K-Fed Rapped About Kanye’s Butt Hole. It’s Going To Be A Good Day.

As you may have noticed, Fish is MIA today for some unexpected and unfortunate shit. But I can tell you that we’re all going to have a great time, because I’m starting things off with Kevin Federline’s new rap video featuring whatever the fuck a Critchy Crich is, a parody of Amber Rose fingering Kanye West’s ass, and Andy Dick as some sort of gay Ari Gold character who actually says “K-Fag.” *inhales deeply* My my, that’s some deep, rich horseshit. The only thing better would be if Kanye got into a flame war over this, or at least was over on Twitter doing something equally insane.

*kisses fingers, points to the ground* You done good, Satan. Real good.

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