Kevin Hart Told Jokes on SNL, People Got Mad

Saturday Night Live has had a bazillion shitty monologues throughout its history. Kevin Hart, former stand-up comedian and current on-screen accessory to The Rock, had a pretty overwhelmingly “meh” set last weekend. He talked about how kids have more fun with their dad than with their mom because moms are always doing the chores and shit. While this joke would have absolutely slaughtered back in the ’80s, today we have something called Twitter, and it’s like free therapy for people with rage issues.

It didn’t matter how much Kevin Hart prefaced every joke by saying he’s kidding, that he respects women, all family dynamics are different, etc. This man made a big mistake telling America a joke about how moms aren’t as fun as dads. Especially to people like Lori Wagner, who also really likes the Foo Fighters. “SNL was pretty craptastic with Kevin Hart as host, but the Foo Fighters were the saving grace,” she shot at no one in particular.

Don’t tell Lori that she’s probably not a fun mom, you son of a bitch! At least she enjoyed when Foo Fighters played the song from Peanuts… “Everlong morphing into Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), then into a kickass Charlie Brown Christmas theme? Perfection.” (full tweet)

As factual as these , Twitter will be goddamned if that Kevin Hart thinks he can get away with having an opinion at the expense of gender stereotypes. Here’s a couple highlights of what he said…

“You never heard a kid say, ‘I can’t wait to get home and play with my mom,'” Hart said as part of his routine. “You ain’t never heard that. ‘Can’t wait for mommy and me time.’ That don’t exist. Don’t no kids say that. All the fun responsibility lies on the shoulder of the father.”

“When it comes to putting structure in the child’s life. When it comes to bathing, feeding, taking them to school, you guys [women] do that. You’re responsible for that and you know what, I applaud you for that.” (From SNL/NBC)

So Kevin Hart’s view on parenthood is that he’s basically just around to do all the fun stuff with the kids. The fun stuff like eating ice cream, staying up past bed time, and get caught up with a Vegas stripper who attempted a quasi-revenge-porn shakedown that nearly cost him his marriage and career. Nobody is looking to this guy for advice in the first place so who gives a shit if he wants to tell a parenthood joke that Bill Cosby probably told thirty years ago? Oh, yea… Twitter. The place where comedy is only funny if no one is offended.

Put on you trigger-trouses and get ready for this doozie…

Were Kevin Hart’s jokes a little old-fashioned and sexist? Sure they were. That’s why they weren’t funny. Do I want to jump up and tell everyone how I think he’s CANCELLED? Fuck no. I don’t care. Kevin Hart has made his whole career off of being the short, angry guy with a Napoleon complex. His whole shtick is old fashioned. You shouldn’t care either.

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