Kevin Federline and Kidd Kraddick Dance Off

April 4th, 2006 // 67 Comments

Dallas radio personality Kidd Kraddick had a Dance Dance Revolution dance-off against Kevin Federline. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but you wouldn’t be completely wrong if you assume K-Fed loses. Didn’t this guy used to be a dancer or something? I’m pretty sure he used to dance for a living before latching on to Britney Spears and changing his occupation to professional hobo.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip.


  1. dimestoredetective

    Am I the first to say this?

  2. krisdylee


  3. imabeeatch


  4. Craig & "em"

    That Dum Dum can’t even do that right!

  5. Kelly

    Kids this is your brain on drugs, any question?

  6. Forget the game…I CAN OUTDANCE KEVIN. I think anyone with rythm can outdance him. Good lord.

  7. NoraBalora

    I mean, it’s not normal dancing…it’s understandable that he wouldn’t be good at it.

  8. ESQ

    “Creditline” is reinforcing the fact all the reasons why he doesn’t have to work and continue being a professional hobo.

    Remember if you do not regularly utilize something you soon will forget how to do it once you try and go back.

  9. cowgirl

    who the frick filmed this? did we even see their feet once?

    definitely loss of precious minutes to watch!

  10. Blaze

    OH GOD I FLIPPING HATE HIM!! gay ass kfed..

  11. Mr. Fritz

    I have seen K-Sped’s myspace and was amused by all of the ass kissing “friends” he has on there. He and Britney must pay them to “give props”.

  12. A Nobody

    I’ve always wondered if he knew he was white or not… I guess he did.

  13. Blaze

    I mean come on Britney he was a backup dancer.. SICK! atleast go for the drummer!

    This K-fed is nothing but a douchebag!


  14. Jacq

    He can’t dance and he can’t sing. What does his resume look like? “So I see here that you’re good at walking and making babies. What skills do you think would make you an asset here at McDonald’s?”

  15. No_Angel

    I couldn’t possibly waste my time watching much after the start of round one, but to me it looked as if these two losers are still trying to potty-train.

    Make that ONE loser. I’m sure K-Fed still has to be told to go potty on a regular basis.

    Britney has to be blind, deaf and have no sense of smell (or dignity) to be married to that, let alone procreate.

    I’m sure the days of marriage are numbered. I hope.

  16. LilJenny

    YOu can tell K-Fed is illterate:

    “D……A…..N…… oh crap, did I lose?”

  17. LilJenny

    They should have a dance off doing the Truffle Shuffle

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