The Day Elmo Quit Sesame Street

November 20th, 2012 // 119 Comments
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“Elmo wonder how long Mr. Kevin wants to keep looking at that high school. Elmo wonder if that’s leee-gal.”

Despite his first accuser Sheldon Stephens being dropped by his own attorneys for not having a case, Elmo creator Kevin Clash reportedly paid him $125,000 to issue a statement confessing he lied about the underage gay sex so this whole thing will blow over. (Sheldon later realized he should’ve held out for more money and now claims he was forced into making the statement on top of trying to find a new lawyer in Los Angeles.) Unfortunately, that just put blood in the water, which I’ll get to in a minute, and effective this morning, Kevin resigned from Sesame Workshop, according to The New York Times:

In a statement released Tuesday, Sesame Workshop said:
Sesame Workshop’s mission is to harness the educational power of media to help all children the world over reach their highest potential. Kevin Clash has helped us achieve that mission for 28 years, and none of us, especially Kevin, want anything to divert our attention from our focus on serving as a leading educational organization. Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street.

So Kevin Clash learned a valuable lesson about being a gay man on a children’s TV show. MERKA WON’T HAVE IT! Of course, this is also comes on the heels of a second accuser, Cecil Singleton, coming forward because he suddenly remembered in the middle of Elmo’s Gay Lover Payout 2012 that he was psychologically damaged from having underage sex dry-humping (Subject to change without notice.) with Clash who he allegedly met on a gay phone sex line. It’s literally the most airtight case you’ll ever read. TMZ reports:

In the suit, Singleton claims … although the sex occurred nearly 20 years ago, he didn’t take action until now because … he “did not become aware that he had suffered adverse psychological and emotional effects from Kevin Clash’s sexual acts and conduct until 2012.”
Singleton is demanding more than $5 million.

READ: “Wait. This guy’s handing out money? STATUTORY RAPE!” And if that’s not shady enough, TMZ just posted an update that Singleton’s lawyer already had to file a new lawsuit because his age keeps changing:

The accuser’s lawyer has filed new court docs, in which the date of the alleged abuse has been changed from 1993 to 2003. The accuser also says he is currently 24-years-old … and chalks up the mistake to a typo.

Now some will say Kevin Clash resigned because he’s guilty, which he very well could be if someone comes forward with a credible story and press charges, but he also could have done it to spare tainting Sesame Workshop, which he’s poured almost three decades of his life into, from having every single one of his past flings come forward and say they weren’t 18 when they banged so he’ll cut them a check to go away and then TMZ will pay them to say how much that check was. So thanks, gay golddiggers, you killed Elmo which I’m sure will win you the hearts and minds of Americans everywere. Then again, some parents will probably shoot up a mall if they hear that puppet’s voice again, so maybe we should watch this play out. You might be onto something.

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  1. Eddie Baby

    Fish should have held off with all the PC bullshit and made fun of him the same way he would do with any other celebrity. Better luck next time.

    • Translation: “Even though there is still no proof that Kevin Clash had illegal or underage sex with anyone, he still deserves to go down because gay men simply do not have the same rights as straight dudes do to bang young ass with abandon like Hugh Hefner or that Snow White director who banged Kristen Stewart and still was kept on for the sequel. Plus holy crap, Elmo’s black! Did anyone know this?”

      • Jack Ketch

        With you all the way on this. This “thing”, Sheldon Stevens, is the male equivalent of a chick that Ashton Kutcher banged in a hot tub. Go the fuck away. Team Klash.

      • Mike Walker

        Look at you clowns struggling to defend this chickenhawk. Playing the race card was typically lame but comparing this to 23yr old kristin Stewart and the 41yr old Sanders? A pornographer boning 18yr old starlets? Not even close! This is a 40-50yr old puppeteer at Sesame Street(!), who interacts with kids at workshops, schools and appearances, cornholing a 16 year old boy. 16 years old, dude! Any guy of that age into kids that young isn’t to be trusted, period, and I **guarantee** you that none of you would want him around your kids either.

      • LawTalkingGuy

        Yeah, I guess the only problem is that buddy recanted his statement and said he was over 18. I know he got a decent payout to do it, but if it had happened to me, I’d go “Victim #1″ on his ass and make sure he pays for his crimes and that it doesn’t happen to any other kids. So, yeah. It’s exactly the same as Hef etc. after all.

      • Jeff

        The second one didn’t. How many 16-year-olds who get paid off does their need to be before you realize the guy’s a pedophile? If Sandusky was black would you be defending him, too?

      • Pat C.

        A pedophile is someone attracted to pre-pubescents. There are extremely few 16 year olds who haven’t reached puberty yet.

