Kendra’s sex tape is probably a gang bang. Of course.

Kendra Wilkinson’s upcoming sex tape that she claims will “embarrass her” despite trying to release the thing herself apparently features “multiple partners,” according to RadarOnline:

New documents uncovered by show that not only were there multiple sex tapes, as we exclusively reported, but also multiple partners!
And while Kendra has threatened to sue if the tapes are released she has not returned requests for comment about her attempts to secretly sell the tapes and the company she formed in November, 2008 to do so.
While attempting to sell the tapes in 2008 Kendra was already with Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Hank Baskett, who is now her husband. She needed the approval of Playboy’s Hugh Heffner to go through with the deal, as she was starring in her final season of The Girls Next Door.

I’m going to save everyone a lot of trouble and make of list of things not in Kendra’s sex tapes:

1. Real, live unicorns.
2. JFK.
3. Condoms.

Wow, that went fast. *looks at watch* So… how ’bout this weather?