Kevein Federline writes mean stuff on doors

November 15th, 2006 // 159 Comments

The day after Britney Spears filed for divorce, the always ridiculous Kevin Federline used a Sharpie to write a message on the shower door of his dressing room at the House of Blues in Chicago where he performed, saying:

Today I’m a free man
Ladies look out
Fuck a wife
Give me my kids Bitch!

I mean there’s class, and then there’s class. And then there’s this guy, who has so much class he makes the Monopoly man look like a hobo. God forbid K-Fed ever gets a tuxedo, because the world isn’t ready for a man so classy grape juice would actually transform itself into wine for him.

NOTE: This clown has the handwriting of a kindergartner. It’s a wonder he even managed to spell words instead of just drawing a bunch of stars and smiley faces.


  1. frenchtoaststix

    #148: You are still not funny.

  2. mrjohndoe

    Kevin Federline is a fucking loser.

  3. biatcho

    #152, but I’m oh so cute & charming!!
    Now grab that spatula you were taling about earlier & cram it up your cockchute.

  4. Bridget Jonesing

    yes “ladles [sic] look out” – why, because it’s all gravy now?

  5. LoHoHater

    #134- Your was the funniest actually.

  6. BlacKScar

    What a jerk-off!
    Dear[NOT] Kevin, At least act like a real man.
    Poor britney.

  7. You guys got it all wrong. This guy is just revealing his true elf identity. The anagram of his name is DEER ELF IN. And if you if you reverse this message you get:

    “Hctib, sdik ym em evig efiw a kcuf

    enilredef nivek

    tuo kool seidal

    nam eerf a m’I yadot”

    which is Elvish, the archaic language of lore as described by Tolkien. In actuallity K- Fed wrote: “I am the Great and Mighty Elf, Enilredef, I am cool, I am the son of Yadot.”

    You guys are so lame for not realizing that this was a secret message!

  8. A POS

    It is now my lifetime mission to introduce Tom Cruise and Wiggaman to each other. A perfect match of a complete cunt and total prick.

  9. oh, he’s such a meanie!

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