Kendra Wilkinson tried to sell ‘multiple’ sex tapes

May 7th, 2010 // 55 Comments

When word got out there was a Kendra Wilkinson sex tape, everyone just assumed she leaked it for publicity. Turns out Kendra has planning for years to turn herself into a one-woman porn distributor most likely because of prolonged exposure to Hugh Hefner’s man-goo. RadarOnline reports:

Documents from 2008, obtained exclusively by, map out a secret agreement between Wilkinson and her team about shopping the intimate footage. And the documents referenced the explicit video material in plural terms, confirming that more than one tape was created. Multiple references in the document refer to “the Tapes.” tracked down a lawyer who worked with Kendra on the project and setting up the company that was formed to sell the sex tapes. The lawyer did not want to comment about the project.
But confirmed that Kendra’s agreement was to acquire and license video rights to material featuring Kendra in intimate situations.

Christ, there has to be a hundred of these things. She probably makes two every morning before breakfast like some sort of perfect and awesome addiction that I’ll now look for in potential mates. “Before I open my heart and let you in, does this camera make you want to film amateur porn to stop the voices? No? I’ll always cherish our time. CHEESE IT!”


  1. Slaedden

    Eagerly awaiting tapes

    also FIRST!!!

  2. Mr. T

    I can’t wait to see these tapes….she is fine as fuck and can’t wait to see that sweet little blond snapper

  3. havoc

    She looks gassy……


  4. chopper

    another stupid pig

  5. Meh what else is new. The only reason she’s popular is because the internets keeps writing about her.

  6. stinky mcpoop

    They’re probably just outtakes from her “black bros, white hos” gangbang vids. She totally looks like one of those chicks.

  7. Deacon Jones

    If she does anal in the tapes, I’m going to faint mid-jacking and my girlfriend is going to find me on the floor next to a smashed laptop and hand lotion splattered everywhere like a crime scene in CSI.

  8. GladToSay

    Where are the tape or tapes already !

  9. dude

    Babylon, the whore, her destruction will be great

  10. funyions

    aside from being a stunning natural beauty, kendra has managed to be the perfect mother and a genius at business as well? so impressed (and hard).

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  13. Stupid whore

    Uh, #13, she’s had facial plastic surgery, and her tits are totally fake; they’re like giant watermelons bolted onto her chest. And, her idea of motherhood is to let the nanny take care of the kid, while she goes clubbing. I hope you’re being sarcastic; if not, then you’re an idiot.

    I always said she was a whore, and now she’s working hard to prove me right…

  14. Good Choice

    I think porn is a great career for Kendra. it’s worked out really well for all of those other “actresses” who “owned their careers.” Look at Jenna. Her life makes Cinderella’s look sad. Marylin Chambers? That worked out great. Christy Canyon? A life of ease and happiness.

    Bravo, Kendra. Remember to look “hot.”

  15. Rex Kramer-Danger Seeker

    I remember when she was hot, that seems like a hundred years ago.

  16. phifli

    * C O A L – B U R N E R *

  17. health and wisdom

    seeing her childlike amusement while walking around with what appears to be her own feces in a cup is just darling!

  18. asdf

    This story is a lie.

    If she wanted to release the tapes, she would have released them.

    Certainly she would have find a buyer, no?

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  20. AteIsEnough

    Just when I thought that this person couldn’t get any more annoying…this happens. Fuckin’ loser bitch! Becoming a celebrity shouldn’t be something that you try to force or falsify…if you are, then you are NOT celebrity material.

  21. Kuntdra is such a dirty whore. Sorry Hank, you married everyone’s favorite man-goo receptacle.

    Then again, people buy used cars all the time. I guess old Hank bought himself a blond with a lot of miles on her.

  22. Bootilicious

    She is so hot!!!!

  23. Longrod Von Hugendong

    When are we going to get still of some penis in vagina

  24. Bellatrix

    I’ve never understood the attraction men have for Kendra. I just don’t see it.
    For me she is the visual representation of the human subspecies ‘trailer trash’.

  25. StEvec

    She’s a sexy little fire hydrant of a woman.

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  29. What is lame, I bet her husband proud! And hey, why not? You have a child now! May as well make him very proud!

  30. captain america

    ok, A DIFFICULT ONE NOW: 2 : 2 = ?

  31. Bootilicious

    Check out pic 10, that azz is so hot

  32. shittin condoms

    how in the fuck did this whore become a celebrity

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  35. She has Hank so whipped!!!! He knows that his football days are numbered and will soon be Mr Kendra Wilkinson!!!!

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  38. cellphone

    What do you do when you’re married and your wifey.. is trying to sell her sex tapes?

  39. cc

    All of Hef’s girls are epic trash. She’s one of the worst. God, I’d rather be celibate than settle for one of Hef’s sloppy seconds.

  40. Nero

    Is the good girl just shopping around the family’s parties recordings?

  41. bimbamboing

    100-year-old guy bangs Kendra wilkinson.Are these fetish movies?!

  42. starmaker

    I would like to see her back for rollator wheel prints if that was true.

  43. Gando

    You’ll be surprised how handy some of these folks are with mobility scooters.For some it works like an extended body part.

  44. Jessiesgirl

    She needs that icecream like a kick to the head.

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