Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Cover

May 18th, 2010 // 54 Comments

Here’s the cover to Kendra Wilkinson’s upcoming sex tape Kendra Exposed that she entirely orchestrated the release of. Which is now even more obvious because it plugs her reality show right on the goddamn cover. At this point, I’ll be amazed if Kendra didn’t do a Director’s Commentary and/or personally introduced the blooper reel. “I think you guys are gonna get a real ‘bang’ out of these. Hyuck yuck yuck yuck.

Photo: Vivid

  1. lol

    haha, nice

  2. stinky mcpoop

    Something her kid can take to show & tell. Hell, he can promote the movie too

  3. Charlie Caligula

    Anal or not?

  4. bar room hero

    It should have * C O A L – B U R N E R * on there somewhere.

    This was SO planned, what a slag…

  5. elephantman

    she’s gross, even I, pervert that i am, will not purchase this movie, i did get the shawna sands movie, not bad, but kendra, eeesh! besides she probably needs the money. GROSS! WHORE! NIGGER LOVER!

  6. Deacon Jones



  7. BitemeBitche$

    No telling what’s on there. Any bitch that would toss that old Hef’s salad WOULD DO MOST ANYTHING. I hope I get to see her suck a big fat dick til it squirts all over her!! Lick it up sweetie!

  8. Jen

    i cant believe she is releasing after she is married and has a kid. WTF

  9. Jen

    now that i read the comment above mine, i actually can believe it.

  10. Nicole

    elephantman… Feel free to have all of your comments, they are your opinion. But also feel free to leave out the “N” word. That’s completely unacceptable (even for a “whitey” girl like me)!!!!

  11. pimp

    hey jen & nicole, wanna make a sex tape?

  12. The Bus that will run her over if she does

    100 dollars say she annoyling talks while having sex.

    R.I.P. DIO

  13. Cuntdra, I hope you have a pre-nup with Hank. Can’t imagine he’s too pleased with your whorish escapades.

  14. Hank

    Shiiiiiiieeeet, I don’t care. I’m gonna pimp this bizatch out like ICE T pimps his bitch Coco.

  15. Hank

    Shiiiiieeet = golly (for you whitey’s)

  16. Danklin24

    The people distributing it make up the cover, she doesnt. They just take random pics of her to make the cover.

  17. Danklin24

    Elephantman if you think Shauna Sands is hotter than Kendra you just lost your straight card. Please step into the line marked with a rainbow and unicorn.

  18. DJ Ness

    more like…”Hyuk, yuk yuk… *SNORT*”

  19. Uh oh

    Is she like 12 in that video? Or is she really aging that quickly.

    And yeah, Hank didn’t know he was marrying a skank. Are you kidding?




  21. yes indeed

    i’m sure Hank is shocked.he is probably wondering how this happened?

    this marriage will surely suffer.

    in the mean time, Hank is watching Kendra, lick his sons’ tiny balls, while he jerking off on her ass.

  22. Tek

    Eh… judging by the cover it looks like there’s gonna be a whole lotta nothing going on. I’ll still check it out. Kendra does look like the anal-liking type, but she negotiated this with Vivid so if she did any it’ll be edited out.

    @Elephantman, not only are you ignorant as shit, but nothing makes that more obvious than you saying you’d rather watch Shauna Sand instead of Kendra. Talk about gross…

  23. Apostate

    Kendra’s input for the cover artwork-and I use that VERY loosely-would put any child under the age of five to shame.

  24. K&HBFF

    elphantman, your comment is sick and nasty. You must be a very unhappy, loser to say such sick things about some one you don’t even know. your right when you clled yourself Perverted! For all the other nasty cmments on here. I know Kendra and Hank and you could’t find a nicer, more likable couple. who love eachother more than anything. And Now that they have little kank jr. well their both over the moom for this little man. Kendra has done things that she is very disappointed in her choice of actions and is very sorry. She was very young and mis-guided by others that lead to this bad choice. She is sorry to anyone that is offended and asks that you please try and understand the business and company that she was associated with at the time. FYI
    They will not split over this. Their marriage is stronger tha ever. All the garbage that you are hearing and reading is just that… GARBAGE! none of it is true. The rag maz’s need somethin to sell their maz’s this month as it’s been a very slow month for celeb’s news.

  25. Master Spook

    Sanra Bulok……? From KeNdA.

  26. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’ll be busy this week for a couple of days.Just keep a close eye on my bitches for me…

  27. Master Spook

    Yes Master.I will.

  28. Rhialto

    License to peek?

  29. This was SO planned, what a slag…

  30. stu

    who the f*ck cares if she ochestrated the sale of it. i want to see her f*cking!

  31. nar

    poor hank :(… he is so a nice guy

  32. phifli

    Just say no to coalburning!

  33. Jeff

    i will bet my house that shes fuckin a black guy in this, god damnit, stay away from our women!

  34. The rag maz’s need somethin to sell their maz’s this month as it’s been a very slow month for celeb’s news.

  35. She beautiful, sexy, you need, I need

  36. Bellatrix

    Kendra has definitely signed off on the sale of this DVD and will be actively promoting it – if she didn’t plan on doing so Vivid would never have been able to mention both the TV shows she was on as well as use that large pic of her.
    Ever seen the Paris s*x tape cover? All the photos are from the vid! Not one image is of Paris posing for paparazzi etc.
    That image was specifically picked and Kendra signed off on it.

    Side Note: My God – that pic not from the vid makes her look like one of those Asian sex robot dolls. Ever seen the movie Serenity? Kendra looks identical to Mr Universe’s robot wife!!!

  37. captain america

    on the other hand: KENDRA WILL BE A SMART LESBIAN, folks.

  38. Jeff u can keep your women their TRICKS anyway. Hank should have known better. You cant turn a WHORE into a housewife.

  39. bmose

    How can anybody keep it up when she does that stupid laugh?

  40. PostmortemG

    The fact that I´m currently living in Chile, in an area literally surrounded by whorehouses, makes this ´news´ absolutely null and void. Seriously, kids… if you read nudie mags, you might as well masturbate to porn, in which case you might as well solicit prostitution, in which case you might as well kill people, in which case you might as well kill yourselves. Porno culture is so fucking boring.

  41. kayla

    shes just an person and nobody needs to talk about shit like this stay out of my life and you would never here about this f@#$ them papparazi ppl!!!!!!!!

  42. kayla

    im just an person and nobody needs to talk about shit like this stay out of my life and you would never here about this f@#$ them papparazi ppl!!!!!!!!

  43. kayla

    im just an person and nobody needs to talk about shit like this stay out of my life and you would never here about this f@#$ them papparazi ppl!!!!!!!!

  44. haha



  45. That is gross, I also that I’m tainted, will not buy this movie, I found Shawna Sands film is not bad, but the center, eeesh! Also he might need money. Gross! Whore! Nigger lover!

  46. LOL

    Blond… :D

  47. ilovy from kosova kendra

  48. ddzxgdr


  49. saa1951

    Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape! Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Exposed! Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape video!

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