Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Shower

September 10th, 2009 // 85 Comments

Former Hugh Hefner prisoner Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt threw a surprise baby shower for Kendra Wilkinson last night because that’s what you do after fondling old man balls together. And this thing had everything! Retardedly huge prego boobs, Holly Madison eating a pickle and, of course, Grandpa Death. Does he want a handjob, or a bowl of prunes? It’s anybody’s guess.


  1. sixpack

    Please fade into obscurity. You banged Hef and were on TV for 15 minutes. Then you got knocked up by an NFL player. W O W.

  2. wtf

    and take your annoying ass laugh w/you

  3. abacus

    She should make certain to home school her kid.

  4. Gemma

    How can she breast feed with those implants?

  5. gokendra

    she is fucking awesome – she’s funny and hot and loves sports…
    yes her laugh is so annoying you want to pull your hair out – but it’s better than her putting some bullshit airhead laugh on!
    glad you can count 15 minutes – she did 5 seasons of the girls next door u moron!

  6. Dirk Diggler

    She may have had 5 seasons worth of TV, but only 15 minutes of it had any entertainment value.

  7. Max Planck

    Animal husbandry.

  8. Jail

    Who is more of a moron? The person who can’t count or the person who knows she was on that stupid show for 5 seasons? And, sorry, but her laugh is the epitome of “bullshit airhead laugh”.

  9. Inmate #2648927

    5 Seasons? Thank god for the mute button.

  10. Lord Vashti

    nice breasts

  11. tim

    OH MY HOT F’ING TITS. Thank you for the pics, now I can go to bed happy tonight.

  12. OH DEAR GOD. I think if I drank a glass of milk right now the force of my ejaculation would blow a hole in the wall.

  13. Oh- and why is a playboy model apparently banging a woolly mammoth in a giant diaper and neck brace? I suppose it was the next step after screwing a fossil.

  14. FACE

    What a white trash sweathog. Yet another worthless white whore who is made famous by the corrupt and racist media – including this bullshit whiteboy site.

  15. ROUGH daddy

    Nothing says hip cat then having your pants under your chest Hef…

  16. Albert Einstein

    She has large, round, soft breasts.

    Silicone may be man’s greatest invention ever.

  17. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Is that the face Holly makes when she is putting the tube in her mouth?

  18. Skeeter McPeeter

    Can we PLEASE move on from this race traitor bubblehead? Does everything she does have to be covered here? What next a headline of “Kendra Wilkinson sucks hubby’s big black horse cock again”?

  19. Dread not

    When Kendra’s water breaks, run for the hills! It’s a sign of something, and it ain’t good. It’s a portent that the movie, Idiocracy is real!

  20. I don’t think it was a surprise. She tweeted about it before it happened:
    “Soo excited for my baby shower today!! Cant wait to see what @bunnybridget has planned..cupcakes n pickles please??? lol”

  21. KIKI

    @ 21 Connie, do you really read this dumb ass skank’s tweets? Kudos to you!

  22. mel

    @4- It really makes no difference. Look at the anatomy of a breast, you will then understand.

    Also, her boobs almost look real now.

  23. Jammy

    I thought it was chelsea handler

  24. Name No

    The babe behind her looks like the dude from Wallace and Gromit.

  25. bobby_da_Perv

    wow I would like to suck on those massive titties

  26. Brownie

    yeah I am sure the child will look just lovely all mixed up with two subspecies. of course our media pushed this hard – way to subvert the white race and reduce it to a noncultural powerless nonentity. I am sure media owners are proud aren’t they?

  27. Solaera

    WTF is up with Bridget’s Little Bo Peep hairdo? Christ almighty granny you’re a bit old for that look.

  28. Jesse Jackson

    Holy shit….her tits are bigger than her head, but unlike her head, those titties aren’t empty. Milk n silicone, the breakfast of champions. Mmmm….

  29. Reality Check

    #18 & 26 Her husband Hank Baskett has a WHITE mother.

    Change your names to Summer’s Eve and Massengill because you’re both DOUCHEBAG BIGOTS.


    Please do the world a favor and eliminate yourself from the human race and gene pool.

  30. Light colored person

    #29 please do me a favor and stop polluting the atmosphere by breathing. The mere thought that I may have an atom that had once been exhaled from your vile stenching carcass is nauseating.
    It seems insane to think that a person is incapable of finding a mate of their own kind. And the children of these two morons will assuredly be ugly. There. I said it.

  31. Pino Colada

    Forget her . Lets see pictures of Julai Velotas .

  32. brianna

    y is she so fat

  33. phineas q.

    The most surprising thing to me is seeing hugh hefner wearing something that isn’t a robe. Well, that and he’s standing up.

  34. HUH?

    Am I missing some back history here? Why all the racial slams at her and her presumably black BF? Someone clue me in, please….

  35. cross

    Damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her tits r soooooo big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i got wood just lookin 4 a sec.

  36. GM

    yeah. shes a fucking idiot, but i would bone the shit outta her in her current state.
    Maybe minus the bulge in the tummy thou.

  37. jp

    When she gives birth to a little gorilla that has a weird laugh, we can all rejoice.

  38. Julia

    she certainly is plumping up nicely

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  41. She looks like a retahhhd.

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  44. Karri

    question… how do pregnant women dye/bleach their hair?
    isn’t it harmful to the baby?

  45. UPinYA

    Big like a pickle still gettin’ paid!

  46. This girl looks just like a dyke named Dawn from Locust Valley, New York

  47. MRFL01

    Go easy on Hugh he’s a living legend, the Master Pimp living the American dream. Rock on Hugh do your thing.

  48. johnny

    dude, her head is HUGE!! wtf? does that usually happen during pregnancy?

  49. Thats pathetic

    Can you imagine how screwed up her child(ren) will be when they find out mommy fucked an 80 yr old corpse, while in her 20′s.

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