Kevin Federline and his personalized Ferrari

August 25th, 2006 // 274 Comments

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Here’s Kevin Federline doing what I can only imagine is his best Lollipop Kids impression. All he needs are some striped socks and a little more ‘kick’ and he’ll have it down perfect.

More of Kevin and his personalized Ferrari after the jump. And by personalized I mean personalized. I’ve never been so offended by brake pads in my entire life.


  1. jenny mack

    uhm.. so did anyone see his performance on the teen choice awards?? supposed to be his BIG debut, WOW. unbelievably ridiculous. he is horrible. no talent what-so-ever.

  2. Jacq

    Old news… snore.
    *sarcasm on*
    Why, #1, whatever do you mean?
    He’s the next Michael Jackson. Pretty soon we’ll be bidding on a picture of him with Peter Pan and he’ll sell his elephant, Britney. His piglet kids will sell for $35K a pair.

  3. andrewthezeppo

    Lame, Lame Lame…He’s a baller all right.

  4. Rimmer

    Wow this guy has his own Ferrari and he’s just starting out in showbiz? How is that possible?

  5. Celetina

    Methinks this was probably not purchased with hard-earned money. What do you suppose his super-secret celebrity black credit card looks like? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already running up debts.

  6. justme

    He’s such a loser wigger..

  7. Stephanie12

    Lollipop Kids!!! That is freakin hilarious. BTW – thats exactly what he’s doing.

  8. if this outfit was a terminally ill handicapped child’s last wish, then i will let it slide… otherwise i don’t understand it.

  9. PunjabPete

    Brit bought it for him. Been posted here before….

    Someone should die for those custom calipers…

  10. bigdog

    I have never saw so many haters and losers in my life how many guys would love to be married to brittany and drive a nice car and never have to work again in your life !

  11. Equalparts

    Thank you, mack. You were “first”, but you let it go.
    The performance WAS ludicrous. BORING, INANE, REDUNDANT and simply a big freakin’ yawn.

    I hate this man, I hate his longshortpants that make him look like he has no legs, I hate the way he walks, talks, looks, acts. A little known fact…I myself, grew up in Fresno, Cal. I went to school with Vicki Federline–I imagine that she is related, she looks just like him. He is no different from every other wanna be G walkin’ around in Fresno, wishing they could be a rapper. “People don’t like me cause I’m famous and rich”. Guess what? People want to like Britney Spears and they would like her husband if he wasn’t some parasitic, ostentatious hack like yourse.f YOU are NOT famous or rich, YOUR WIFE IS. You abandoned your children for money. You have no real talent. The sunshine does hit a dogs ass now and then, but dogs have a short life span, you Fresnan piece of shit!

  12. gatorbates

    I’ve said it once … and I’ll keep saying it until the day I die:

    “DOUCHE BAG!!”

  13. Binky

    Which reminds me – the only thing I’ve personalized lately was that last roll of toilet paper.

  14. bigdog

    Did kids like that scare you in school man are you going a liitle over board.
    Take a deep breath and takes your meds and it will be all right.

  15. Don’t you mean Britney’s Ferrari?

  16. phan420

    they’re not personalized. it’s the name of the part

  17. barryjc


  18. al rarow

    Last year’s news. I believe I even saw the pictures of the brakepads on this site.

  19. Those brakepads aren’t personalized, that’s what brakes are actually being called now. When something puts the brakes on a career, grinds it to a jarring halt, it is a Federline. Hence, from now on all brakes/brakepads shall be called Federlines.

  20. @11 – Equalparts,I second your post. The day something terrible happens to K-Fag, be it decapitation, hillbilly castration, or a fit of public shits, I will celebrate with a nice dinner. Why hasn’t someone beaten the shit out of him already? If for nothing more than to become instantly idolized by millions of like-minded individuals. And he always has that look on his face, like a cross between constipation and retardation.

  21. biatcho

    It should more appropriayely read “FAGGOT” in ferarri lettering.

  22. AmericanMcKrout

    #11- You fricking read my mind.
    I do (sadly) believe he is the Best Kept Man on the planet. Jerry Hall is probably jealous- maybe they should exchange numbers. At least he couldn’t get her pregnant (or could he? I think she has hit menopause, but with his super K-Fed sperm, anything is possible…)

  23. Nikk The Templar

    …..i think that’s cool….the brakes, I mean…

  24. PeptoBismolPrincess

    It’s fucking annoying when fucking idiots are fucking rich.

  25. Elikapeka

    I… I just… hmph. Maybe the world will be a more tolerable place if we all just succumbed to K-Fed. As it stands, every day, I just want to ram spikes up my ass and fill my eyes with battery acid out of pure hate for this fucktard. I can’t do it anymore. Too much effort.

  26. Elikapeka

    Nevermind. Will hate him until I die.


    Man. I can’t wait for the album.




  28. loagun

    I dont understand why people hate him? So what if he was a backup dancer that married someone worth $200 million? Wow big deal.

  29. Jeremy1Esq

    I would like to know who the mechanic was who got so lucky he got to install those personalized breakpads. I can only imagine what he was thinking. I hope he found a way to make that car rattle when he gave it back to this idiot.

  30. PunjabPete

    30 – get a clue. Why should anyone hate K-fed? How about for Shar Jackson? Does this douche do anything other than knock up women?