  2. Dick Hell

    There’s only one thing I want to know about this sad story, did Elmo participate in the trysts?

  3. So he was underage and working on a gay phone sex line? I’m confused.

  4. serfin' ceorl

    Dude was playin’ with fire sleeping with all these young, and possibly underage boys/men. And now he got burned. Even if the dude was 40 he had no biz foolin’ around with 18 year olds. In theory, 18-20 years old sound great, but in reality, it’s fire and you gonna get burned.

    • drunk at noon

      I bet you’d hi-five him if he’d been banging a hot 18-year old chick.

      • Schmidtler

        I bet you’d high five him if he was banging a 15 yo dude. oh wait, you are. because the accuser said it happened in 2003, and he’s 24 now – so 15 yo @ the time. but hey, defend him to your last breath because he’s gay & black. meanwhile, Gen. Petraus is out of a job for putting his straight white dong in a straight white female who was well past 18 yo. John Edwards as well. Fact is, if your job depends on maintaining your reputation for not being a bizarre creep, don’t be a bizarre creep, or you lose your job. gay & black have not one damned thing to do with it.

      • Funny, I wasn’t aware that employees of the Sesame Workshop were held to the same standard as the Director of Central Intelligence of the United States. And what was this job John Edwards was forced out of for having his affair? Last I checked, he hasn’t been in political office since 2004 and his 2008 presidential campaign was well over when that shit hit the fan.

        Not only do your two examples fail, but making comparisons to political figures is wildly off the mark when you think of the myriad examples of Hollywood/entertainment personalities who put their straight dongs in straight if inappropriate pussies old and young and kept their careers largely intact. Why do you think Edwards and Petraeus are at all relevant—ohhhhh, that “taxpayer-funded children’s show” thing of yours. Yeah, keep flogging that horse.

        Anyway, funny how you instantly believe the story of random opportunistic golddigger accuser guy whose story changes by the hour, but that Kevin Clash just gotta be lying his ass off, right?

      • serfin' ceorl

        Look, play with fire and you get burned. It doesn’t matter if he’s sleeping with men or women, of old age or younger ages; he was playin’ with fire, sleeping with some gold diggers who came back for the gold. That’s why I say he was playin’ with fire. Petreus was doing the same thing.

        I know you think that it should be a perfect world where people can sleep with any number of ‘of age’ men or women as frequently and often as they want, but the real world doesn’t work that way. And Elmo sleeping with young boys, even if they are of age, is still creppy.

        If this dude had a long term boyfriend of 23 years and they lived together, and had a life together, nobody would care. But he had to go out and start banging young boys, even if they were ‘of age’. Sorry bro, 18 year old are in porn are a fantasy.

      • Schmidtler

        I see you are conveniently ignoring my question of – how much do you, Tom Frank, pay dudes to not say you put your old man dong in their young boy butts?
        One sketchy dude makes an accusation, ok, skepticism in warranted. then that dude gets $125,000 to stfu, then another dude makes the same claims, then Clash quits – not fired – quits. you just keep reaching for rainbows though, Tom.
        My examples do not fail at all – when you have a job that puts you in the spotlight, in a position of being responsible and answering to the public, you better keep the shit off your shoes, or be prepared to lose the job. Entertainers are not the same as employees of the children’s tv workshop. I’m sure the pedophiles of the world are encouraged by your blindly defending this shit despite all the evidence to the contrary though.

      • One sketchy dude makes an accusation—and people like you jump all over Kevin Clash (and PBS, because let’s be honest, you’re still butthurt about the election, so this is like your pound of flesh). So it’s possible that Clash, in what I will admit would be a poorly conceived and ill-advised decision, pays the guy to stfu so people like you will also stfu (which you halfway did when you backpedaled on this last week) and he can try to keep his career from going down the tubes for having sex with the wrong guy. And then the payoff comes out and people like you go, “See? He MUST be guilty, or why pay the guy off?” And then another dude smells money and goes “Oh yeah, me too. Elmo touched my no-no place, too,” and you completely buy that because it plays so well into your conservative homophobe agenda.

        As to your other point, no. Being an unseen puppeteer does not “put you in the spotlight, in a position of being responsible and answering to the public.” The very fact that so many people didn’t know that Elmo was voiced by a 52-year-old black man is pretty good evidence that Kevin Clash was never in the spotlight. And again, no—being an employee of the Sesame Workshop does not mean your every private action is accountable to public scrutiny and Congressional oversight or whatever simply because you work for an outfit that gets some public funding.

