Kevin Federline and Kidd Kraddick Dance Off

April 4th, 2006 // 67 Comments

Dallas radio personality Kidd Kraddick had a Dance Dance Revolution dance-off against Kevin Federline. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but you wouldn’t be completely wrong if you assume K-Fed loses. Didn’t this guy used to be a dancer or something? I’m pretty sure he used to dance for a living before latching on to Britney Spears and changing his occupation to professional hobo.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip.


  1. KatieA978


    Are we sure he was a dancer? Is there any proof? Because in this case, the prosecution seems to be winning…

  2. ?ï?~Dawn~?ï?


  3. Kevin Federline is just… gross.

    Seriously, what could she POSSIBLY have seen in that? Everything else aside, she used to be fairly talented, mostly pretty… what could she have seen in THAT?! It’s not like she married him because she was pregnant.

    Just… nasty gross. For real.

    ~ Mo

  4. BigJim

    Somewhere, a village is missing its idiot.

    Uh, make that a trailer park.

  5. hafaball

    That games hard… ‘.’;; If you’ve never played it, and I’d expect Fed just spends his time thinking of raps all day, druk and high. “Yo yo, I got a new rythm that’s so fresh, I fucked the nanny and never gave her a tip!” That’s okay Fed, you can keep that one.

  6. hafaball

    oh yeah, Katie, thanks for not saying first :)

  7. nbk

    That was utterly, completely, absolutely a waste of time watching that clip. I wanted my 2 minutes back!

  8. KatieA978

    I just wanted to check – is this the same game they have in arcades where there are 2 young Asian girls playing it for about 4 hours and kicking ass? It’s scary to be that co-ordinated – or in K-Fed’s cause, un-co-ordinated.

    Hafaball – you’re welcome, although I was sorely tempted since it will probably never happen again. :)

  9. wastingtime

    Does anyone still wonder why he married a multi-millionaire? And hasn’t left her ass even though she looks pregnant even when she’s not? His day job wasn’t working out so well.

  10. cleo

    I am dazzled by the super-fantastic dance abilities of the always hot K-Fed…
    Is it just me or does he look like he’s trying to decide whether to cry or to beat the crap out of the other guy… white-trash style…

  11. Binky

    They both dance like they’re waiting in line in the men’s room after a day old Burrito Special.(with extra chili)

  12. sweetcheeks

    The Bible teaches that we are all created in God’s image. I don’t know if “image” includes all the gastrointestinal functions we have as humans, but if it does, then God took a dump and called it Kevin Federline.

    And it was good.

  13. mYslead

    bah it’s not like DDR was real dancing and then again he lost by 1k. :s

  14. eightieslingo

    I listen to Kidd Kraddick on his morning show, and he said that after playing against Kevin, he didn’t ever use the back arrow (there are front, 2 sides, and a back arrow on the board) because he didn’t even know it was there.

    So basically, he beat Kevin using only three arrows, and Kevin used all four. How much does he suck now?

  15. krisdylee

    3 looooooooooonnnnnngggggggg minutes.

  16. TXBlonde

    I am now officially ashamed that I was born and live in Dallas, Tx. It won’t be he first or the last time.

    Isn’t there gang shootings going on all the time – can’t we just “pretend” that he’s in a gang? And, as his limo drives by…

  17. SL500gt

    WTF. I listen to that show in the morning… How the hell did i miss this?

  18. Tania

    That was BORING & WAY TOO LONG!!!!

    You should put up a warning with that video. Something like DWIYHAL = Don’t watch if you have a life.

  19. hafaball

    yeah, the people that filmed this don’t know about jump cuts….but it;s all right…i just skipped to the end :P

  20. saltpeanuts

    Hey, K-fed, you’ve been SERVED, biatch!

  21. That was stupid whoever posted this post,
    K-fed is too busy spending fat asses money and laying pipe to be interested in this stupid shit.

  22. saltpeanuts

    Oh yeah, and also dance-offs are way cool. I mean check out the video for Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. That is like way awesomer than any other video in the history of videos.

    K-fed definately can score a spot in the new movie “Breakin’ III: Breakback Mountain”, but he’ll have to fend off Vin Diesel for the lead break dancer role. Awesome!!!

  23. #14: Kidd might not have noticed the back arrow, but K-Fed never realized what any of the arrows meant. Chances are there was a digital girl in the background of the screen and he was checking her out. Occasionaly he moved his feet because he had a feeling “something” was going on and he needed to smile and make motions to look like he was interested.

    And K-Fed also couldn’t tell if he lost until Kidd told him. He couldn’t tell the difference between the 2 numbers or read “win ” or “lose.” That explains the massive delay between the end of the round and K-Fed’s realization that he lost.

    A fitting solution would be for Britney to ditch K-Fed and get with Kidd. I mean, that’s what they used to do in Olden Times, right? Two men would fight each other for the woman, and then the winner would walk off with the dame while the loser bled all over the ground. Sure, they call it a “dance-off” now but the winner still deserves the spoils. And I mean spoils. Maybe Kidd just told K-Fed, “you can keep the ho. Pwning your lame ass is my prize.”

