Kevin Federline Bans Britney’s Shopping

January 4th, 2005 // 1 Comment

20050104federline.jpgKevin Federline has supposedly banned his wife Britney Spears from shopping until she clears out her already full closet to make room for more stuff. A questionable source says “He’s told her that he doesn’t mind if she dumps them, sells them or gives them away. He’s just desperate for her to stop hoarding and buying more.” I’m having my doubts about this story though, since I can’t imagine Kevin Federline having the balls to put monetary restrictions on his sugar mama.


  1. I'm embarrassed by all the above .and JA thank you God for the bra, but then again I see him too. I think she should drop the sunglasses old lady and invest in something younger and younger … Perhaps RayBan Wayfarer … something that makes it not look like she is 45

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