    Another reason people hate him is that he believes that teh fame of his wife extends to him and makes HIM famous. He is a pretentious and pompous asswipe that should be executed at the first available opportunity.

  31. PunjabPete

    OH, I forgot to mention TALENTLESS as well.

  32. Jake

    I give up on life. My parents used to tell me that I had to work hard to buy a Ferrari. They didn’t say anything about knocking a pop star up and forcing her into a life of indentured money-machine servitude. This guy has got to go, and by that I mean he should be dead.

  33. whatthe

    It’s Lollipop GUILD, not kids, moron.

  34. vainandlovingit

    Dear 30,
    before i discovered the beauty of celebrity bashing i had been living in the dark like you are now. let me elaborate, i used to think that celebrities like LoHo and K-Fag were actually people that one should just let live happily while they absorb the rays of lime light with their personalized ferraris and freckles…the Superficial helped me find the light.Now,# 30, darling, i know that we the people should speak our minds freely about the talentless douchebags that are worshipped blindly by the great unwashed masses, also known as “celebrities”. So go ahead, # 30, indulge and don’t hold back…just say you hate the fuckers…you will be happy one day, like me…TATA.

  35. vainandlovingit

    i would like to thank the Church of the SUPERFICIAL for guiding me through the tough times…I wouldnt have made it without you vain vain people.So thank you!

  36. Someone stop the madness that is K-Fed.

  37. Someone stop the madness that is K-Fed.

  38. I know I’ve allready posted like 15 times today, but I know there are a few hundred meaningless things I forgot to cover. I know everyone allready knows that I’m a rock star around here. Just ask Jacq who in the last thread stuck her tongue so far up my ass that she was able to actually lick my spleen, thanks again jacq, and another thing I was wondering the importance of dress ettiquette, I mean if you are out and you get something stuck in your shoe like a pebble or a piece of glass is it appropriate to just take your shoe off right there and dislodge the pebble? And by the way in the morning I put on one sock then the shoe and then the other sock and other shoe, I used to be a sock sock shoe shoe person but that changed as I got older and wiser. Don’t you love my six page novels I write everyday?

  39. PunjabPete

    Amazing that no one noticed the chick in picture 2….

    Think it is his side piece of ass?

  40. combustion8

    haha! he has to bang a whale for that car.. sucker.

  41. CarlaCalifornia

    Ive seen Kevin several times in Santa Monica, most recently wondering around the lobby of the Fairmont (which is a 5+ star hotel) and I kid you not the man was carrying a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon…he is ultimate white trash with a permanent shit eating grin on is face. His ‘performance’ at the Teen Choice Awards…….A CATASTROPHY- Please Brit, stop the madness NOWWWWWW!

  42. scrooge

    Once again, K-Fed has taken something beautiful and Federlined it.

  43. jesusjuice

    “I’ve never been so offended by brake pads in my entire life.”
    Technically those are brake calipers; just thought you should know

  44. mrs.t

    He reminds me a little bit of the guy who cuts our grass. You don’t really notice that he’s LD until you look at him or talk with him for a few minutes.
    ANYWAY, I mention this because if they are as similar as I believe them to be, it would explain why he keeps getting people pregnant: idiotic fear of the vasectomy, based on stupidity. How do I know this? Well, my husband (who had a vasectomy last year) was outside paying our lawncare guy, who is contemplating a vasectomy. So, my man’s like “It’s no big deal, just a little snip”…..and the guy flips out with joy and disbelief. He was under the impression that a vasectomy involved CUTTING OFF THE TESTICLES. This is a 35-year-old man who thinks that every vasectomy patient voluntarily went to have his ball cut off.

    To me, this is amazing. And it explains why stupid fucking hillbillys have 15 kids from each relationship. I can only assume that a woman thinks “getting your tubes tied” means cutting off your legs and sewing shut your vagina.

  45. mrs.t

    *balls*–very important correction here

  46. @40 – Thank you so much. In your ignorance you have paid me the biggest compliment one can get here at The Superficial – posting under someone else’s name. Jealous much? Your post comes close to something I would write, lacking only wit and intelligence. But I digress, thanks again for the honor and may you have sweet dreams of Kevin Federline tattooing your name across his ass.

  47. loagun

    lol #36

    There are celebrities that are worth bashing on I agree for stupid things. However with K-Fed people just hate him because he was a nobody that married a somebody and then just attatch ‘he thinks hes good’ when really they are just pulling that out of their ass. I mean no one called Bill Gates wife a money grubbing whore when she married the richest man on earth(aka. she was a nobody who worked data entry for microsoft).

  48. PunjabPete

    49 – You are joking right?
    The only accurate thing you said here is that Melinda Gates married Bill Gates.

    A few thoughts for you….
    1. Melinda Gates did not get knocked up to marry Bill. – (Knocking up Brit was a boon for this asswipe)
    2. Melinda Gates did not jump out into the world of computer software and declare she was a “superstar” while releasing her own version of Microsost Windows. – (K-Fed is a musician?)
    3. Melinda Gates did not have two kids by Michael Dell – (K-fed has Shar Jackson)

    Had she done any of those things, I would call her a money grubbing no talent whore who rides Bill Gates coat tales.

    Now go look at K-Fed. HE IS A PIECE OF SHIT.
    If you think otherwise, you have issues…

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