Kevin Federline Made Another Baby

December 12th, 2013 // 14 Comments

Kevin Federline‘s wife Victoria Prince got her body back into incredible shape after birthing a daughter in 2011, so naturally he’s having none of that and put another baby in her. It’s good to weigh them down when you can only run so fast. If at all. TMZ reports:

Kevin Federline is a lot of things, and one of them is fertile …. baby #6 is in the oven … TMZ has learned.
Sources connected to the fetus tell TMZ … Kevin’s wife, Victoria Prince, is 6 months pregnant with their second kid.

To congratulate the couple, Britney Spears released the following statement:

Hey, Jayden says if there’s a baby in your belly you can eat ice cream all day and no one can yell at you. That true, y’all? ‘Cause I want one of them babies. They got them at Target or you gotta go to Walmart?

There was more, but it was hard to make out after the tranquilizer dart hit her neck. It was like talking to Darth Vader if Darth Vader only yelled “Furnch friiiies” every three to five minutes.



  1. BlinkyTheFish

    He must have gotten one hell of a big payout when he split with Bertney – he’s got like 6 now (counting the one on the way)? Or is he going with the Octomom/Gosselin ‘let the state pay for it’ plan?

  2. It’s easy to force your wife to shit out as many babies as you want when your ex-wife is footing the bill.

  3. I love K-Fed’s fat redneck awesomeness.

    He reminds me of my always drunk uncle, except he’s 40 years younger.

  4. Coco T-Rex

    So apparently acting like a total ass is how you get women left and right. That’s the lesson we’ve learned from John Mayer, Jesse James, and Kevin Federline.

  5. brick

    From a strictly aesthetic standpoint…What the FUCK?

  6. JungleRed

    What a prescient film Mike Judge made with Idiocracy.

  7. Kevin Federline

    I’m fat

  8. I watched a show on Discovery channel about Bull seals mating, so I understand the logistics now of how this happens.

  9. coljack

    K-Fed is evidently set on proving he’s like a sea lion – the bigger and nastier he gets, the more females he gets to mate with.

  10. sc4play

    6 kids??? Way to dumb down the gene pool!!

  11. ace11

    Time to hit the local Dairy Queen and celebrate

  12. I often wonder what makes the professional fame-whore lifestyle worth it? Why do the Tila Tequilas, the Corey Feldmans, and the Kardashian clans of the world seek to promote themselves no matter the hatred, bile and derision the world meets them with? Why do it?

    Then I see a 350 lb.white trash asswipe who is lucky to be able to tie his shoes (both a weight joke and an intelligence joke) , vacationing in Miami with a none to shabby piece of ass he keeps pounding babies into and I understand completely.

    The working man is a fucking sucker.

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