Ke$ha Was Forced To Sing ‘Die Young,’ You Guys. They Made Her Do It!

December 19th, 2012 // 39 Comments
Ke$ha Die Young
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Yesterday, we learned that Ke$ha‘s latest single “Die Young” was yanked off the airwaves in light of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary which kind of made sense, I guess, even though the song is clearly about rock n’ roll cliches of partying like you might die tomorrow, leaving a beautiful corpse, yadda yadda yadda, I’m putting way too much thought into a Ke$ha song. Anyway, instead of just leaving it at that and going, “ah, well, shitty timing,” Ke$ha is now claiming she was “forced” to sing the lyrics because her songs are usually so full of life lessons like brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels. She’s practically Sesame Street if Sesame Street was a boxy frog woman with John Travolta‘s face. Via a now-deleted tweet:

i understand. I had my very own issue with ‘die young’ for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.

KE$HA: “Die young?” Nuh uh, no way. I’m not singing this. What if some little kids are senselessly murdered in an elementary school shooting that paralyzes the nation right before Christmas?
PRODUCER: *pulls gun* And what if you’re murdered for not recording this song, making a video of it and performing it in concert for millions of dollars until such an event does happen which we’ll then laugh about because we like it when people get reminded little kids died.
KE$HA: Fine, I’ll do it. You bastards…
PRODUCER: *strokes white cat* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yup, happens all the time.

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  1. Edod

    Ke$ha? So much for leaving a beautiful corpse. She ugly.

  2. Monty83

    I can believe that, these pop stars have illuminati handlers who pull the strings.

    • Nobody here cares- I’ve been trying all year to tell them how fucked up Hollywood & the music industry is. This dumb bitch Ke$ha just laid it all out for us to see- couldn’t be any clearer, yet they still don’t see. Rhianna, Madonna, Gaga, etc all use excessive masonic/satanic symbols, this is what is constantly playing on the radio, for your children, fucking bullshit songs that get stuck in our heads- think for one second about subliminal messages… how can you be sure they haven’t perfected these techniques in videos & movies? I’m so paranoid I wouldn’t even watch this video hehe. Oh well, the media has done such a great job of convincing the world that questioning the actions of politicians & elite in power is simply crazy conspiracy nut talk, there’s just no way to reach everyone in time…None of this matters anyway. I love you guys, take care ok.

      • And all this time I had been blaming it on Lee Harvey Oswald…

      • Namehere

        Lawl. If this elite is so powerful, then we are powerless. If we are doomed, why spend our remaining time worrying about the future. “Let’s make the most of the night, like we’re going to die young.”

      • meh who the fuck said they were powerful? Power is an illusion, but by complying with stupid rules meant to oppress you, and not using critical thinkin- letting them poison your food, water, and air- you are giving them power. So yeah, spiritual enlightment & unity, or let the NWO have their way- your choice.

      • Namehere

        Spirtual enlightment? What are you going to do? Say a couple of quotes from a book of fiction and throw a Bible at them? If the good was compentent enough, then evil would be destroyed. If they are controlling the media, then they are powerful. The media has a powerful impact on our lives and influence how we think wheter you want it to or not.
        “Critical Thinkin’” Yeah, I’m not using it because I’m not intentionally misspelling words. If they poisoned our food and drink, then we all would be extremely sick and dropping like flies.
        If they sacrifice celebrities like people like you say they do, then it’ll be easy to kill off every day people off. I hope you really don’t buy into this stuff. You are coming off as a paranoid third grader right now.

      • Hey, thanks for responding without being a total ass… “thinkin” was an accident, I deleted the ‘g’ apparently when adding the dash, not that this matters lol but it does look stupid…

        Ok spiritual enlightenment does not mean finding Jesus hehe. Religion is a huge indoctrination scam- really if Jesus did come back, how happy would he be to see crosses all over the fucking place?? :P Find your consciousness if that means anything to you. We have been intentionally dumbed down, think what you will of that statement, it’s obvious though. Disease, war, poverty, starvation are rampant in the world, with no signs of improvement. This world really does need to break out of its stupor & unite for the common good, and you know that’s not happening. It seems that discovering who’s been oppressing us our entire lives really opens minds & hearts. By spreading love & knowledge, people can discover the good within, instead of only self-indulgence you know? Yeah “they” are organized, we are not. You’re right about the media- tv, news, movies, video games, top websites are almost all controlled by a very small group of people… and this has a HUGE effect on the way people think & act. I’d like to think that the media is losing credibility, but sometimes I’m not so sure. I even find that when doing research on something, I don’t believe it unless cited by a “credible” news outlet lol- when all the major news sources are controlled propaganda & spin. It’s fucking ridiculous, but honestly many people don’t question it too much…?

        Poisoning food: Search Monsanto & Michael Taylor. Funny because I ask just about everyone I talk to if they’ve heard of GMO’s(yeah I’m a blast at parties:P) & probably 95% of the time they say no.

        Poisoning water: Search sodium fluoride, a neurotoxin, according to TIME magazine, reduces IQ according to Harvard. There is no way to control your daily intake without a LOT of effort, because it’s in your tap water, soda, beer, soups, showers, etc.

