Kevin Federline beefs up security

Kevin Federline has doubled security at his home now that Britney’s out of the hospital. He’s seriously pissed that she was released so soon and fears she’ll make a run at the boys like she did in February 2007, according to OK! Magazine:

“The boys are safe for now,” the source reveals to OK!. “But Kevin feels Britney is clearly deranged, and there’s no telling what she’ll do. After all, this is a woman who two days ago barricaded herself in her bedroom with her youngest child for three hours!” Adds the insider, “You can’t get mentally well in a hospital after 36 hours.”

A reliable source for People revealed today that Britney’s drug test was negative for drugs and alcohol echoing early reports that her episode was mental:

“She tested clean,” the source says. “This lady is as clean as clean can be, and has been for some time.”

If I were Kevin Federline, I’d have two tanks parked on my front yard. What do you mean it’s only Britney Spears? What does that have to do with tanks being awesome? Oh, right, the news stuff. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t even read the top part of these posts. In fact, I’m not even sure how it gets there. Gnomes, maybe? I dunno.