Ke$ha Made a Friend

So, The Jagoff really is going to be in the new Batman

An anonymous reader sent in the above pic of Ke$ha performing at the University of Pittsburgh’s Bigelow Bash last week where apparently she had an admirer gazing down from the Pittsburgh Athletic Association building. Or at least that’s what it looks like (Click here for uncensored version.). I like to believe this guy found himself going, “Hey, look a concert…” in the middle of his daily routine. Otherwise, he was aroused by Ke$ha which I feel ridiculous even typing. Anyway, according to our source, the PAA plans to install tinted windows after the incident which, they have to admit, is a pretty big oversight when you’re building a Secret Masturbating Fortress for the city’s elite.

MEMBER #1: *looks out at traffic* Wait. — Do windows work both ways?
MEMBER #2: Sonofabitch…
MEMBER #1: I’m still not stopping.
MEMBER #2: Me neither, but sonofabitch…

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