Kendra Wilkinson’s breasts and a midget. True story.

April 16th, 2009 // 43 Comments

Here’s Kendra Wilkinson doing God-knows-what at the Santa Monica pier yesterday with Wee-Man. I’m inclined to think these pics were staged, but then again, who doesn’t always have a midget handy? Shit, I keep one on me 24/7. *looks in pocket* Not again.. Anyone know where I can find the world’s tiniest shower curtain? No reason.

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  1. Jamie Foxx

    “midget” is a derogatory term. As Kendra knows very well, they prefer to be called “scaled-to-white-penis-size” people.

  2. Zee Brat

    Kendra fucking rocks.

  3. Richard McBeef

    Face is jacked, tits are nice. meh, i’d fuck her with wee-man’s wee.

  4. Jrz

    Her husband-to-be must feel such love for her when he sees these.

  5. Jackson

    Dunno…she tries really really really hard, but she still seems whiter than white to me. Besides, it’s only fun when you see the shocked look on a prissy miss-manners white girl’s face when you first stick your blacksnake in (halfway, you don’t want her to pass out before she can get used to it).

  6. bloodyknows

    there are at the world powersliding championships. powersliding is this gay sport where people slide on their stomachs down rails and lame shit like that.

  7. Randal

    Kendra is a beautiful actress and model who has created quite the name for herself in the entertainment industry. She has an excellent touch for writing football commentary, as seen on the blog of the Philadelphia Eagles. Smarts and good looks make a deadly combination.


  8. Britney

    Call me when they hold the world powersnailtrailing championship!

  9. AtomicCoffee

    That’s no midget! That’s Wee Man, Jackass!

  10. hefner

    Damn. Did she see something resembling a stripper pole and get the urge all over again? At least her breasts will keep her from falling off of those railings. Hmmm, pipes that fit well between her chest. Amazing!

  11. I keep my midget in my vagina.

  12. I keep my midget in my vagina.

  13. C. Everett Koop

    “Smarts and good looks make a deadly combination.”

    Actually in the age of AIDS I’d say sluttiness and a preference for black men is a deadly combination.

  14. Richard McBeef

    @9 – idiot much?

  15. Sooo is that a midget in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  16. meh

    she is not gonna age well.

  17. Kelley

    Holy blatant plastic tits, Batman !!!

  18. did she get them things even bigger than before?

  19. Where’s Jimbo and Veggi? It’s my day off!!

    Shut up…..

  20. Jrz

    She looks too much like Denise Richards for my comfort zone.

  21. el ces

    I want her. Mmm mmm.

  22. Anthony

    I’ve no desire to penetrate a whore that’s been soiled with the semen of lower simians.

  23. Rossco

    Just did a quick search, and there are pictures with Wee-Man from this “shoot” on her Myspace

  24. Apes In the White House

    I’m so terrified of the Blacks! I know they all want to rape my wife and take my stuff, I can tell even though I don’t actually know any black people. All I know is GOD told me that I’m special and that black people are lower than me. But why, GOD, can’t I stop thinking about them??? It’s a good thing I have so much free time to post here, being an unemployed retard who blames Obama for my situation. Oops, time to change to another name so people will think there are dozens of us hate-filled knobs.

  25. #7 – if she a model, then why the fat ass in picture #7?

    #24 – it is because ALL black men have very very large penises which your daughter can’t resist. Don’t worry, she’ll still marry a nice short-dick whiteman.

  26. Max Planck

    So THAT”S why cleavage goes up and down instead of across.

  27. AdoraNightshade

    Look at the fourth picture, her boobs are so fake.
    What a turn off.

  28. Christina

    24# you are spot on.

  29. Rhialto

    Holy crap! What’s this all about?

  30. Darth

    Any sextape of these two available?

  31. heide

    man, if i take of my clothes will someone give me a camera to pose so pretty like her… She looks kinda she has some kind of syndrome going on.. minus all the fake plastic surgery she has gotten done. BARF

  32. AMO

    Jackson: You’re crackin my shit up!

  33. StopIt

    LITTLE PERSON, not “midget”. Thank you. It’s like saying “n****” to a black person.

  34. be confident: THIS KIND OF “RUBBISH” WOM’T BE SEEN IN EUROPE, folks!!

  35. Charlie Caligula

    I bet she gets her ass kicked during sex.

  36. This man is clearly a dwarf – midgets look like kids, dwarves look like adults who have fallen into a car press.

  37. Tom K

    I know her fiancé NFL football player Hank Baskett must so proud of this little whore.
    I wonder what he thinks when he sees pictures like this?

    He probably thinks , “Damn yo I’m the luckiest fuckin guy in the world yo, that’s my boo up there on those poles with that midget, she so classy yo.”

    So fucking hilarious!!! lol

  38. Donkey Dong



    That is all.

  39. Are they orginal?

  40. errr...

    Does anyone else think she looks like Elizabeth Berkley of “Showgirls” fame?
    oh, wait- I guess it should be Showgirls “fame”…

  41. me

    i really like those louboutins she’s wearing…

  42. Jason

    wee man is a mark ass busta….kendra is a hoe!!

  43. Kendra is a beautiful actress who has created quite a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has excellent touch football writing commentary, as you can see Blog Philadelphia Eagles.

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