BEST OF 2015: Kerrie McMahon Topless

Welcome to the Holiday Negative Zone between Christmas and New Year’s where not a goddamn thing happens, so we spend the whole week regurgitating the top galleries of the year for you to click the shit out of all over again because you have no willpower. I almost feel bad doing it. But not really.


A lot of you still don’t seem to grasp why we’ve started almost every morning for two years with 138 Water bikini girls, and you even have crackpot conspiracy theories almost us being on their payroll. Except the answer’s staring you right in the face. Boobs. Naked boobs. It’s a concept so pure and simple that for the first time ever, it rocketed Kerrie McMahon to the top post of February, and I couldn’t tell you who she is if you put a gun to my head. Honestly, it’s a miracle I even know her name.

Posted: 2.9.15

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