        Finally, “all the evidence to the contrary”? Tell us again how you’re a lawyer in real life, Schmidtler, because no real lawyer would go to court on “all the evidence” made public so far. (By the way, who gets billed for all the hours—and hours and hours—you spend bullshitting on the Internet?)

      • Schmidtler

        Tom, you’re wasting a shit ton of internet ink defending a guy who has been accused by 2 different unrelated people of committing a felony – preying on underage children for his own sexual gratification, and this despite Clash himself (1) paying $125,000 to the guy to buy his silence and (2) voluntarily resigning his job to avoid any more public scrutiny of what he’s done. Your proof this is all a sham consists solely of your undying devotion to defending a guy you know nothing about, simply because he’s gay & black, so your impulse is to defend him. You really don’t get it that it’s not ok to bang underage kids, do you?
        If I don’t want a coke, I don’t spend the dollar on a coke. If I don’t need my house painted, I don’t pay someone to paint it. If I didn’t put my old man dong in an underaged boy’s ass, I don’t pay them to not say I did. It’s not a big stretch to presume that like most rational people, Clash did not just write a check for $125,000 to some dude for making a baseless accusation. If you want to assume that he did hand over that giant pile of money for no reason, that’s up to you. If he was completely innocent, he could have paid a lawyer a whole hell of alot less money to hash this all out. If the truth is on your side, you don’t pay $125,000 to make the truth go hide somewhere where no one will see or hear it.

      • I love how you think these two accusers are “unrelated” and not “second guy coming forward because first guy got a nice payday out of it.” But let me break where I’m coming from down for you because you still don’t seem to get it.

        You don’t know for certain whether Kevin Clash had underage sex with anyone. Neither do I. Is it possible that he did? Sure. Anything’s possible.

        When this story first came out last week, I gave him the benefit of the doubt because in America there’s this thing called the presumption of innocence where you’re not automatically condemned because of one accusation without any evidence to back it up, and I resent people who leap to conclusions based on nothing but their own presuppositions and prejudices to automatically assign punishment. That’s why I’m “defending a guy I know nothing about”—because I’m not really defending him so much as his right to a fair hearing in the court of public opinion. (And no, it’s not because “he’s gay & black,” so you can take that piece of bullshit you just pulled out of your ass and shove it right back up in there.)

        You, however, despite pretending to be a lawyer on the Internet, gave him no such presumption of innocence and immediately called for his dismissal, automatically assuming the worst of everything because you wanted to. (“One sketchy dude makes an accusation, ok, skepticism is warranted.” Where was this skepticism last week, Schmidtler? You pretty much had him tried and convicted for even “borderline underage” sex, whatever the fuck that was supposed to mean.) You went ahead and assumed a payoff even though there was absolutely no evidence of one at the time, and then bootstrapped on your assumption-based-on-nothing to declare his guilt and call for his head. Yes, it turned out that there was a payoff, but does that make it right for you to have made the assumption? No. That’s like saying a lynch mob that turns out to be right after the fact can be excused for lynching and gets to lynch again whenever it chooses.

        Now, yes, that payoff Clash made does not bode well in his favor. But as much as you would like to think otherwise, that alone is not evidence of his guilt. (Go to court with only that, O Lawyer of the Internet, and see how far you get.) Is my theory stated above, that Clash paid the guy off just to make him go away and not to hush up an underage sexual affair—am I twisting myself into a pretzel to try to defend Clash’s actions? Hey, maybe. But I’m also presenting a credible alternate theory as to why Clash paid the guy off—one that you absolutely refuse to accept because you’ve already written your narrative and will brook no substitute.

        I see one sketchy dude making an accusation, and you acknowledge (now) that my skepticism is warranted. I see another sketchy dude making an even more sketchy accusation (“it happened 20 years ago—no, 10; oh, and I only just now realize the damage he did to me because I see there’s money being handed out”)—aaaand what, I’m supposed to put my skepticism away now and hop on your lynch-mob bandwagon? No thanks.

      • Dude of Dudes

        If you think conservatives have a lockdown on homophobia you are kidding yourself. Im sure that plays well in the starbucks cafe but the reality is homophobia crosses ethic, racial and gender lines. Dont go through life believing that only conservatives (read: white guys) dont like homosexuals.

        For me personally Im fiscally conservative as they come but I wish the guy had not quit if he’s innocent. Im troubled by the fact he paid someone to go away which seems odd if he’s actually innocent. Then again Im not in the situation.

        Also I have 4 kids and Ive no problem with them watching Elmo. In time they’ll learn he’s a black guy who likes other dudes. Then they can decide for themselves if they want their own children to watch it. Its not my job to influence that decision but merely point out who we choose to love is a personal choice and not one to judge someone by.

