Ke$ha’s in a Bikini Again. I’m Sorry.

March 15th, 2011 // 349 Comments

Because apparently it’s Horrible, Unholy Asses That Should Make You Curse Your Mother For Giving You Eyes Week on The Superficial, here’s Ke$ha in a bikini again which as I recall, is your favorite. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to explain to my grandfather that he wasn’t wearing a blonde wig in Australia this morning despite these photos looking exactly like his naked body. Poor bastard’s beside himself.

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. Ke$ha Bikini
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  2. meganfox

    her stomach is the weirdest part ? WTF

  3. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Okay, I’m 210 pounds with almost no boobs, and on the rare occasion I wear a bikini (rare = when no one else is around) EVEN I LOOK BETTER. I’m so sorry Kesha. But yeah, my self-esteem shoots up tremendously because of her bikini pics.

  4. terry

    Nasty! Just plain, flat out nasty.
    And the sick part is that she’s young. God, just wait 20 more years. Ain’t nobody going to be fucking that shit but some old Jamaican guy. I know cause I live around Jamaicans and some of the men tell me that they like dingy looking white women like that

  5. Ke$ha Bikini
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  6. Blech!

    Ah man, I was just watching an old movie with Helen Hunt and I decided that I would google her only to be really depressed by the most recent pictures that came up. Next, I see this shit. Bitch swallowed a barrel.

  7. Chris

    Yeah. It’s bad. Let’s start with ass implants or something to fix that.

  8. Ke$ha Bikini
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    omg I didn’t realize there were so many shots of her! the thumbnails are hilarious… running, jumping, prancing, frolicking, covering her boobs…. it’s just so sad lol

  9. MeowMix

    Look mom! A UPS box dressed up in a human costume!

  10. Ke$ha Bikini
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    ew…ew…(looks away)….(looks back)….EWWW!!!!

  11. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Looks like a hair free Chewbacca.

  12. Sangriatic

    That’s actually not a bad tuck job, I wonder if he uses duct tape?

  13. Ke$ha Bikini
    Dawn marie
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    Grow the fuck up people….. seriously lets follow every last one of you around and take a bad photo and point all our immature, tiny hearted comments of what we think of you….. seriously, you all must have something better to do??? Oh ya i forgot, you’re the ones NOT getting laid….. so much for putting someone else down to make your own lives seem worthy…. you all should be ashamed….. PERIOD.

    • lala

      get your facts strait, dawn… i get it from my husband daily, so you can shut the hell up. you probably look just like that in a bikini and thats why youre mad.

    • stlrapper

      the only reason I am not getting laid is the last two guys I was seeing didn’t pass STD testing. herpes is amongst us, ppl. at any rate, Kesha is built up horribly. No, it is not her fault. But she should dress for her shape and stop being so obnoxious. Badly built ppl should be super nice to counteract this type of mess

  14. Devon

    I feel bad.. She cant even take a day to the beach without being criticized.. Just because shes famous doesnt mean she has to have the perfect body, if you havent realized more than 70% of the world is obese.. Shes not even at that bad of a weight, everyone should stop beng overdramatic :\.

  15. Ke$ha Bikini
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    oh the horror AHHAHAHHHH!!!!

  16. Ke$ha Bikini
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    guys easy up, she just having some ol’ fun splish splash I’m on take a bath on dat ass

  17. Moose

    Photoshop is a fat bitch’s best friend.

  18. Ke$ha Bikini
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    her body looks like this cuz she was once obese and she lost like 50 pounds but not in a good way at ALL cuz u can see all her horrible flaccid flesh , she is a celebrity and if i had that body and if i were rich i would go into surgery INDEED!! i mean why havent she done that,?? she looks horrible like that!

  19. Ian

    Dude, I’m a guy and I have more of a figure than she does.

  20. Ke$ha Bikini
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    HOLY SHIT! are you kidding me??????? now stop talking your BLAAHH BLAHH BLAAHHH and take some YOUR LOVE IS A DRUG then swing your TIKTOK so you could TAKE IT OFF nice?

  21. madi$on

    Thats ben photoshopped. I’ve seen her in concert in a leotard, I know her body. That has been photoshopped.

  22. Ke$ha Bikini
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    I understand that her body isn’t the best. Probably from drinking so much. But she’s always gonna be hot to me. (:

  23. Ke$ha Bikini
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    no ass, no boobs, no talent…. hmmm. is there a trend going with this chick?

  24. Ke$ha Bikini
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  25. Ke$ha Bikini
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    she needs the belly to run away

  26. ST

    She’s still richer than all of you. lol

  27. Ke$ha Bikini
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    a one piece bathing suit with pushups will fix it all

  28. Ke$ha Bikini
    Ballin Collin
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    sea turtles are coming up to mate.

  29. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Good God, she’s shaped like the barrel chested Superman of the forties……wtf…..

  30. Ke$ha Bikini
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    She has the fucking body of a fifty year old man. Jesus Christ. I feel so bad for her…what happened? This can’t be normal.

    I’ve literally never seen a woman with such an unfortunate body shape…some are fat and have cellulite but god damn atleast they have a waste….

    • GodBlessuALL

      Maybe she has some sort of strange deformity (no offense) that she doesn’t want to talk about?

      Btw lol @ the name of this album ahaha

  31. Ke$ha Bikini
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    real sponge bob

  32. Ke$ha Bikini
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    bad angle. bad everything

  33. kiki

    Reminds me in a weird way of “Starla” from Napolean Dynamite…. I wonder too if Ke$ha’s been into the steroid use.

  34. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Is this really her body?

  35. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Why does she have so many marks on her legs? And why is wearing this bikini that does not help at all in flattering her figure. She needs color and maybe one piece to give her shape some curve.

  36. Ke$ha Bikini
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    There is just so much more you can do to a figure. There are so many better looking bikinis and bathing suits out there & she chooses this one. Shes seems pretty comfortable and confident though so I guess thats all that really matters is how she feels.

  37. Maggie

    You people are horrific. She’s not that fat, she just has a normal body type. Admittedly, that bikini does not suit her, but you don’t have to make fun of her for being normal.

  38. Ke$ha Bikini
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    She puts on weight…in an odd way.

  39. Larry king

    I think she is hot!

  40. Ke$ha Bikini
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    She actually looks kind of decent here.. Can’t tell she’s wearing a black granny panty or rectangular or has awkward man legs….

  41. Ke$ha Bikini
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  42. Ke$ha Bikini
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    In desperate need of strength training. Flabby flat butt, thick waist, no upper body muscle…good lord.

  43. Ke$ha Bikini
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    Tan Mom needs to just stop…No one want to see all that…

  44. Ke$ha Bikini
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    does anyone know where i can find a bikini like this? i really like him. Don’t like ke$ha …

  45. toofunny4words

    I am laughing so hard at these comments I can’t breathe!

  46. Ke$ha Bikini
    Oskr Ito
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    Ke$ha is sexy

  47. Ke$ha Bikini
    Willy Wanker
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    grandma? did you dye your hair blond again?

  48. Stevie

    you are all disgusting human beings. What the hell is wrong with you people?

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