Kevin Connolly Wants an ‘Entourage’ Movie

September 29th, 2010 // 26 Comments
Kevin Connolly

Kevin Connolly is lamenting next season of Entourage being its last after HBO pulled the plug due to the show’s out-of-control cost, but he’s hoping for a Sex and the City-style movie because Entourage, at its heart, is also about four women trying to live fabulous lifestyles filled with new shoes. E! Online reports:

The only people happier than the girls of Sex and the City when their movie opened were the Entourage guys. I was jumping up and down just like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Anyone else feel like they just read an excerpt from Tom Cruise-penned midget erotica, or am I the only here with a literary background? No, really, tell me the next paragraph doesn’t involve a thimble jacuzzi and then watch me call you a “liar.”

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  1. McFeely Smackup

    An actor is lamenting the end of his job, and wishes there would be more work for him? Holy shit this is big news! How do we wrap our heads around this?

    • Exactly. Not a lot of work for Midget former hobbits in Hollywood.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Hey Tracy. Of course, by “sassy” you mean obese, and by “rich” you mean obese. that being understood, what is better than “marriage”? Does it involve snorting coke off a hookers ass that actually falls within an acceptable BMI?

  2. afroballz

    Indeed! Shall we spearhead a bake sale to help this poor soul???

    What a fucking LAME post.

  3. Photoshop Police

    I want a million dollars.
    We can’t all get what we want.

    Suck it up, Connolly

  4. Hugh Gentry

    who gives a fuck? show us some celeb boobies and stop posting this shit!!

  5. Munchkinland

    Of course he does, now that new Hobbit movies are on the rocks what hope does he have of gainful employment?

  6. “also about four women” lmao show sucks, should never have gone past a second season. and didnt hollywood reporter say 3 weeks ago theres a fuckin movie coming

  7. I wish someone would do a movie remake of a show that’s actually good.

    Maybe he and I both should file a request to the Short Actors’ Guild.

    • Uber Violet

      I’d like to see a remake of “Mister Ed”, but the suits in Hollywood all think horses are dirty, so that will never happen. They’ve made a remake movie of every other TV show from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, which just goes to show you that none of them suits/lawyers have a creative bone in their bone heads.

  8. duke chute

    Holy crap who gives a flying fuck?!

  9. Th Cuntyest

    WOW! HBO pulling the pull on the show do to its outrageous costs?! What?! It couldn’t be that the show has run its course?

    Kevin Connelly, I suggest you stop following “Sex & the City,” grow a pair, and be grateful of all the money you made…

    Just lok at the “Sex & the City 2″ movie it sucked! Just be careful what you wish for, cause it might be the biggest piece of crap for your career.

  10. smh

    Entourage is shit now, it used to be a decent show, a comedy…now its just another drama for chicks…imagine if the sopranos turned into a comedy, or if seinfeld turned into a drama…shit just don’t work that way say…entourage you fucked up.

    • Sopranos also sucked at season 3. I believe thats due to the writers leaving for more money. Happens a lot. Last season of scrubs was dreadful. Ever possible shark there was to jump they fuckin jumped it. Switching networks is that other writing kiss of death..

  11. Uber Violet

    Sure Entourage is funny when it’s free and there is nothing else on TV, but who wants to see these ugly guy’s mugs on a big screen.

  12. Joseph S

    and I want a toilet bowl made out of solid gold – it’s just not gonna happen baby…

  13. Robin Quivers

    This website is really boring/unfunny now. It used to be entertaining but now I just see recycled TMZ articles with watered down commentary. Guess the site was bought out by someone.

  14. eatme

    i love this show. i didn’t watch it once for years, hating it on principal alone. then I downloaded season 1, got hooked, and watched all 5 seasons (up to that point) in a matter of days. imo this is easily one of the best shows on tv (although i can understand women not liking it and it would be less than half as good without Jeremy Piven). sure, writing quality always goes down as time goes on, but I figure this show still had lots of life (although I have not seen season 6 yet), unlike a show like sex and the city which saw a HUGE decline in quality after season 3ish.

    • smh

      Just you wait my friend…season 6 is meh, and season 7, you might laugh once, twice throughout the entire season if ur lucky.

  15. mark

    This headline is missing an “only.”

  16. Bow Down Assholes

    puma slipper woman 30 dollah? WTF GI, sign me up! Dat price crazee low! Would ya blow me first ajima? Blowy sucky twenty dollah extra?

  17. captain america

    seen his eyes?

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