Kevin Federline and his personalized Ferrari

August 25th, 2006 // 274 Comments

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Here’s Kevin Federline doing what I can only imagine is his best Lollipop Kids impression. All he needs are some striped socks and a little more ‘kick’ and he’ll have it down perfect.

More of Kevin and his personalized Ferrari after the jump. And by personalized I mean personalized. I’ve never been so offended by brake pads in my entire life.


  1. El drama del Internet

    I find it delicious.
    I find it delicious that he gets up, puts on his cap, tilts it and thinks he looks awesome.
    I want to drown him in manure.

  2. krisdylee

    I sure miss the old ‘Fish days.. Papa, Osh, Pinky, Tranny, Pagan, sweetcheeks, jane’s eyre, new guy, edna, Zanna….

    I’m going to Spank’s. And The Granny’s, they’ve got some yummy snacks over there.

  3. I thought Heath Ledger was the new Joker? Hey-yo! ahh shit.

  4. bunnyhugger


    @48-unwashed, i’m glad you cleared that one up(#40).
    i was wondering what had crawled up your ass!
    i still hope and pray for a troll-free environment.

  5. Sheva

    Thank you PunjabPete, I feel better now that the utterly absurd has been corrected in black and white.

    Speaking of K-Dick I’d stomp on him and piss on his stupid crooked wearing hat.

    How much longer before some chick comes out preggers and points the finger at this asswipe?

  6. amhi

    He can’t even parade around on Britney’s money correctly — his brake pad is dirty.

  7. alaskanchicsickle

    @54 My sticky buns, you have to get over to the Grannys for a delic boom-box sandwich, not as tasty as an Eskimo pie, but pretty darn close.
    I miss the old fish days too. And where the hell is Papa, I don’t think he’s over at Spanks or the Granny’s, unless I just haven’t figured out his handle. I am a bit slow, eh?

  8. BoognishRising

    $100 to whoever keys it.

  9. BoognishRising

    $100 to whoever keys it.

  10. Maybe he is afraid he will lose them so his Mommy made him put his name on them so other kids would not mistake them for theirs. You know, out in the playground things can get confusing.

  11. PaisleyMoon

    K-Fed!!!!!! God, he’s hot. He rocked the Teen Choice Awards which were otherwise a puke fest. K-Feds my hero. My hot hot hot hero. I have to go rub the nub now.

  12. loagun

    #50 you’re right bceause she’s too old to have kids now.

    1. the only person who is a piece of shit is the person who tried to declare another person a piece of shit.
    2. whether or not anyone here wants to admit it, k-fed will have a career and songs on the charts.
    3. some people just need to get over their jealousy. there is no other answer. you can saw ‘no hes a loser’ he cant do this, he cant do that, and those answers are of grade two students, the retarded ones…
    4. some people people are handed things and some people are given things but they get to the same place. if you had any movtivation you’d make yourself a someone by declaring yourself a superstar. however you won’t.

  13. docweasel

    Who are the Lollipop Kids?
    Do you mean the Lollipop _Guild_ midgets in the Wizard of Oz?

  14. muckfichigan

    Anyone think he runs like a girl?

  15. This guy is such a douche that I just want to sprinkle his vinigar and water ass on my salad.

  16. The Juice

    Ahh yall jus jealous a me. I put da mojo voodoo on da Britney HO. Now she unda maa spell. so go ta hell all yall

  17. Nik

    I think the reason I hate K-Fed more than the obvious reasons is the fact that he reminds me of an ex boyfriend, who dressed the same and was just as dumb, if not a little bit smarter. Only he didn’t try to rap. And the fact that when I figured out he was a fucktard, I dumped his ass and never looked back. Brit, however, is not that smart, and instead she procreated with this little shit. This is why they make me cry. BRIT, WAKE YOUR WHALE ASS UP.

    Nah, I hate her too. Let them suffer. Just don’t bug me with your music and kids and STUPIDITY. Maybe they’ll end up accidentally killing each other.

  18. BoognishRising

    Pic three fittingly sums up how I shall always visualize K-Fag: Scratching/rearranging his balls with a not-so-bright look on his face.

  19. flashback

    Why is this kid so obsessed with being a gangster? God. Britney probably loves black guys.

  20. jamiew

    To be more cool he could of just gotten this car instead of defacing a Ferrari:

  21. Elikapeka

    ************************************************** EVERYONE LOOK AT THIS GEM OF A FEDERLINE QUOTE!!

    (On his ‘acting debut’ on CSI to air in October, from People magazine)

    “I was doing stuff for the Teen Choice Awards, and got the call while we were rehearsing and I pissed in my pants! I was excited right off the bat. It’s the only show that I really, really watch.”

    He pissed. In his pants. I’m not going to assume he’s making a joke here. I’m going to assume he actually pissed in his pants. Because it’s K-Fed. What a fan-fucking-tastic way to start the weekend!


    Now they all smell Downy Fresh!

