Kevin Connolly tries his best

Despite being the star of HBO’s Entourage, Kevin Connolly had trouble scoring bottom rung MTV reality stars at Playboy’s Super Saturday Night party. His first target was Audrina Patridge. It was a crash and burn, according to NY Daily News:

After being denied a date, he offered to make the “Hills” star dinner at her apartment – and got another “no.”

Not letting rejection stand in his way, Kevin made his way to Kristin Cavallari. The two seemed to hit it off, until something better came along. Page Six reports:

“She was all over Kevin until she saw Brody Jenner walk in,” our spy said. “She dumped Kevin for Brody and started kissing him before she went to find photographers to take pictures of them. It was all a ploy to make [her nemesis] Lauren Conrad jealous.”

Adding insult to injury, Page Six says Kevin Dillon (aka Johnny Drama) scored a bunch of girls at the same party in the VIP room. Ha! And he’s practically 50. Poor Kevin Connolly. Wait, who is he again? He played one of the Hobbits, right? Not the super-gay one. But the medium-gay one. I want to say his name was Jimmy, I dunno. I could never make it through those movies. Why waste three hours when I could be doing something more productive? Like playing Warcraft in my boxers.

Photos: Splash News