And Now Back To Kesha Said, Dr. Luke Said

I’m going to start myself off in a hole here, and see how far I can climb myself out or dig myself even deeper as I do. Kesha’s stint in rehab for an “eating disorder” has always seemed sketchy as shit. Especially when her mom checked in with her for “PTSD” which now seems even more suspicious considering she allegedly threatened Dr. Luke over a year ago (Read: pre-rehab) that she would destroy him in the press if he didn’t release the rights to Kesha’s music. TMZ reports:

Kesha’s mom sent Dr. Luke’s lawyer an email a year ago … alleging Luke raped her daughter — but there’s a distinct smell of extortion.
In the email — obtained by TMZ — Pebe Sebert complains that Luke screwed her out of music publishing rights connected to her daughter. She then says:
“We, me and Kesha and her friends, like Lady Gaga, are going to make all of this Really PUBLIC, in the next few days. Luke date raped Kesha when she was 18. Nicky Hilton’s birthday? Paris Hilton’s house? Luke gave Kesha pills. She ended up naked in his hotel room 2 days later. No longer a virgin?”
The email then gives an ultimatum:
“Do we all want this to come out? Either Luke releases Kesha from all legal contracts, and gives me back all my publishing, or we, Kesha and I, tell the truth.”

On top of that, you have Kesha’s own team leaking to TMZ that during her stint in rehab, she “spontaneously” – Their own words. – began to telling doctors about Dr. Luke’s alleged sexual abuse. Doctors who are willing to testify that.. Kesha said words to them?

Sources connected to Kesha’s lawsuit against Luke tell TMZ … when the singer went to rehab in January for an eating disorder, she “spontaneously” began telling doctors stories about Dr. Luke … that he drugged her, sexually abused her and physically assaulted her. The sources say the doctors kept notes that will become evidence in her lawsuit.
The sources say Kesha’s doctors advised her she needed to stay as far away from Dr. Luke as possible and one suggested she might die if she didn’t heed their warning.
As for why Kesha never went to the cops, the sources claim Kesha had a Stockholm-type syndrome … she had been with him for more than 8 years at the time, and she didn’t have “free will.”
As for Dr. Luke, his rep tells TMZ, “That’s preposterous. Just because someone says something to a doctor doesn’t mean they weren’t fabricated or part of an overall pre-planned campaign.”

I really don’t want to seem like some sort of MRA, rape apologist, “mansplainer” because fuck those people. But just like with Farrah Abraham, rape survivors and women in general should probably focus their anger at Kesha and her mom who, even if their allegations are true, seem to be perfectly fine with letting a horrible rape monster roam free as long as they get the rights to her music. On top of that, they’ve just made it harder for real victims to come forward, or turn in child molesters, without being dismissed as gold-digging whores. Team Kesha: Doin’ it for the ladies!

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