  23. Would anyone care to join me in some good old down home donkey fucking? Let me know. My asses are primed and ready.

  24. Hey # 11, will you marry me? I couldn’t agree more! Spenderline has no talent, or class and I’m thinking not much in the brain department. He’s like a big friggin’ dufus. Doh de doh. Look at me and my purdy car. And look at my hat on sidewaaaaayz. I’m so cool. Doh.

  25. AmericanMcKrout

    Anyway- #62: Yeah, right… he is just sooo talented, sooo good looking that, even without Britney, he would have exploded onto the American pop scene and took us all by storm. (Yes, I am being sarcastic.) No one is ‘jealous’ of him, any more than we are ‘jealous’ of Paris Hilton. We are, however, all just amazed that such a waste of human matter is allowed to live, let alone breed or make money, on this planet. No looks, no brains, no talent, and not a shred of human personality, and obviously not a shred of human decency, either (just ask his ex and his other two children.)
    I only wish him well in his ability to pay his child support.

  26. john

    I love Britney…she is the ruler of America!!!!

  27. john

    Who doesn;t want to be paris hilton…hot and rich?!! omg clearly #76 is jealousss

  28. Can’t wait to see him on CSI in October. Three words: jump the shark.

  29. The sad thing is that K-Fed doesn’t even know what brake pads are for.

  30. Fluff

    why did the spoilt brat have to ruin the only show on TV I actually watch?

    Selfish git

  31. dupababy

    well of course he got a kfagstumized ride.. i mean come on.. he deserves it.. he did manage to resperminate britbrit and for that feat alone and considering how fugly she’s been looking, he’s a real prince.. maybe she’ll untie the stingybitch purse strings now???

  32. daveeech81

    #5..the black card you refer to is the American Express Centurion card…and it has been reported recently that she issued him one. This card has no spending limit. Much like Mr. Federline here. Coincidence?

  33. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    K-FED IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, check him out. A complete nobody who already has 2 babies with some other broad, swoons America’s pop idol sweetheart, marries her, convinces her to take care of his “other” old lady and her kids, knocks her up not once but TWICE, gets her to buy him a ferrari and a pool full of sharks, and on top of that he has about as much talent that can be collectively found at a special olympics ceremony. I mean Christ! This is what America is all about!!


  34. PunjabPete

    62 – I almost thought YOU were K-fed from all the BS you are spouting. Then I remembered KFAG isn’t smart enough to use a computer, despite those “amazing-ass test scores” he got on the GED. (loser)

    As to your other comments…. Let’s start with a reference to #4…

    “some people people are handed things and some people are given things but they get to the same place. ”

    No shit. Ever heard of a synonym you fuckwit? Hey, here is one… Some people are stupid and some people are morons but they get to the same Kfed thread to post…

    On to #2. Really? That would be why everyone in Hip Hop is laughing their asses off and saying they will just ignore the no talent wannabe?

    Regarding #3. People hate him because….
    He runs around knocking up women…
    Shar Jacksom was actually pregnant when he hooked up with Brittany. (what a good guy)
    He has no talent whatsoever…
    His only claim to fame is being lucky enough to bang (and wreck I might add) Brittny Spears.
    He thinks he is the shit when really he is just… well. SHIT. Oh, and by the way, you can eat mine.

  35. john

    who is shit, the one who is famous or the one who talks shit on a website…obvi #85 is jealousss

  36. mcgillvray

    Let’s just hope those break pads are just like him..CRAP! And let’s also hope they break and his car crashes and burns, just like his career will.

  37. piratekuhnbeard

    Something new needs to be posted. I don’t care about Kevin or his Ferrari anymore. Actually, I never did!

  38. BillClinton

    Kevin is a god

  39. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    I kinda think good ol’ K-F’i'd
    Resembles a Garbage Patch Kid
    Does he fart?
    Does he crap?
    Does he spew?
    Gawd, he raps!
    Of him I wish we could be rid.

  40. RichPort

    #83 I agree, Federfuck is definitely living a Don King moment…

  41. jrzmommy

    How will he ever be able to fit two car seats in that Ferrari?

  42. danielle

    another reason for you to be ashamed. (yawn)

  43. jrzmommy

    Oh, now would you look at this….the three of us all together again, all in a row. (91, 92, 93) It’s like…..serendipity. If only Biatcho were here with us, Rich. Then the three of us could begin our day with DanYELL telling us that she feels sorry for us because we’re diseased and poor and our mothers are hookers. And she could tell us how her first week at Howard (cough, UDC, cough) went.

  44. RichPort

    #94 – Go easy on the DeVry tech online students… I’d like to think my tax dollars are getting some good use turning a spunky kid around… and not in the usual way she’s used to being that ‘spunky’ kid getting turned around either…

  45. jrzmommy

    95–I think you mean “turned out.”

  46. danielle

    fugly people are so funny….guess that’s why i’m not?

  47. RichPort

    Don’t be so hard on yourself… I think you’re a laugh a minute.

  48. danielle

    a fugly person would think so…guess that’s why you spend your days and nights crackin’ people up on sewers..basically anywhere where your ugly ass can find a friend..or a lover.

  49. jrzmommy I said…..

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