Kevin Federline Needs ‘Courage’ to Propose to Pregnant Girlfriend

With Kevin Federline’s girlfriend Victoria Prince officially pregnant with his fifth child, the question is whether or not he’ll make an honest woman out of her or continue to live in fear of marriage after his first attempt with Britney Spears. I heard, if he closes his eyes, he can still smell the gurvy ice cream… Us Magazine reports:

“No wedding is in the works at all,” the rapper, 33, tells
But that doesn’t mean Britney Spears’ ex-hubby is ruling out another walk down the aisle.
“I do want to get married,” says Federline. “But I will wait until I have the courage to propose.”

So just for the record: Kevin Federline had no reservations about shoving 18 years worth of child support and responsibility up his girlfriend’s uterus, but proposing is going to take all his strength and determination. Because, why? That’s when she’ll realize he’s fat? Seeing him naked didn’t tip her off? Then again, maybe it’s just really dark in his bedroom.

VICTORIA: Ooh, Kevin, I’ve never made love on top of a bean bag chair before.
KEVIN: Um, yes, a bean bag chair. Exactly. Only the best for my lovah…

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