So Here’s Video of Kesha Denying Dr. Luke Raped Her

So here’s some context for this video, and I’m paraphrasing from Jezebel’s detailed report that ironically wants you to ignore all of this: Early in Kesha’s career, after she and her mother told music manager David Sonenberg that Dr. Luke allegedly raped her, Sonenberg found a way to get Kesha out of her original contract with Dr. Luke and started working on a deal to get her signed by Warner Bros. But it was taking too long, so Kesha and her mom went back to Dr. Luke, the man who had allegedly raped her, and signed a new contract. Sonenberg then sued Kesha and her mom who both testified in a deposition that Dr. Luke never raped Kesha. TMZ reports:

The video, which we obtained by a Luke source who heavily edited snippets of the deposition, shows a very relaxed Kesha denying the allegations she’s now making against Luke.
The video includes snippets from the deposition of Kesha’s mom, in which she also denies being told anything about untoward conduct involving Luke and her daughter.

Obviously, Kesha’s lawyers told TMZ she was coerced, which might be true! I don’t have a vagina, nor am I recording artist, so I have no clue how any of this works. That said, I’m not exactly sure it’s rape culture to look at all of this and have some serious questions about what the fuck is going on because everything is fishy as hell. At best (or worst), Kesha really was raped, and then her own mother encouraged her to use it as a bargaining chip to get a better record deal. And in fairness, we’ve seen how going to the cops works. At worst, she wasn’t raped and is shooting actual rape victims in the foot by using it to get a better record deal. I’m routinely called an “SJW fag” for believing women because I know my own gender are degenerate anuses, but I honestly am hesitant to call this either way. So for once, I’m just presenting the facts. Here are the facts. Fight amongst yourselves, and I’m sure I’ll start immediately siding with Kesha after the first, “Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty, man.” Like goddamn nails on a chalkboard, made of rape.

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Photo: TMZ

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