Kendra Wilkinson should’ve thought of this

May 7th, 2010 // 64 Comments

Kendra’s List of Sex Tape Themes if She Knew What the Fuck She Was Doing

2. Vampires
3. Hoarders
4. Drunk Italian Kids
5. Justin Bieber

I’ve got my finger on your pulse, America.


  1. Frist

    First, bitches

  2. Frist

    First, bitches



  4. Henry

    Fourth first!

  5. Mr. Nice Guy

    She look tasty!

  6. bob

    fifhtssssss bitchesss

  7. fifth first

    fifth first

  8. lol 7 u fail

    lol 7 u fail

  9. Deacon Jones

    Hasn’t this bitch been sobbing at press conferences for the past two weeks, now she’s releasing a porno??

    Ahhhh women, gotta love em’.

  10. Chupacabra

    …and that’s really the pulse of america, folks. we are fat idiot blobs or slutty fuck ups. that’s about it.

  11. Fati87

    You got that right

  12. PunkA

    I wonder if she does some inter-racial in this one and get boned by a dude named Cheetah.

  13. jimmy

    haha “true story” porno, this should be funny
    wonder if theyll actually do it on the gold course lol

  14. It’s a Photoshop MIRACLE!!

  15. GiRL

    Truly a photoshop miracle.

    This is just unreal. Absurd. Embarrassing. Pathetic. This whore deserves nothing but hell. She’s truly a degenerate.

  16. Mumtaz Ayadda Faisal El Abdullah

    the beautiful nakid lady is tuching her breast and see behind her that gang negro is stealing her cart.
    America is not like Saudi Arabia.

  17. sam

    The best picture I have seen from her. In real-life, she looks like my old beatup luggage.

    Damn Fing Skank, crying about how she was used and deceived.
    Tiger needs to get a stronger pimp hand. his biotches are running out of control

  18. the EPA

    C O A L B U R N E R

  19. American baby

    Hey Mumtaz Ayadda Faisal El Abdullah, you need glasses or to enlarge your computer screen. First of all that “gang negro” (are you serious?) is breaking his golf club over his knee and there’s nothing in the pic to suggest the man is stealing anything. Second of all, thank GOD that America is not like Saudi Arabia. I would puke in my stomach if it were.

  20. Bellatrix

    I find her amusing.

    When she first announced she was one of Tiger’s ladies she was all little miss innocent and how was tricked by the bad black man who used her and then didn’t care. I still can’t believe she had the sheer balls to try and pull that one off considering some of the shit she has done on tape.

    Now all she has left is to re-create her sexual adventures with Tiger on tape for the world to fap too. Gotta love resourceful hoes.

  21. Willie Dixon

    Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan.
    Directed by Ridley Scott
    Joslyn James and Tiger’s Penis by Ray Harryhausen.

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  24. Thanks for taking time to write this post

  25. They are doing it for all the Stars think they have the right. They would not like if someone came what started this to each and every one of them. They need to achieve the Stars are not only people with money is no different than you or me.

  26. Antonio


    I’m not surprised. There are people who still believe that the Paris Hilton porn movie was an old sex tape that was released without her consent.

  27. lol


  28. phifli

    * J U S T S A Y N O T O C O A L – B U R N I N G *

  29. captain america

    ……………….SHE JUST CAN’T THINK.
    that’s why.

  30. Mumtaz Ayadda Faisal El Abdullah

    am saying about the picture with lovely nakid lady with the bigging breasts
    you see gang negro has taking club for golf from
    ladys cart and breaking. now club broken and cart
    soon stolen.
    gang negro man is the gang negros in your cripper gang and not in this Saudia Arabia
    but gangs in america are everywhere when CNN Riyadh is on TV. no police are stopping gang negro in america
    no negro gang in Saudi Arabia or police would make them stop.
    american baby does the puke in stomach and what is that
    americans say some different things

  31. Darth

    That’s weird,why are Bambi and Mickey Mouse posted here?

  32. cellphone

    Is this Tw’s official biographical movie?

  33. What a classless whore. And an unattractive one at that.

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  35. PostmortemG

    Mumtaz Ayadda Faisal El Abdullah owns this fucking thread. The phrase ´gang negro´ has officially been added to my vocabulary. If his comments offend you, that´s just too fucking bad; they make me laugh! =D

  36. Gweb

    Man, they really Photo Shopped her chesticles. Those puppies have some SERIOUS stretch marks on ‘em in real life.

  37. Gweb

    When you steal a golf cart in Saudi Arabia, they cut off your hands and make a camel fuck you up the ass.

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  43. PostmortemG

    Good Lord, i just re-visited the older posts about this ´lady´, and *DAMN*!!! They made her look amazing here, considering what she *REALLY* looks like. Yuck! I hope that ´gang negro´ Tiger Woods is always associated with this shit for the rest of his life. =D Fucking honestly – he couldn´t find more attractive women to fornicate with?

  44. m65

    nice article

  45. looking good

  46. James

    would plow her silly!!! Way to go tiger!!

  47. Johnny Fr8liner

    48th! (Pumping fist in air) YESSSS!!!!!

  48. Johnny Fr8liner

    48th! (Pumping fist in air) YESSSS!!!!!

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