Hey Anti-Vaxxers, Meet Kevin Gates, Your New Leader

When I was a kid I broke my arm and had to get a cast. After a few weeks, the inside of that thing smelled like a gym bag made of dirty nutsacks and yet I would sniff it constantly. I don’t know why, but there was something alluring about how disgusting it was, which brings me right to Kevin Gates, who I feel is the human equivalent of that admittedly disgusting and embarrassing anecdote. Every logical instinct I have is to just ignore the mumbling, idiotic New Orleans rapper until he has a grand mal seizure from the sizzurp he constantly drinks, so we can all go “Welp, that’s over now,” but I can’t. I keep going back to him, like the filthy inside of that cast, and now I know why. Keeping him on my radar finally paid off, because in a Rolling Stone interview, this jackass just admitted he’s an anti-vaxxer. Yes. Ohmyfuckinggod. Yes.

There’s no point in gloating, because having this fuck-clown on the forefront of the movement that’s willing to let babies die because of a meme they saw on Facebook is all the reward it needs. Instead, I’ll just toss some more of Kevin’s brilliant parenting decisions as well as some other gems down here, because again, this is who’s on your side anti-vaxxers. This is your patron saint now.

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

In #Dallas feedin my baby #islah #islahtour #islahalbum #idgt

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Another phrase kids should totally be repeating: “We passed they pussy ass up.”

We did #islahtour #islahalbum A video posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates) on


Look at the window, that car is MOVING!

I do the things I wish my father would’ve did with me #Khaza #islahtour #islahalbum @haroldlujah213

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On treating women with class:


More on that:

What a great Idea -

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On how he totally reformed in jail:

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And, finally, leading that chemical-free, all-natural lifestyle Kevin Gates is clearly all about:

Bitch!!!! Photo cred: @shotbyspencer

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