      • serfin' ceorl

        Actually I think it’s worse if he was banging a 18 y o girl. That’s some creepy stuff going on there. Nobody ever gets in trouble for looking at legal pRon. it’s only when you start acting out those fantasies do you start to get into trouble.

      • EricLr

        Yeah, like we all high-five Doug Hutchinson around here, and don’t make fun of him at all?

        Come on, gay or not–creepy is creepy.

      • Uh, no. The reason I make fun of Hutchinson is because he and Courtney Stoddard are out there day after day, with Stoddard ever so naturally posing salaciously in clear 5″ heels in pumpkin patches humping pumpkinsfor Halloween, on the beach in clear 5″ heels humping the sand, at carwashes in clear 5″ heels humping bumpers, at whateverthefuck venue brings them notoriety and publicity and outrage. If they wanted to have a private life together, I wouldn’t give a shit about either them or their age difference, and consequently wouldn’t poke any fun at them at all. But because they insist on shoving their private life into the public with their tired old shtick of “I’m barely legal and these tits and this ass is what I use to bang my daddyhubby with and isn’t it just too sex-say?” then they deserve whatever ridicule that voracious publicity move generates. I shat on Heidi and Spencer Pratt for their eternal idiotic posing, too, regardless of how wounded it made them feel. You shove yourself and your private life into the public eye, you can’t always control what the response is.

        Clash did none of that, i.e. he did not put his private life out there and then demand public love and approval for doing it. If he’s having sex with people of legal age, I honestly don’t give a fuck about either of them until he starts posing with them on the beach or a pumpkin patch – with or without 5 inch heels – demanding that I find it sex-say.

        So no – creepy is NOT always “creepy”.


    Does this mean Sesame Street will stop being “the Elmo Show” and go back to the way things used to be? Bring back Guy Smiley and Hairy Monster.

  6. Buck

    Its not okay to be gay

  7. This probably won’t be the last accusser to come forward looking for a payout. Who knows if Kevin did anything illegal or not? Yes, these guys seems shady but, if he does have a thing for underage boys, it seems reasonable to have him resign. If this 2nd accuser hadn’t come forward, do you really think PBS would’ve fired him? They seemed to support him the first time.

    I don’t know that it has anything to do with being gay – if he was accused of messing with underaged girls, it would be the same outcome, no?

    • “If he does have a thing for underage boys, it seems reasonable to have him resign.”

      And if your mother is in fact a whore, it seems reasonable to have her spread her legs for this $100 bill.

      Now, now—I didn’t call your mother a whore. I just used parallel logic to show you how ridiculous you’re being.

      • Schmidtler

        he paid the accuser $125,000 to stfu. innocent people don’t do that. how much do you pay guys to not say they let you put your old man dong in their young boy butts?

      • Rob

        The courts are fallible just look at all the people who’ve been taken off death row. And the longer this goes on, the worse Kevin Clash is gonna look, regardless of whether or not he’s innocent. It makes sense for him to do regardless.

      • The key word is underage Tom – are we ‘for’ this now?

      • No, Hugh. The key word was and still is “if.” Of course anyone in his position should resign if they had a thing for underage boys. IF. But the way you put it originally, you’re basically restating the accusation as virtual fact and thus justifying his punishment, even though nothing has been established or proven yet and both accusations seem very hinky.

      • My original point was IF, which is exactly how it was written.

        Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Mom needs a ride to her next John.

    • your mom

      Unless he’s working for the BBC.

  8. rusty beaver

    I think this is a damn shame. R. Kelly gets a broadway show because the kiddies that he likes are female and this guy, who actually has talent, quits because he likes guys. Typical american BS. There is zero proof that he did anything wrong and as for criticizing him for liking barely legal lovers, take that up with god or darwin…we have evolved to find that age attractive. There is a huge difference between having a lover who is barely legal and raping young boys. There is no evidence he EVER approached any children or ever used Elmo to abuse anyone, which most predators would have. Team Clash!

    • Schmidtler

      except for the $125,000 he paid the guy. and the second guy making the same claims. and the fact R. Kelly is not employed by a publicly funded children’s tv show. and the endless parade of straight white dudes who lost public service / political jobs for having straight sex with well above legal age women. but yeah, this was all about him being gay & black.

      • rusty beaver

        I never mentioned race and paying someone off does not constitute guilt. If I was raped, I would never except any amount of money to drop it. IMO by accepting the money, he proved that it was all about the money to begin with.