        Poisoning air: This will really make me look paranoid :P but do some research on chemtrails & bioengineering. Search “Reuters chemtrails”, check the Wiki leak for ‘contrails’ where they even claim that contrails help with global warming. Watch “what in the world are they spraying”, and look UP, I bet this is happening right now above you. But not everyday, which blows the flight pattern & atmosphere condition arguments out of the water, because myself, and many others, record precise conditions of these days & compare. I don’t care what you believe, but do the research if you’re curious. This is a startling claim right? But everyone just laughs it off without doing one google search, or questioning why the skies look different than they did 20 years ago…

        What should I say about Hollywood/ music industry? Do you really not see the thousands of upside down crosses here? The same symbolism (pyramids, one eye covered, hand gestures, etc) repeated in EVERY crappy, no talent mainstream artist’s videos… How can you not concede on this matter at this point?

        We are still the peasants of the elite, nothing has changed throughout history, they just manipulated us into being slaves without shackles. The secret societies are admitted, the decades of mind-control experiments by the CIA are admitted. We are the only species that pays to eat, drink & live on this planet. What does “free” truly mean? Yes, America is certainly not as bad as other countries with its oppression, thank you so much government for showing us mercy lol… However, they’re poisoning us, shredding the Constitution, increasing the nanny state- and these things should make us concerned for future generations. Yet- these facts are right in front of your face, and you choose to mock me rather than admit it. Why? It will take critical mass to give a fuck, so we can just say “YOLO” and not do anything, or at least TRY- that’s all I’m doing here.

      • holy SHIT that was long, my bad wow :/

      • Namehere

        Yeah, the topic isn’t that important for me to read all that. Good luck in this ‘war’ of yours…

    • GenYgirl

      Wait, wait, wait!! There was Illuminati symbolism in that video!?!?!? Really??? Where was this subtle, subliminal indoctrination?????

  3. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    plumped lips? Bet the back’s still flat though.

  4. Cock Dr

    Poor thing…forced to lip synch while serving as the focus of an on camera writhing sparkle faux orgy.
    It certainly puts all of MY petty problems into perspective.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    - Ke$ha, you’ll do it or else!
    - You can’t threaten me! An artist presents the truth and expands people’s minds through ideas. I won’t corrupt out nation’s youth.
    - FINE! Get me a cow who looks like her. I know a sound editor who can turn belching into an opera… Wait, Is Lady Gaga available?
    - Stop! I’ll do it! I’ll do it!

  6. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    If music doesn’t work out I’m sure there’s a career for her in the NFL.

  7. Tila Tequila


  8. Dick Smokehand

    Not to be overly gross, but I guarantee her pussy smells like garbage.

  9. USDA Prime McBeef

    She wouldn’t have to sing some 45 year old dude’s song for 18 year old sluts if she wrote her own lyrics. Oh right, talent. Yeah, talent.

  10. Mumra

    Her body looks like they opened her skull, scooped all the contents out and then filled the empty cavity up with potatoes.

  11. JC

    “Boxy Frog Woman” is one of B.B. King’s most under-appreciated songs.

  12. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s like Daryl Hannah in “Blade Runner,” except with every good thing removed.

  13. Jade

    Soapbox time:

    Ke$ha is an idiot.

    So is anyone who thinks this song has anything to do with young children being murdered.

    It is about young people living the mantra all young people seem to have: living life to the fullest without worrying about consequences. It is about a girl and a guy getting together.

    It is NOT about going out and murdering innocent little children.

    I can see stations pulling the song out of respect for what happened, but Ke$ha’s statement that she was forced to sing the song that she wrote is absurd. Dumb chick. Why didn’t she just instead say “My song had nothing to do with this in any way, but I fully respect the decision to cease playing it for now”?

    Dumb people.

  14. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    “They MADE ME eat 7-11 burritos ’til I achieved this horrendous figure. It was all THEIR fault!”

  15. Jade

    That was hilarious.
    They need to get a better writer though. It was a little painful.

  16. Why don’t people learn to keep their mouths shut? Just pull the song and STFU. Passing the blame just makes you look pathetic.

  17. GenYgirl

    I’ve never understood people who insist Lady Gaga is a man. I mean, sure, her face is pretty harsh, but she has a very female body. Now Kesha on the other hand…. Kesha could very easily be a man…

  18. They sure as hell still play Pumped Up Kicks. Isn’t the Sandy situation what they were actually talking about?

  19. Burt

    I don’t believe her, even if you couldn’t make me listen to her music even if you put a gun to my head.

  20. Dear Ke$ha.

    No one actually gives two fucks. Go away.

    Everyone with any taste in music.

  21. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, Pris from Blade Runner gone HORRIBLY awry

  22. Stef Nolan

    Except that before that she went on a radio interview to brag about writing the lyrics! What a fucking idiot.

    Maybe Teen Mom Janelle actually wrote it?

  23. Karmah

    I guess someone had a gun to her head *forcing* her to sing

  24. Sakano Anri

    I love how everyone keeps calling Ke$ha an idiot even though she’s probably smarter than everyone on here. Including me. She been accepted by Mensa.

  25. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    I looked like this once after I passed out working on a pastel drawing and woke myself up with a sneeze.

  26. ralph

    she be trash and stupid

  27. Yeah sure…like she could’ve predicted the Newtown shooting was going to happen. Sounds like she’d trying to make up something to keep the heat off her.

  28. Ke$ha No Pants Baby-G Watch Collaboration Launch
    Commented on this photo:

    Did they force her into wearing that hideous outfit?

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