Ke$ha Has An Eating Disorder Because Her Producer Called Her A Refrigerator

January 6th, 2014 // 30 Comments
No, Ke$ha, No. Bad.
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Over the weekend, Ke$ha announced she’s checked into rehab for an eating disorder which apparently is the result of her producer Dr. Luke saying she looks like a “fucking refrigerator.” So here’s that while I cross out, “Girl, I want to put cold cuts in you like a Kenmore,” from my list of pickup lines which I could’ve sworn was going to be the one. It rolls right off the tongue. TMZ reports:

Sources directly connected to Ke$ha tell us … it all started when the singer’s “Get Sleazy” tour ended in 2011. She says Luke — who signed Ke$ha to a deal at age 18 — started ragging on her over the extra lbs she had gained in her downtime.
Ke$ha says Luke — a huge producer who has worked with Miley Cyrus and Rihanna — began calling Ke$ha fat and urged her management team to do something about it.
Our sources say Ke$ha complained … during a music video shoot in 2012 Luke told her she “looks like a fucking refrigerator” … and the singer was profoundly affected by it.

Of course, the awkward part about this situation is that Ke$ha actually was looking more attractive than usual which I probably shouldn’t say out loud, but we’re all looking at the same pictures. Am I supposed to insult her? Seriously, what’s the protocol here? Do I hit her on the nose with a newspaper? Spray her with water? Let me into your strange woman world! (I’m dying alone, aren’t I? Fantastic.)

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  1. Weeblo

    I bet she went off her colon cleansing medications and is just backed up

  2. Balls Mcgee

    She went from a fridge to a butterface. You need a good surgeon, not rehab!

  3. JC

    Little did she know, her producer was trying to pay her a compliment, because “looks like a refrigerator” > “looks like Ke$ha.”

  4. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Good job, eating disorder.

  5. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Look, I’m not an expert here, but I do love the female form: this chick can get her legs as toned as she likes, but she’s got no butt or hips. It’s like her mom’s vagina was the square shape of a Play-Doh factory.

    She needs to stop wearing these types of outfits and focus on things that fake curves.

  6. You’d think January Jones would have an eating disorder for all the times people have called her an icebox.

  7. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    I would fill that ‘fridge with all my meat

  8. My friend does stage set-up (not road crew, he helps design the shows.) He said she was nasty, that she pissed in a garbage can, and other assorted icky things.

  9. Sorry, but you have to be a pretty weak-willed person to develop an eating disorder because some dude called you fat. I grew up with an entire school of people calling me fat, and I was actually ‘average’ weight. Get over yourself.

    When you have enough money to hire a nutritionist to choose your food for you, a lackey to go get it, a chef to prepare it, and a personal trainer to help you tone your now properly-fed body, don’t expect sympathy from the masses.

    • I have a feeling people called you ugly in school, but there’s no amount of starvation that can change that, so…

      • Uh, no. They didn’t then and they don’t now. Thanks for the typical ‘oh noes another girl on the internet, better act like we are in some sort of competition because I’m a fucking idiot’ comment though. Sharp.

      • How would I have even known you were a woman? Anyone can be fat, or “average weight.” It’s not exclusive to one gender.


  10. There is no one to blame for an eating disorder other than the person with the problem. But if we are assigning credit for it, I like to think that our comments about her biscuit dough ass played a roll.

  11. Mohawk Disco

    At least singers used to look good if they couldn’t sing. Like Katy Perry. She could be singing about selling lawn mowers in Kentucky while banging a rusty pan. As long as her tits weren’t covered up no one would care. But Kesha?! Hollywood is not even hiding anymore its contempt for the world.

  12. mx3

    i remember seeing bikini pics of her years ago and being like “hollywood is NOT gonna be kind to her”

    and i was right.

    i dont think any amount of diet or excersize can help her. she’s not fat, she just has a shitty body type. and it’s a shame that her industry won’t accept that.

    • It would if she didn’t market it. You actually can be unattractive and succesful if you have genuine talent and you don’t try to market yourself as some sort of skeezy glittered sex mattress. She lacks the former and oozes the latter, though.

  13. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, considering this is what she used to look like (in her mid-twenties no less)…
    I think this guy did her a favor ;-)

  14. RattInnaCage

    Personally, I’d say she looks like a sack of shit . . . now where did all my toilet paper go?

  15. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
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    good from far…..far from good…..

  16. Totally agree. She was looking better. I honestly feel like the whole rail thin thing is more women competing with other women than being pressured by men. I know I’m not interested in a stick figure and most of the guys I know feel the same way. Fucking eat something.

  17. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
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    Considering she went from the beast in that bikini photo to this, she should be shaking that man’s fucking hand. You are forever indebted to him.

  18. Ke$ha Eating Disorder American Music Awards
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    She has obviously had some facial plastic surgery.

  19. She looks better now.

  20. If she were actually talented, her weight wouldnt matter so much.

  21. I kind of like her songs and she looks kind of cute too now.

  22. Swearin

    Anyone else bothered that this guy worked with Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Ke$sha, and how they’re all practically the same? It’s the “young ghetto girl who drinks and gets high and sings about partying and getting wild, etc.” shtick. The only difference is one is black and two have some ballads I’m their discography.

    This guy must be some kind of trashy wizard.

  23. Dr Plaid

    Sometimes talent matters more then looks. See Adele and her multiple Grammys and large bank account. (And yes, her large ass, but who cares? She knows enough not to go out in a bikini.)

  24. kery

    Kesha’s body looks good but she has an eating disorder which is not healthy at all. I hope she’ll be ok soon ;)

  25. I never noticed a damn thing amiss about her body until all this attention was brought to it. But I am glad I have an ass.

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