      • AtomicMug

        I’ve been mulling over “Rusty Beaver’s” claim that she — I assume it’s a “she” because a “beaver” is, you know, a vagina — anyway she says she wouldn’t take a payoff if she was raped (by a beloved celebrity).

        I would. It’d be a lot more than 125 grand, but if a beloved celebrity raped me, I’d take the payday.

        Seriously, does anybody really believe that this guy is EVER going to be convicted for this? Celebrities, politicians, media personalities, teachers, etc. are all gonna go to bat for this guy, and there’s not a jury in today’s America that’ll convict him. And even if he never works for Sesame Street again, he’ll end up somewhere with a fat, 6- or 7-figure paycheck.

        The payday is the only justice these kinds of victims will ever get.

    • serfin' ceorl

      R. Kelly had a well publicized trial and was looking at some serious jail time. But the video was grainy and the underage girl denied it was her and there was no way to prove that the girl in the video was under 18. It’s called the beyond a reasonable doubt standard. Way different.

      • rusty beaver

        You’re right, in this case there is no proof at all.

      • serfin' ceorl

        There’s proof, it’s the accuser. It’s not great proof, and you can weigh it’s probative value, but there is proof.

        Same with R. Kelly, there was proof, but it just wasn’t good proof.

        To say there’s no proof in this case is completely wrong.

      • No, “the accuser” is not “proof” – you’re the one who’s “completely wrong” here. “Proof” is evidence that supports and verifies the statement which “the accuser” makes in the first place. The mere fact that someone makes an accusation or a claim doesn’t automatically mean it’s true – if that were the case, we’d never needs courts and all judges could go home right now because we’d be living in a society where no one ever lies.

        Look around – that ain’t the word we live in. Which is why when you swear to the judge you would never, ever speed and therefore you didn’t deserve to get that ticket, unless you can somehow prove your statement that you weren’t driving over the limit, you will not be believed and you’ll still be paying that fine.

        An accusation can be made for personal gain or advancement(monetary or otherwise), revenge/payback or because it actually did happen. But until a court or anyone else sees proof that exists outside of the accuser’s word for it, an accusation is just that – an accusation.

        No more, no less.

  9. Deacon Jones

    Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire!

  10. Elmo's Fist

    Elmo got new job as NAMBLA mascot

  11. Lindsay Lohan Nicotine Lungs

    I can’t believe some of you fucks are defending this scumbag asshole. Do the math the guy was fifteen at the time he had sex with him. The issue is he had sex with an underage teen—GET IT! Not because he’s gay. Some of you fuckers need to lay off that medical weed.

    • “…the guy was fifteen at the time he had sex with him…”

      I believe you mean at the time he CLAIMS he had sex with him. I agree with TomFrank, since when is a puppeteer, who works behind the scenes, in the public eye? Why should he be enslaved to accusations of moral turpitude?

      Oh wait! This Kevin Clash guy is Black? AND gay? Never mind then, he MUST be guilty!

      In fact, he sodomized me when I was just a kid. Swear to Buddha. Now write me that fucking check!

  12. Schmidtler

    wtf was Elmo ever doing on an educational show for children? what does he teach them, how to talk wrong in a voice so shrill and annoying parents want to shoot themselves in the ear drums?

  13. The Royal Penis

    “Elmo says he would have blown you Mr. Kevin for $125K, and kept quiet! You already have your hand up Elmo’s ass all day so it’s just a natural progression.”

  14. Archie Leach

    If anybody wants me, I’ll be in the corner in a fetal position with my tickle-me Elmo…….

  15. [img][/img]

    Elmo isn’t the only one getting abused by Kevin Clash.

  16. Undead Count VonCount

    Well Elmo, I see you have brought your friend Pedo-Bear!
    1! 1 underage accuser! ah-ah-ah
    2! 2 underage accusers! ah-ah-ah

  17. This sounds like BS to me.Of course Sheldon Stephens was paid off? That little bitch was gonna sing sometime and I think it was blackmail $. Never feed blood to a leech as it just wants more?You got to burn them off with fire? Go figure, why hasn’t happily married Travolta been crucified? Massive self -denial by him /wife and the power of Scientology(cult) seems to have benefits? So children will say where’s Elmo? Oh living in Oscar’s trash can(literally) ! Life’s a bitch.

  18. Diggy

    Where are the tits in this post?

  19. You were doing great at sarcastically pointing out the danger in jumping to conclusions based upon incomplete facts–until you started talking about how/why the resignation went down, and started jumping to conclusions based upon imcomplete facts.

