICIENT FUNDS’ stamped on it. Although proving K-Fed used to be a hobo is about as tough as proving you could grate stone on my abs. All you gotta do is look, baby.


  1. bondi_cigar


  2. beer

    Nice gay checks.

  3. Off topic:

    Tom Cruise doesn’t look so good.

    Thanks to SpankCheeks

  4. snapesworst

    Um, those are starter checks, beer.

  5. BOING!



  6. jrzmommy

    Are those Precious Moments checks? Are those FUCKING PRECIOUS MOMENTS CHECKS? Jee. Zuss. H. Christ. Fucking Faggot.

  7. RichPort

    Stupid fucking Earl had to handwrite his address on his starter checks… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Oh, and he signs his name like a bitch.

    Not gangsta Earl!

  8. Stupid K-Hole. I’m so glad you got dumped like a bitch.

  9. frenchtoaststix

    Shitheel needs to fuck the fuck off right now!

    #6 jrz: Looks like classic Winnie The Pooh to me. Nice gangsta style checks. Stupid lame assclown. He’s just a little black raincloud…

  10. jrzmommy

    Maybe it is Pooh. I thought I saw a little pink bow. well, regardless, he’s a faggy little Winnie the Pooh loving circus freak.

  11. sexybitch

    It is Pooh. I’m so fucking disappointed that he didn’t dot his “i”s with little circles like the bitch he is.

    Nice bees at the top.

  12. NipsyHustle

    who the fuck writes starter checks? supposedly before britney he lived in a one bedroom apartment with 5 other guys. guess he was blowing his money on cornrows, night train, and reefer. i bet those losers roommates are the same one’s following him around and helping to spend brit’s money.

  13. Let’s all pool our money and buy that check

  14. bondi_cigar

    Balls to the wall letting your rent check bounce. Respekt.

  15. frenchtoaststix

    #13 CelebSlam: We could take that check on a tour of the best clubs and make more money than FedEx. We could get that check a pimped-out ride and bling and out-K-Fuck FedEx. I bet the check can sing and dance better than him too.

  16. suzy

    it’s definitely winnie the pooh lol

  17. veggi

    I wish it would have been 3.625 cents! He had to know that sucker wouldn’t cash…

  18. Cambry

    I can’t believe some jackass is willing to pay $390 bucks for a cancelled check from this fuckstick. But what is even better is that shipping for it is listed at $14.50. ITS A CHECK! PUT IT IN A FUCKING ENVELOPE, LICK A STAMP AND SEND IT ON ITS WAY! Look! There! Shipping for 39 cents!

  19. Cambry

    @10 I thought it was a bow too. I think its a butterfly…

  20. sexybitch

    It simply means that when Fed-Ex buys this to get it off of eBay he’ll get fucked on the postage, too. Whoo-HOO!

  21. RichPort

    Yes, Winnie the fucking Pooh. And wait! Is that his account number too… no, the fates are not that kind. That account was either not his or drained loooong ago… just like Brit.

  22. frenchtoaststix

    Might as well give custody of Sean and Jayden to this check.

  23. Cambry

    @22 ……what?

  24. commissioner

    So he reportedly earned around 30K as a backup dancer and paid $3625 in rent?

    Even my ten year-old’s math isn’t that bad.

  25. gatorbates

    Anyone surprised?? Brit got smart once she started banging me, and took him off her account.

  26. frenchtoaststix

    #23: This check probably has better parenting skills than FedEx.

    This has 28 bids on eBay already!

  27. frenchtoaststix

    I should be working but I’m obsessed with this girly-ass Pooh check! Damn you, FedEx, you succubus!

  28. gatorbates

    I offer another Limerick:

    There once was a fuck named K-Fed
    Everyone wished he was dead
    His wife took his cash
    no one showed up to his bash
    So he shot himself in the head.


  29. tweetyeyes

    That is Winnie the Pooh! Those are bees on it. What a freakin homo!

  30. Devil Is Chrome

    $3600 rent?? Where the hell was he living to justify paying that much?

  31. StanGable

    $3625 in yorba linda? was he living in a mansion?

  32. lowkey

    They are both trash but I still don’t understand why Britney actually acts like she wants to be noticed as white trash because she talks with that little hick accent when she is indeed from Cali… Ha ha I don’t fucking get it.


    Ah ha, looks like it’s going to be backup dancing again.

  34. Jedi Kevin

    Ironic that the check is probably worth more than K-Fed is now.

  35. bondi_cigar

    hey dont any of youse assclowns know that winnie the pooh has a big stash in his honey pot. in this diamond life its not what you know but who you know. ok.

  36. NipsyHustle

    #31—considering shar already had two kids PLUS kfed’s daughter (3 kids in all)at the time the check was written, they probably at least lived in a 3 bedroom? kids are expensive and with his sucker ass that makes 4 kids shar had to try to keep indoors.

  37. mrs.t

    You know what? If you get ‘starter checks’ that are that fucking gay, you pimp-roll your cornrow-having ass down to the convenient and get a fucking money order. How you gonna be all hard with bumblebees buzzing around your Pooh checks. Wish someone would do a Weird Al joint with:

    Shit’s gettin heavy
    Bounced a Pooh check
    Trade my Lex fo’ a Chevy

  38. BigJim

    In way more important news, I haven’t had a drink in 25 days and have lost three pounds.

  39. sexybitch

    POOHpozao? Just asking.

  40. RichPort

    Rubber checks? This confirms it, Earl is a fucking clown. I wonder if water shoots out of that ‘diamond’ (wink, wink) ring?

  41. Three years ago he bounced this check. No wonder he married Brit.

  42. @38 BigJim – I don’t think it was the drinking!

  43. sexybitch

    Yeah, Britney just lost 180 of ‘em and I bet she’s still havin’ a sippy sippy.

  44. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    38 – My GOD, man. How do you LIVE???

  45. 1985_binion's_poker_champion

    he was a loser then and his a loser now

  46. RichPort

    Jim – I had 25 drinks a day and gained three pounds… talk about fucking irony!!!

  47. gatorbates

    # 38 – Here’s a toast to ya!!!!!!

  48. happy hands club

    I’m sitting here at work snickering at this check and all of your comments. I can see a faint picture of either Rabbit or Roo in the middle of the check.

  49. HELLpenis

    Fifteen bucks *for shipping* and the guy has a shit feedback rating. Whoever buys that check is a dumbass

  50. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    If I didn’t drink for 3 days I would probably lose my mind, then murder my husband, quit my job, move to the carribbean, and spend the rest of may days laying around on the beach smoking hash while being serviced by numerous young tan boys with large latino penises. Yup, that’s probably the most likely chain of events to follow.

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