Kendra’s Kid is Screwed

June 11th, 2010 // 62 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson apparently told Ryan Seacrest her sex tape is going to be “learning tool” for little Hank IV. Make sure you reread that: Infant son and sex tape. That’s not fucked up at all. Popeater reports:

“Now that this happened, it hurts, but I know it’s going to make me and Hank better parents. It’s really going to make us teach our child what’s right and wrong in this world. We’re going to make sure our son is raised with a good head on his shoulders, a person that has morals, that treats women with respect.”

Hmm, I wonder if that wrong part will include pretending you didn’t sell your own sex tape for a chunk of the profits. Anyway, several parenting outlets and child therapists are already flipping out over what has to be the most retarded thing they’ve ever heard in their entire career. Here’s just a few responses:

“To justify the tape in this way, however, will teach him that he is not accountable for his actions and to make excuses for bad decisions.” – Cecelia Mecca, PhD., Cool Baby Kid.
“I think sometimes things are better left not talked about. Son and sex tape in the same sentence is one of those times.” – Christina Coppa,
“When her son grows up, if anyone remembers the sex tape, or if he finds stacks of them in the garage, he will be psychologically damaged by seeing his mother performing sex acts.”
– Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Yes. Everything that last chick just said. If I saw my mother getting Baby Ruth’d by Sloth from The Goonies, it’d take no less than three SWAT teams to stop from me shooting a rifle off an overpass. Shit, just thinking about it makes me incapable of a committed relationship and now I have to start frequenting hookers. Look what you did, Kendra.

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  1. Cardinal Fang

    I hate her fakey little smile

  2. Crabby Old Guy

    No, that makes sense. Every little boy wants to see his mommy sucking the cock of some guy who isn’t their daddy. Maybe she’s trot it out for the wee tot for his birthday party next year. Ooh – better yet – wait until he’s 10 and has all his friend over. Beat the Hell out of some guy dressed up like Bozo.

    Who wants cake and ice cream?

    • PJ

      You prople are freakin idiots, including the writer. She meant for her experience of making a sex tape as something BAD, and for him to learn from her humiliation. NOT to do as she did. She did not mean SHOW the kid, grow up morons, with a sick fantasy.

  3. Anon

    Whenever a woman talks about teaching her son to respect women you know she doesn’t know how to.

  4. Dank

    My god Fish are you drunk? You made four typos in that post alone. Put down the booze for a few.

  5. Someone tell me why she was allowed to breed? In fact someone tell me why her parents were allowed to breed. Someone needs to take this kid away. Someone that doesn’t even know a stamp goes on a piece of mail really has nothing to offer as a parent. Doesn’t say anything for Hank Baskett either wanting to marry this dimwitted whore.

    Kendra, I needed years of therapy when I caught my parents doing the Nasty. Your child does not want to see that either. Again, someone needs to take this kid and put them in a good home.

    • Maybe she’ll get really addicted to Plastics surgery and when the kid does find it he wont recognise it’s her.
      But what a blow to her ego if that does happen and he doesn’t want to fap to it because he doesn’t find her that attractive.

      Remember I’m talking about her ego. Not the ego of a normal person.

    • Jon

      I don’t understand why there is so much trouble in society to have a car license, and yet it is so easy to be a dumbfuck and raise a child, whether you are qualified to or not.

      • PJ

        You have a drivers licence, not a car licence, idiot. How nice for you to be so perfect…….never screwed up in life, as in your english as a 2nd language little rant????

    • pookiewookie

      Totally agree

  6. Alex

    I don’t think the kid is necessarily screwed. I saws my mommy’s sex tape with a retarded gorilla, and I grew up perfectly murder hookers.

  7. Typical

    What a typical American whore:

    Make a sex tape —> check
    pose nude —> check
    screw a geezer for money and fame —> check
    screw a dumb savage black —> check
    stupid —> check
    slutty —> check
    ugly —> check
    classless —> check

    What a walking advertisement for the disgrace that is the American female. This is how all of foreigners see you pathetic women. In contrast, we are seen as the height of female evolution. We are sexy, innocent, modest, smart, have high standards, and self-respect, and skinny, have nice hair, and very success. You are losers. Go sex old guys and blacks and mexicans. Leave the worthy smart and successful men to those who are able to attract them.

  8. FrankNfrtr

    Prostitute – a person who has sex for money or material gain.
    She is smiling because of all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    No shame. And why not? She had sex & was dumb/vain enough to record it. Kendra is an obvious exhibitionist. Now she’s achieved a little (cough) celebrity & all she can think of is cashing in.
    The million dollar question is – will she make another one when all the money is spent & no one knows her name anymore.
    Choose a nicer looking co star next time, & spend some money on production values. Thank U!

    • Jon

      Anyone who defends Kendra deservers a hate crime.