  20. AtomicMug

    It’s preposterous to suggest that a 52 year old male puppeteer who’s living his dream of being a full-time performer on a children’s television show is a pedophile! The LEAP in logic that requires is just…

    It’s amazing how many people (Fish?!) are twisting themselves into knots trying to defend this guy’s “reputation”. He rapes young gay boys (whose lives are complicated enough), and people are upset that he lost his JOB?! This guy should be charged, tried and if found guilty, put away to be somebody else’s hand puppet for the rest of his life!

  21. The Gospel of the Internet

    So let me just say what we are all thinking:

    Of course the gay black man on a successful children’s television show is a raging sexual predator. How else is he going to hit his target demographic of 14-17 year old males?

    Totally seems legit. Why wouldn’t anyone with a TWENTY EIGHT year career as a beloved children’s entertainer give that up to live out their dream of banging Abercrombie & Fitch’s Rejected Model Catalog?

    (After the last rock had been smoked and the high faded, some guy realized that the guy he just thought did an awesome Elmo impersonation during sex was in fact Elmo himself and wanted to milk it all the way to his 45 secs of fame, taking a children’s icon with him. What a fucking shame!)

  22. Buck

    Upon further review its still not ok to be gay

    • Homosexuality really bothers you that much, does it? May be something you want to talk about…

      • Buck

        thats what I’ve been saying all along. Therapy has proven to help homosexuals ( there are studies where homosexual tendencies have been reversed ) but our politically correct society will not tell us about it. They would rather push their liberal agenda on everyone through pop culture and make it seem ‘normal’, and drag more and more young people into ‘experimenting’ with their sexuality. Don’t fall for their propaganda!

      • ruby

        Is that what happened to you Buck? Why don’t you tell us about your time in therapy and how it ‘helped’ you.

      • Stop Doing This to Yourself Buck, It's Just Depressing

        You clearly want to believe this to be true so badly that you willfully ignoring an avalanche of facts that disproves you, and that’s honestly really sad. No study by a reputable scientific organization has proven that anything changes the sexual orientation a person was born with. It has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative, and you will never escape the self hate you must live with every day this way. Please, for your own sake, at least consider that whether or not you believe it’s OK to be gay, people are gay, and it doesn’t make them any less human.

      • DAMN well said, “Stop” fella!!

  23. The Gospel of the Internet

    Truth is that once the allegations left this douchebag’s mouth, Kevin Clash never stood a chance. True or false, these allegations will serve to edify every single homophobic asshole who thinks being gay makes you a predator. That is America’s shame!

    Anyone, in this great country of frivolous lawsuits, can make allegations. It’s the beauty of free speech! Keven Clash had nothing to prove to anyone before this guy came out of the woodwork. Ever consider this kid ran out of student loan money and still wanted to eat at Applebee’s as opposed to McDonalds? I mean if it was just about seeking justice why not plaster Kevin’s face all over the subway stations and internet as pedophile, instead of suing for MILLIONS and then take a hush bribe (allegedly)??

  24. achilles wrath

    Two things.

    First this is how we destroy America. Piece by piece, little by little. You guys don’t even know what’s going on as we dismantle your country around your ears.

    Second why do they always ‘write them a check’? Seriously, if that was me I’d just run the f**ker over in a car.

    • Buck

      unless, of course, you were guilty as fucking charged and had a whole lot of other fucked up indiscretions to hide.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      You’re right. Slowly but surely perversion is becoming “normal”. America is in trouble!

  25. A grown man that plays with puppets. That says it all……..

  26. Mike Hunt

    what do you expect from a guy that spends his days with his hands up a puppet’s ass?

  27. And Big Bird wept.

  28. Oz Matters

    I trust Mr Clash is on a suicide watch, as this could turn very tragic soon.

  29. Mike Hunt

    Now there’s another accuser who claims underage . Clash is starting to look a little more guilty

  30. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    When Kevin gave his underage partners a hand job, did he have his right hand in Elmo at the time? THAT is the real question here.

  31. Fred Garvin

    Hm, all of this over kids, puppets and queers?
    The attempts to defend this IDIOT by the closet flamers is just said.

  32. Mary Feeney

    Who has been harmed to some degree by accusations about sexual behaviors (regardless of whether the accusations had merit)? General Petraeus, Bill Clinton, Clarence Thomas, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Wiener, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Larry Craig, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, Gary Condit, Tiger Woods, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Pee Wee Herman, George Entwistle, Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno, Joe Paterno’s statue, etc.

    This has nothing to do with Clash being gay and/or black, yet Fish’s spin is that Clash resigned because America won’t have a gay man on a children’s TV show. Please. Your knee-jerk political correctness is showing.

