Kendra’s sex tape won’t ruin her marriage? GTFO.

May 26th, 2010 // 51 Comments

When news first broke that Kendra Wilkinson had a sex tape, her people tried to spin the narrative that it caught her completely by surprise except she’d secretly been brokering the thing for two years. Then the narrative switched to the tape ruining her marriage except, surprise, Hank Baskett knew the whole damn time. RadarOnline reports:

“This happened when she was young. He already knew about this. She told him about this before they got married,” the friend said.
“She was young and was in love with her boyfriend and thought she was going to marry him and it just didn’t turn out that way.”
The friend stressed that Hank loves Kendra and is fully aware about her past.

I don’t want to add a racial component to this and encourage sad sacks of humanity to write “coalburner” in the comments, but at the end of the day, the dude in the video is white and Hank’s black. He probably watched it and kept asking where the guy’s penis was. “That thing? Bitch, when you gonna stop lying? Next you’re gonna tell me your tits aren’t rea- Ho. Lee. Shit.”

NOTE: DrunkenStepfather has an exclusive NSFW clip for anyone who’s into that sort of thing. *looks around* ME!

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  1. chris


  2. arealcad

    She’s into fat, hairy guys with a small package.

  3. Ted

    Yeah they’re not picky, obviously. The only thing black guys get really angry about is paying child support.

  4. Karen

    “She’s into fat, hairy guys with a small package.”

    Hey, all you male Superficial commenters – you’re in luck!!!

  5. Lame

    Sex for money = whore.
    No surprise here.

  6. bitch PLEASE

    When she was young? Of course he isn’t mad at her for being a HO, she was a HO when he MET her, shit he met her AT a HO house….sooo…..

  7. SometimesElla

    Do people really find her attractive? Her face is…I don’t know…like if Avril Lavigne had a child with a pig…

  8. anon

    Has the guy in the video given consent?

  9. gigi

    I thought Hank was mixed…. what’s his mom? latina or italian or something? eh close enough… well kinda mixed then… isn’t everybody at some point tho?

  10. @4 Finally, we had a chance!.

  11. anon

    You mean with Kendra and not you?
    Please god not you.

  12. @11 Kendra is fat now. Who knows if Karen is…

  13. Karen

    Only my cunt is fat my legs are nice and toned and I have a small A-cup.

  14. anon

    #12 Well she said it on the internet so it must be true

  15. Tek

    From a fat hairy white guy, to a wrikled old white fossil, to a black profesional athlete. There’s no saying who Kendra will fuck next.

    And no, Hank doesn’t care. He barely has a career as it is and she’s pretty much the only reason why he’s relevant. This Captain Save-A-Ho = SUCKA.

  16. Cartman

    Hank is half white. His daddy is black and his mama is white.

    So Hank might have a tiny white penis. That should make people who use the term “coalburner” heads spin. Besides, “mudshark” is a more useful term.

  17. @SometimesElla, I think she is fine :)

  18. bar room hero

    * C O A L – B U R N E R *

    of course it won’t ruin her marriage…it was all staged anyway. What a bunch of shit..

  19. Deacon Jones

    Fuck all this noise – the important question is, what is the sex tape clip like?

    One of you fill us poor schlubs in who are at work with corporate firewalls up our ass.

  20. mafme

    She was so much hotter in those videos before she had that work done. I guess plastic work attracts a certain sort of guy and that’s the sort of guy she was after.

  21. @karen Pics or GTFO.

  22. Shes so filthy lol

  23. Betchuhate Jewstoo

    Fish is a racist?

    Who knew?


  24. She sure can pick them.

    First, a fat wolfman. Then a vine-swinger.

    She’s a real winner.

  25. Aww superfish, that’s good news!

  26. cc

    Who the fuck would marry one of Hef’s exes? The basically spent a couple of years sucking some shrivelled old cock in exchange for room and board. Blech.

  27. 2for2true

    Don’t go to Drunken Stepfather unless you want to load your PC up with viruses.

  28. chris

    blacks will marry any white girl, fat, skinny, trailer trash, you name it jsut as long as they are white. when they go black, I’ll never go back

  29. Mike

    Hank is just glad to have a white women. She can screw any man she wants he will still stay with her. Black men are desperate as hell.

  30. Iloveheidi

    I think they are just the same caliber of person. Plus Kendra didn’t have a father figure so she’s not quick to divorce. I hope Hank’ll be an easy going guy and forgive her.

  31. TiM

    Who would marry a mudshark?? That is the question.

  32. GarethB

    Her fake smile makes me want to kick a bag of puppies.

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  35. thank you for sharing ! hope see more here !

  36. Amber

    Hank seems like a really nice guy, i can’t believe he would marry not just date a ho like this and forgive her for

    1. fucking many men, on tape
    2. fucking an old man for money

  37. captain america

    …….she is married?
    TO WHAT, folks?

  38. captain america

    ………………….a PIMP?

  39. What mother? Latino or Italian or something? EH close enough … barber and then mixed with … Not everyone at some point tho?

  40. yeah right!

    Kendra loves pimps, first Hef and now Hank. She can’t be alone or else she will go back to her drugging and ho’ing. The baby was an due to unprotected sex. Nonetheless, very cute and she is marry now. Hank is a good guy, but I’m not fool, famewhore too, or else why do the show? just to show off their ‘trashtastic’ lifestyle.

    You will see, now that she has $$$ she will have a make-over, lipo, stretchmark lasered, and her nose and she will turn into a ‘Kardashian/Hilton type.’ This is just the beginning! Soon enough she will tired of Hank and hit the ho stroll.

    The end is never good for these Playboy types, just look at Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole. sad, sad, sad, they just stay on the Ho stroll forever! Hef is evil!!!!!!!

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  42. frankiestage

    This marriage … is not gonna happen.

  43. nash

    just saw the tape, definiately better than kardashians n hiltons, there no shit cameraman looking at every where but the woman, plus the sex is hardcore, he doesnt really fuck her, she fucks him like an animal. i wish i new wtf happend in the last minute when she jumps off.

  44. frankiestage

    Oops…meant to say the marriage … is not gonna last.

  45. deb

    kENDRA, you know about this before you were going out with Hank,your x poled this fast one,Hank married you for who you are.He know that you were a play mate. So, Hank is right don’t let them get the best of you,keep living your life,you have a kid,husband, and what does your x have tapes,because he wants to be in the picture, Let him be in the picture.He wants fame….money,and destory so he could feel better about his self. Fight for what you believe in,don’t let something good go.Think about it. Who is going to come out of this whole thing..You or X?

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