Kevin Federline Knocked His Girlfriend Up

March 28th, 2011 // 37 Comments

Granted, it’s been rumored before that Kevin Federline impregnated his girlfriend Victoria Prince, but until now, there were never photos of Sean Preston rubbing his clearly-gestating sibling and wondering if real mama’s gonna eat this one, too. He knows he ain’t supposed to talk about Jeffie, but how comes they don’t make baby sammiches at Subway? “Daddy says we gotta eat here ’cause new mommy ain’t a ‘fancy retard mill-en-air.’”

EDIT: Here’s Victoria Prince in a bikini which I’m linking purely for medical purposes.

UPDATE (3.29.11): And it’s official.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. SFord


  2. captain america

    psssssssssssssssssst: HIS WEIGHT BOTHERED HIM ALOT…………….

  3. The Critical Crassness

    Sean Preston, “Pretty soon you’ll look just like my Daddy!”

  4. kerri

    wow this guy has super sperm

  5. one legged

    shit happens
    what can you do when a lady doesn’t take the pill

  6. Congratulations…Now she can start eating for two just like K Fed.

    • C

      well between the two of them, they will be eating for eight. Ohh weight, i mean, wait…
      one plus two equals…judging by their combined size….eight.

  7. Rough--There will be no fighting in the war room

    Yo, yo, yo Featherleazy whats up dog?

  8. already been quite the year of the rabbit and we haven’t even had the festival of fertility yet

  9. it could be worse. he could have done it with Kate Gosselin or Octomom.

  10. castallare

    I feel like the title to this post is just redundant at this point, isn’t it?

  11. Sharkbait

    That kid already knows where babby is formed

  12. Katie

    Whoever would have thought that a bottle of Southern Comfort, some R.Kelly music, and a bag of Cheetos would be an aphrodisiac to baby making?

  13. Jayden James
    Commented on this photo:

    what a cutie :)

  14. !!!!!!!

    she’s just a vanilla hood rat. k-fed isn’t going to ever remarry because the brit brit gravy train of spousal would end. bye bye 20k a month! so she has a baby with this loser anyway knowing brit is the only way he can afford pampers. well i guess this is as close to hitting the lotto as she could get.

  15. Po Po Zow, y’all.

  16. Kevin Federine Girlfriend Pregnant Victoria Prince
    Commented on this photo:

    Honestly, what is it with this guy? Why do women spread their legs for him?!

  17. Suri

    Do either of them work?

  18. sakara

    yes, it’s true—-britney spears is a retard millionaire.

  19. cookie

    what a jack wagon! has he ever heard of condoms! STOP REPRODUCING!

  20. BabyGirl

    DAYUM!!! 5 kids, 3 mommas, somebody please get that man FIXED!!!!

  21. MelDee

    Ok, seriously, this guy needs to put a cap on it. This is his 4th kid with 3 women, or something like that…

  22. azucena

    this bitch is ALWAYS wearing a pony tail! get a damn stylist!

  23. Aggie

    Shouldn’t a gov’t organization stepped in and steralized K-Fed years ago? You’re worried about the state of your country, turning that tap off is a good place to start fixing things.

  24. Didn’t anyone notice what Sean said about his mother? I guess 20K doesn’t buy manners or civility. He is taking a chance at losing the golden goose if Brit decided to do something about him turning her children against her. This is obnoxtious… just like him! The girl can’t have too many choices in life to end up with K-fed. I feel sorry for her and her unborn child. The bit about real momma going to eat this one too…. sheesh, what a flake. Just think of what this poor little boy must hear from his father. I guess Sean will end up a loser like his good ole dad.

  25. ANIA

    this guys DOES NOT know how to pull out !

  26. ANIA

    this GUY (I meant) DOES NOT know how to pull out !

  27. observer

    Well, it looks like Britney is getting another kid to support.

  28. redfish45

    I guess Brit will be supporting this child as well, K-Fed does not even have a job so how will he support this child ?

  29. Jayden James
    Commented on this photo:

    I feel terrible seeing Britney’s children at the mercy of some slob and his disgusting girlfriend.

  30. pookiewookie

    This girl better have a good job, so Kevin can live off her too.

  31. Jenn

    Wow, you know what’s offensive? Creating a title completely divorcing this woman from any recognition of humanity and simply addressing her as the fetal carrier of Kevin Federline’s offspring. Could we maybe try for Federline and Prince Pregnant? Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince Expecting? Seriously.

  32. Kevin Federine Girlfriend Pregnant Victoria Prince
    Commented on this photo:

    julian the asshole witch doctor

    of central america did this

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