  33. Burt

    It is a sad day, more so when you realize that Mr. Clash probably quit Sesame Street Workshop because he is committed to seeing it succeed. He understands that his presence, in spite of his innocence, will make it and PBS a lightning rod for attacks by politicians and their spin-doctors who cater to a certain segment of American society that exudes and thrives on intolerance.

  34. Clash was going to have to step down eventually. It’s very unfortunate that we lost Elmo this way. Children loved that character.

    I know Schmidtler came in his pants when he read this. He’s been calling for Clash’s head from the start. Credible evidence be damned.

    • Schmidtler

      I couldn’t have given a shit whether Elmo was voiced by a gay black man or Michelle Malkin – I just can’t fucking stand that screechy obnoxious always talking in the third person asshole puppet that teaches kids nothing beyond butchering the English language. If the same accusations were made against any prominent conservative public figure, whose response was to write a big 6 figure ‘please stfu now’ check to the accuser, all of y’all and fish would be creaming your jeans with glee over the demise of their careers.

  35. Tired of the America bashing

    For fuck’s sake, “Merca” hating gay people isn’t the reason for this. It wouldn’t be any different if this guy was banging underage, or nearly underage girls 30 years his junior. The point is that he is an employee of a franchise with huge cultural influence among the children of the country, and the ick factor of a 50-year-old anyone having sex with teenagers is too much for that environment, regardless of the gender of his trysts.

    Get over the assumption this is about gay-bashing. When children are involved … things are different.

    • Polly

      I completely agree with the comments from Tired of the America Bashing. I question anyone who is 50 plus years having relations with someone who is 30 years younger. It wouldn’t have been an issue if he would have been dating a man who at least wasn’t in his teens.

      • Scott

        Polly–” completely agree with the comments from Tired of the America Bashing. I question anyone who is 50 plus years having relations with someone who is 30 years younger.” So do you apply this same logic to Donald Trump et. al.?

      • Polly

        Yes, I apply it to anyone. If you are in your 40′s-50′s and seeking partners that are in their teens/early 20′s, there has to be something amiss. If someone is truly seeking a relationship that goes beyond physique/sexuality, they would try to find someone closer to their age. It makes me question anyone’s character whether male or female or perhaps their maturity really.

      • And just what does that have to do with anyone doing their job? Based on your “findings”, clearly we should demand that all CEOs with trophy wives and “new” families be fired immediately, since obviously many of them sought – and found – relationships that clearly went beyond their designated physiques and sexualties.

        We also have to declare a fatwa on Dustin Hoffman for the outrage of divorcing his first wife and then immediately marrying his second wife – who was much taller, better looking, and two decades younger, than he was.

        In the immortal words of Uncle Fester: “We deserve ugly girls!”

      • Polly

        It is just my opinion. If your profession is dealing with children, then your personal life is under scrutiny more so than a CEO of a banking institution. I lost respect for Woody Allen when he did essentially the same. I am fairly certain Kevin Clash knew if any of his personal life were revealed, that he would jeopardize his career, because most people don’t think someone of his age group should be sexually involved with teenagers. If your mother or father decided to hook up with a 17 year-old in their late 40′s, wouldn’t you be a little troubled by that?

  36. Polly

    It surprises me that he would be with someone like that. From the interviews I have seen of him, he seems caring and intelligent. I would think he would choose a partner with some of those same qualities. It bothers me more about him wanting to be with someone who is a criminal and apparently lacks moral character.

    The second accuser, if I were to guess, is an absolute fraud. Out of curiosity, I looked Cecil Singleton up on Facebook and he seems to be a self-absorbed, promiscuous piece of garbage. Actually complaining that Hurricane Sandy is preventing him from getting pizza and getting laid.