    • Jay Jeffries

      Yup; she’s a whore. No judgement, no morals, no ethics, no scruples, no brains, no kidding. I’d love to hear her try to explain to her son how she sold a tape of her getting doggy styled for money, and how “that’s not a bad thing”. The amount of money required to pay for the therapy her little boy will need (knowing mom likes to make tapes of her giving blowjobs & getting cornholed) will exceed the amount of money this attention whoring money grubbing gold-digging whore will make off these tapes.

      What I don’t understand is how her husband can stand the sight of her. He makes a ton of money; they don’t need it to live on. And, he can get pretty much any woman he wants; I don’t know why he settled for this skanky slut. If my wife decided to prove to the world that she’s a leg spread whore & lied to everyone about “there’s no tape”, then “it wasn’t meant to be distributed”, then “it’s being released without my OK” (which is a complete lie; everyone must sign off on it to be released), I’d kick her lying disgusting whore ass to the curb so fast her head would spin…

  9. Yeah, her kid will learn that mommy is a whore.

  10. Savalas

    A teaching tool? As in a tool to teach him how his mother came to be known as a worthless crusty cum dumpster.

    • bar room hero

      I always thought she looked like trailer-trash…along with the other two on that insipid show…

      I still remember when she had a ‘grille’ made for her ‘teef’, seriously how fucking ghetto can you get???

      • Jon (different Jon too lol)

        Haha I saw about 3 episodes of that silly show and that was one of them. Made a really good impression, I can’t believe I didn’t keep watching and buy the DVD set!

  11. His parents must be so proud of HANKIE’S new wife! Oh, and just wait until LITTLE HANKIE gets older…… CRAPPY it will be for him….SO SO SAD

  12. bar room hero

    * C O A L – B U R N E R *

  13. schnib

    Eating ice cream is not the way to lose that baby weight either

  14. uhavskeletons2

    Leave her alone and let her move on. Focus on what Sandra Bullock said – Gulf War and other real issues. Put some of your energy into that.

    • FrankNfrtr

      Please note the name of the website you have stumbled into.
      We’re here to get away from all that serious shit & snark on useless celebrities & the fame whore wanna be’s.
      Oh, & some are looking for material to masturbate to.
      Happy Fryday!

  15. gunther

    *om nom nom nom*
    How do this little piggy sell workout DVDs while her fat ass is strolling around eating ice cream? She gained like 50lbs to shit out an 8 pound kid. And she’s got 42 left to go.

    And WTF plasticky POS stroller? Didn’t she marry an NFL guy? Didn’t she get any dough from that walking dead guy?

  16. RtSS
    Commented on this photo:

    KW: I don’t know why I can’t shed this baby weight. I’ve been doing my 30 seconds of walking a day. Snarfle, gobble, slurp… I need another ice cream cone, and this time I want a triple scoop.

  17. captain america

    ……..we all knew before it was born.

  18. It looks like as if her child is resembles her mother in her nature….
    Pure Cleanse

  19. Dallasun

    Hallo, would you like to buy some of my rice and forged products?

    This girl look very good pay 10 dolla, very good very good.

    Here is some products to buy so that I can have a job to buy some Kendra DVD boxsets.

  20. Longrod VonHugendong
    Commented on this photo:

    I cream cone, no kidding

  21. Kate

    The kid is gonna end up like Joran vander floot

  22. crackatowa
    Commented on this photo:


  23. Angry Dude

    My god…if only my mother……never mind……mmmmm….nippples

  24. Gary B

    Kendra is showing most if not all all the Sex Tape Stages.

    First there is SHOCK. “How could this happen?”

    DENIAL (It’s not me or the R. Kelly “I swear she is 18″ defense)

    ACCEPTANCE, otherwise known as How can I Profit from this?

    SHAME – I am so sorry, but I was young and stupid.

    DELUSION – KENDRA’s I’ll use this as a teaching too for my kid. “The tape has definitely brought Hank and I closer together, made us more of a team, like, ‘Let’s put our vest on, let’s get out there, let’s fight!. Reality she will probably end up divorced in 5 years because of this mess.

  25. RtSS

    Waaaa, waaaa, why can’t I lose all this baby weight. I’ve been working so hard to drop the lbs. on the stripper pole, and all my tough appearances. Oh, woe is me, I haven’t dropped a pound. Please give me another ice cream cone, and make this one a triple scoop, the one I just ate went down too fast. Gulp, slurp, glug, snarfle… Kendra, one word .

  26. adrianne
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s awesome, and beautiful!!

  27. nikki

    you people are all fucking stupid, she made a sex tape before she became famous!!! so what!! everybody makes mistakes she was young and in love get over it!! she is still a humen-being and is not perfect and that dont make her slutty or anything like that in any way most of you are just fucking jealous and immature!!! get over it!!!

  28. jesss

    she loves her son apparently and her husband now so just because she made a sex tape doesnt make her a bad mother and the best place for her son is with her in her home!!! reading some of these comments makes me so mad that half of you probably watched the tape then talked shit on her!!! she is a great mom and put all of her playmate shit behind her and moved on with her life and all of you need to do the same!

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