Kendra Wilkinson works the pole

Kendra Wilkinson took to her blog this morning to share her newfound love of the pole:

ive definitely hit the pole a time or two just for fun but wanted to learn the best ways to use it to get my body in smokin shape and look hottttt while doing it. i decided to take a professional lesson and had fitness instructor Estee Zakar come to my house to show me how to swing like a pro! its one of those things that people think they could never do but its a LOT easier than it looks…TRUST ME!!!!
this is one of the best ways to work out and at the same time get your significant other worked up…just ask hank lolololol.
tomorrow ill post a video from my lesson so you can get some pointers on how to master the pole!!!

Anybody read all that? Me either. Now what’s a guy gotta do to get a lap dance around here? Seriously, I’ve been waving a fistful of ones at the monitor for 15 minutes hoping Kendra comes over and tells me what a handsome man I am. Don’t act like that training goes away! Get me the manager.

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