    • KTC

      Nobody thinks committing criminal sexual acts against children is OK (well OK, I suppose except for the genuine sociopath pedophiles of the world who don’t so much think it’s OK as lack a conscience and the ability to think anything is OK or not OK), but let’s talk about how old you were when you lost your virginity? The average age for American males is 17. A 16 year old is not exactly a child. They are almost certainly well past puberty, and many states have laws that recognize 16 as the age of consent, i.e. when by law you are recognized as being capable of freely consenting to a sexual act. Of course, adolescents are still much more susceptible to being taken advantage of and being pressured into doing things that they don’t want to do than an adult, and perhaps Clash has been seeking them out for this reason and if so, that’s downright creepy. But if they were entirely consensual relationships, then Fish is right, these accusers are golddigging pieces of garbage that are destroying one of the most genius characters ever created. Any of you talking shit about Elmo clearly have never been around a toddler, because Elmo is a brilliantly relatable character for them that didn’t otherwise exist before Clash created him. Elmo can get a kid under 4 to pay attention and learn something in a way that no other character on the show can.
      But, I also agree in spades with Polly’s point that Clash is clearly quite intelligent and created one of the most genuinely kindhearted characters ever thought up in the whole history of children’s literature and entertainment, and it’s just frankly disappointing that such apparent strengths of character in his creative work apparently did not extend to his personal life. But also, no, Clash is not a public figure that should be judged like a politician, but he did recently make Being Elmo so he’s *not* exactly not put himself out there. Regardless, it really does seem like these accusers are looking for nothing but money and are very unconcerned with justice and that sure does make it look like all road points to them being gold digging trash, and I like Fish for saying so no matter who they are. And finally, for the last friggin time can everyone please shutup about Sesame Street being “publicly funded”. Less than 10% of Sesame’s budget comes from federal funding, and the funding for the entire Corporation for Public Broadcasting accounts for precisely 0.012% of the Federal Budget. If you want to pretend to be concerned about limiting government spending, please go find something else to pick on that is actually worth your time and hasn’t been working its fingers to the bone for 40 years to educate your children because you’re letting conservatives convince you spending money on another ship is more important then their education.

      • Polly

        I wholeheartedly agree about the issues with federal funding for PBS. If I were into conspiracy theories, I’d say Mitt Romney was behind all of this in retaliation! :D Sesame Street had taught me so much as a child, as well as other children’s programs on PBS.

    • Vanessa

      Holy crap – yeah the Facebook page says it all. Thanks for noting that Polly.

  37. O.o

    I saw the documentery last year “Being elmo” with my niece,
    and i cannot believe any of this :-( really is sad his career has to end this tragic over 2 guys who just wonna get some money from him… .

    lets face it that’s all it is, i mean that cecil kid looks all kinds of messed up and the first guy wasn’t alot better either with his 250.000dollar robbery’s…

  38. Kiel

    “…blood in the water”?

    I would think that the shark references would be reserved for the 40-something homosexual pedophile who seeks out young boys and barely legal young men to molest and de-starfish.

    And that is the kind of person that the author of this article holds up as a children’s hero.

    Judge for yourself, but I believe that this article is only further evidence of liberalism being a mental disorder.

  39. JOJO

    Fish is Joe Paterno’ing Elmo

  40. Leila

    This guy is as predictable as ANY old, pathetic hollywood personality who screws barely legal kids because they can–no more, no less. I could give a shit that he is gay, it doesn’t make what he is doing any more [or less] disgusting. That also goes for Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson, Hugh Hefner, and any number of old, gross guys who keep banging chicks younger than their extremely young kids and don’t realize how fucked up it is, or maybe don’t care. But to be fair, if this guy has to go, so do all of his heterosexual compadres doing the same thing and worse every day.

  41. RabbleRouser

    If Kevin Clash had [sexual] relations with these two accusers when they were minors…
    He should go to prison for statutory rape.

    If these [two accusers] were old enough to enlist in the military when they were having sex with Kevin Clash…
    They should go to prison for extortion.

    The question is..
    Did Kevin Clash do what he is being accused of (having sex with minors)?

    It’s that simple.

    Additionally, awesome posting Flynbyu!! :-)

  42. Spinach Dip for the Masses

    So it’s interesting that Fish and many others feel that Kevin Clash is being extorted, yet those same folks can’t wait to bash Michael Jackson who, incidentally, was found “not guilty” on every last one of the 14 charges he was accused of. In a court of law. By a jury.

    He got burned once for doing exactly what Clash did: paying the punk off to make it disappear. Then the second time, he said “Oh hell no” and was exonerated. Yet even after that, he’s still vilified.

    Why is that?

    • Joe

      I’m afraid it will end up the same, no matter what the truth actually is. It is always easier to believe the worst, and the worst sells more paper, so…

  43. Vanessa

    Seriously. Why WHY would you wait 2, 5, or 20 years to come forward?
    Money in those twinkling eyes.

    I think if someone took advantage of me – it would be an immediate calling of the police.

    When I was 17 I lied to a 28 year old guy (who was my boyfriend when my Aunt called to wish me a Happy 18th Birthday and he totally freaked) So what? I’m 38 now, should I find out if he’s worth a shit ton of money and go sue him for emotional distress?

    Hell no.
    This is a waste and a damn shame for Elmo.

  44. Polly

    I believe if he wasn’t wealthy, these young men would not blink an eye about what had happened. If they actually were traumatized by the relations, one would think it would be soon after the abuse and it would be about him facing jail, instead of insane amount of money. In my opinion, Clash was living dangerously by dating these opportunists. He lost a lot because of it.

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