Kevin Connolly Wants an ‘Entourage’ Movie

Kevin Connolly is lamenting next season of Entourage being its last after HBO pulled the plug due to the show’s out-of-control cost, but he’s hoping for a Sex and the City-style movie because Entourage, at its heart, is also about four women trying to live fabulous lifestyles filled with new shoes. E! Online reports:

The only people happier than the girls of Sex and the City when their movie opened were the Entourage guys. I was jumping up and down just like Sarah Jessica Parker.

Anyone else feel like they just read an excerpt from Tom Cruise-penned midget erotica, or am I the only here with a literary background? No, really, tell me the next paragraph doesn’t involve a thimble jacuzzi and then watch me call you a “liar.”

Photos: Splash News

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