  24. this Kidd character is even more pathetic than K-fed. is that even possible?

  25. A) I love Kelly.

    B) How can anyone expect anything from K-Fed, the music playing wasn’t Popozao, which is inarguably the best dance track ever.

    C) It’s really sad when a loser like Federline is too lazy to even try at video games. I’ve never met a white trash pud who didn’t love sitting around playing their Playstation all day.

  26. Conductor71

    Lets face it – K-Fed probably shot Biggie AND Tupac and he’s not got much to do, so why not lock him up forever? Theres plenty of morons to fill the space, the police can close their Tupac/Biggie files and Britney can go back to being everyones fave wank-fantasy. Everyone wins!! Apart from K-Fed of course, but then he never did so he wont notice the difference

  27. amazinggrace2005

    I can never get those 3 minutes back….

  28. #23 Sirokai – I was rolling with that visual. K-Fed as part of some Pavlovian experiment, using the dance machine girl as his stimuli. Brilliant! “If you put another girl in front of him, he will come.”

  29. CheekyChops

    It’s good to see that adult retards can have fun too.

  30. tits_on_snack

    I couldn’t even watch it.
    Kevin Federline is like one of those lamprey eels you see stuck to the sides of great white sharks – in this case, Britney.

  31. WeAreCoolDudes

    You guys are such haters! KFed is so much better than you give him credit for. Obviously the other guy practiced more, so it wasnt a fair match. You were so caught in your hate that you failed to notice that KFed got a hair cut and was looking quite handsome. Britney is no fool!

  32. PapaHotNuts

    After this competition ended, a three year old challenged K-Fart to a spelling bee, in which he responded, “Yo, Yo, Yo, bring dat mu’fuckin bee on, I ain’t losin to no insek.”

    Ironically, the bee outspelled K-Fed when they got to the word “trash”.

  33. mamacita


    You shut your stinky poo-poo face!!! Kidd Kraddick is the bizomb!!!!! He is hilarious as all get out and you suck!!!! Ok, now that I got that out of my system. Obviously, I’m a Kidd Kraddick fan, but seriously, he knows that he is totally uncool and dorky and that’s part of what makes him so awesome.

  34. Italian Stallion

    When asked to spell trash he replied “B-R-I-T-T-N-E-Y”
    I’m sorry Kevin that is incorrect, there is only one T in trash……

  35. DonLes91

    LOL @ #35!

  36. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I listen to Kidd Kraddick every morning because it helps me mentally prepare for a long day of work. Incidentally, I beat children for a living.

  37. Pie Man

    Kidd Kraddick is spastic.

  38. PapaHotNuts

    #35- NICE!!

  39. Lola

    Oh man, Its beyond hilarious to watch with the sound off….not that its not funny with it on, because its K-Fed, and if you don’t laugh when you see him, you’re obviously an idiot like he or Britney.

  40. Italian Stallion

    Thank you, Thank you, and a special thank you to Papa whom without this laughter would have never been possible.

  41. Wait a second, I recognize that “hands up in the air” dance move K-Fed has perfected so well:

  42. Celetina

    I dunno, beating K-Fed at anything seems a little bit like potty training your kid: you’re so proud for a moment, but then you realize that it’s just a piece of shit.

  43. So this guy can’t even win a competition involving what he used to do for a living against some fat DJ? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn, Britney, you know how ta pick em girl. If Kevin was in a plane crash with the rest of us we could eat him first.

  44. llynnowens

    At first this video actually had me respecting K-Fed some because I figured he doesn’t play DDR very well due to his having more important things to do than practice arcade dancing, but then I followed the myspace link from #30 and heard the “only for the haters” song and realized K-Fed will never do anything important.

    Kev, the 2 young asian girls who spend all their time at DDR could still “call the haters out” with craftier rhymes than you… AND beat you using only three arrows, ya no-talent sleaze.

  45. okiedoke

    C’mon, cut K-Fed a break. If they had been dancing to Popozao, he’d have kicked that guy’s ass!!

  46. MizScarlett

    His next competition is in Tokyo against Bobby Hill.

  47. Erienne

    Am I the only one who can’t see the video, despite starting my browser over a few times?

  48. Wild Rose

    Erienne–check out Kidd’s website (I googled him). Despite warnings, I watched the tape and I have to admit I was shocked at how K-Fed’s dancing compared to Kidd’s, as in, he really SUCKED and Kidd actually beat his ass at such a simple game. I’ve seen kids in arcades totally go for it and it’s mesmerizing, to say the least. Guess K-Fed didn’t want to break a sweat, as he just had his monthly shower. That or else he was suffering from a major hangover.

  49. #48: YouTube is down, so all the videos are down. It should be back… eventually.

    And this thread has some of the funniest comments by far. More K-Fed posts, please!

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