Kerri Walsh wants AIDS to ‘butt’ out (Don Draper, I just made you look like clown shoes.)

August 15th, 2008 // 57 Comments

Olympic athlete and women’s volleyball competitor Kerri Walsh has wisely decided her ass is a veritable weapon in the fight against HIV/AIDS infection. I want everyone to know I’m “behind” this cause. Hi-OH! But, no, seriously, if I make a donation do I at least get to touch the butt and/or bounce a quarter off it? What if I just sort of run past it and graze it with my hand? I’m willing to post date as many checks as it takes to get this thing done. You know, because I care deeply about whatever it is your cause was again. Sea lions?


  1. P.Powers

    I’m #1 FUCKERS!!!

  2. P.Powers

    THAT’S RIGHT LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY MAX!!!!!

  3. BigSteamyOne

    nice fanny, pinch -pinch

  4. Barak Obama

    I must have rubbed one off every time Kerri was on TV this past week.

    P. Powers, you are an ass-clown.

  5. rough daddy

    oh my! thats thight…what is she selling?

  6. Superficial writer has a silver tongue. Almost as amazing as Kerri Walsh’s ASS.

  7. HelioMobile

    I can’t knock this one down:
    She is the #1 Beach Volleyball player in the world with 110 Straight wins under her belt.

  8. Plobes

    Nice Mad Men reference, SUPERLATIVE FISH!!!

  9. BlackBanana

    Uh-huh, Pete Campbell would be all over those man-hands and ass tat.

    Btw, that ridiculous thing on her wrist is not a ‘bracelet’, it’s a gauntlet.

  10. Roy99

    A “Mad Men” reference. Great way to end the week, man.

  11. Roy99

    A “Mad Men” reference. Great way to end the week, man.

  12. JPRichardson

    Nice pic, but no, Kerry Walsh is unfortunately NOT good looking. She is kind of a humanized giraffe with no boobs, lots of wrinkles, no waist, ugly feet and a huge nose.

    Probably the least attractive athlete there in China right now.


    gaunt·let 1 also gant·let (gôntlt, gänt-)
    1. A protective glove worn with medieval armor.
    2. A protective glove with a flared cuff, used in manual labor, in certain sports, and for driving.
    3. A challenge: throw down the gauntlet; take up the gauntlet.
    4. A dress glove cuffed above the wrist.


  14. Lola

    GOD look at the definition in her back and her muscle tone…. I’d give anything for a boy like hers
    Oh and HA HA… Great “Mad Men” reference… I almost overlooked that… Happy Weekend everyone

  15. Piquet

    Love those grooves just above her ass. Mmmmm!

  16. Ted Mosby

    I’d spike one right between the cheeks.

  17. Stan Fisher

    There is a reason they are showing her back-side:


  18. mimi on her knees

    Won’t someone please help me pray for my Amy?

  19. typical superficial loser

    That’s a nasty looking ass. There’s too much fat and her back is all lumpy. From the backside it looks like a gay guy wearing a speedo

  20. Ted from LA

    Praying for Amy with mimi on her knees. Oh mimi, oh yeah, oh yeah… yes! yes! yes!!

  21. Rick

    Wrong ass. Misty May butt >>> Kerri Walsh butt. That’s why Kerri is always trying to go down on Misty after every point.

  22. Mos

    # 17 – Thanks a lot. Can you please forward me your address so I can send you the bill for my eyes surgery. That chick is skank all over.

  23. G.W. Bush

    Yes, Misty May has a much better ass. Texas-size, yet firm. Didn’t know if I wanted to slap it or bite it….what was I sayin’? Oh yeah, Misty, great butt, great big buttaface. Kinda reminds me of Chelsea Clinton, heh heh heh heh…nah, just kiddin’. More like Condi.

  24. Ted from LA

    Walsh has an ass made for TV and a face made for radio.

  25. Amanda

    Uhm- Grrlplanet threw up this picture ( earlier this week.

    Hate to spoil the Superficial’s fantasies… but she is certifiably lesbian.

  26. Anal Rape Aficianado


  27. Veenus Envy

    #25 – That is why she is facing away from us in the picture.

  28. Toejammn'

    I would like to wear that ass as a hat.Perfect.

  29. pollo loco


  30. 0bservant

    I definately do see her as a homely little shrew …… playground fodder for the school bullys when she was a kid
    But on the other hand …. I also see she has a Fan-Freakin-Tastic ass that every woman who reads this thread would kill for if it didn’t take to much actual exertion to get out of the chair and away from their computer
    – She told me one time she was going to buy a new bikini bra.
    I asked her “Why ? – There would’nt be any *point* in it !! ”

    Just some mild observations

  31. Lana

    Wow. Her back to her small tush – it’s really cute and pleasing to the eyes.

  32. Damn, … I’m speechless. Damn.

  33. oshkoshb'goshdamngosh

    Her face looks like Chloe Sevigny. That being said, I want to put stuff in her anus. Like penis-shaped vegetables.

  34. rough daddy

    if you look close at that ass, when she take off those panties, that ass is going to form into another lovely shape,,,,what a treat!

  35. Dzis

    A gauntlet is a glove, retard.

  36. kevtha

    how could anyone possibly form an opinion on this?

  37. cranky

    I’d gobble a bucket of shit to lick that bunghole

  38. kevtha

    really, cranky? really?

  39. Nya

    lolz, niiiiice ^_^

  40. drew

    What a hot model!She looks like a member of where some hollywood celebrities and supermodels are seeking for love. She is on her way to romances now?

  41. So her mummie can find her?

  42. Pilatunes

    That is an absolutely magnificent ass.

  43. my comment

    Nice rear but she has the face of a Christian missionary.

    Trying to cure AIDS by eyeballing some chick’s butt or wearing a plastic bracelet ain’t going to cut it, sorry.

  44. weirdo

    I’d certainly stick it in her stinky part!

  45. missywissy

    Some of these posts are very disgusting and disturbing, so congrats to the sickos out there. Just stay away from little girls and farm animals.

    I think she has the most beautiful back. I don’t know why most of the fuss is over her bum. Her back is georgous.

    I still don’t understand how this photo is a fight against AIDS, but hopefully it makes people think. But I think most people will just be thinking about this photo.

  46. JJ

    I thought they’d use that angle because it’s the one we’d most recognize. Fab body. Reminds me a bit of Cameron Diaz, only prettier.

  47. weirdo

    missywissy, I think they mean if she lets me put it in her stinky part that she won’t get aids in her pussy!

  48. White girls got no A$$...Why that is?

    Looks like nuthin more than a flat back cracker to me

  49. Erica, Phelps fan!

    She has a very nice body. I love the Olympics, especially swimming. No coverage on Michael Phelps fish? Fuck you then.

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