Kendra Wilkinson says ‘Cheese!’

April 2nd, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s a ton of behind-the-scene shots from Kendra Wilkinson’s latest photo shoot to jump start your day, and believe me, they work. I was in a full blown coma this morning until someone pressed my face up against the monitor. Now I’m running a triathlon – while typing! You can’t make this stuff up. In the meantime, there’s more on Kendra’s website and Celebuzz if you’re into that sort of thing. And if you’re not, well, let’s face it, you have no soul.


  1. JofaMang


  2. She’s a nice looking cougar.

  3. havoc

    Still doesn’t make up for that annoying fucking laugh.


  4. Max Planck

    Cheese? Do they give milk and cream too?

  5. I did demand she put some sexy pics on her webpage instead of the gushing over her “fiance”…

  6. Jrz

    She looks…sandpapery.

  7. The only reason for her to ever open her mouth is to have a dick stuck in it. The shortbus was waaaayyyyyy beyond her intellect.

  8. >ThisGuy<

    Now this is the reason I keep an eye on The Superficial. They never disappoint, by showing nice sexy looking ladies.

    Though what ever the hell that John Mayer bit was, please NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!

    But with the additions of the Sexy Megan Fox and This Gal, I find it in my heart to forgive you, for now….

    Just never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! Show a dude in a lady’s swimsuit ever ever ever EVER!!!! again!

  9. Tom K

    Except for her undying love for black penis she alright. lol!!

  10. Big Al

    “Beauty fades, but stupidity lasts forever.” In the case of Kendra, I’m sure “forever” starts immediately after the first orgasm.

    She is hotter than hell but the sheer agony of having to put up with her when your dick isn’t inserted into one of her orifices isn’t worth it.

  11. friendlyfires

    1.)B O N E R D O M !
    2.)iT’S OFFICIAL – I’m no longer seeking Winona – Christina was a given – you can only get brained by so many Troy Aikman recommended Acme bricks – it was like getting deluged by Ignatz Mouse, only he was an assist from Wile E Coyote.
    3.)Janine Turner is still a Rush Limbaugh Republican.

  12. Odrama

    She is too orange.
    I must place a tax on that.

  13. Lindsay

    @>ThisGuy< That wasn’t REALLY a dude just a manly woman :-\

    and Wow, Kendra has an AMAZING body, I can’t imagine how much she has to workout/not eat

  14. farty mcshitface

    this lousy bitch needs to get in an accident. she looks sandpapery because she spends so much time tanning. her skin is ruined. her brain was always wrecked. she should kill herself.
    she was always ugly.

  15. ishi-san

    What’s that guy doing in the background of pic 4? Do they know he is there taking secret pics for his collection?

  16. closing my eyes

    Ugh. Skanky.

  17. ToTellTheTruth

    Maybe she’s all sandpapery from having too much black cock rubbing all over her…

  18. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh, yes….the perfect woman. Obama should make it mandatory to air her new show to all girls during their sex-ed classes, get them conditioned early…

    If I was Hank Baskett, I would end every day with her bent over the couch, wearing black high heels. And then sleep like a fucking baby.

  19. Apes in the White House

    She has puncture wounds from all the sickle cells she’s been in contact with. Her stupidity and her love for apes makes her very unattractive. When this NlGGER loving whore loses whatever looks that attract the ape class, she’ll be penniless and alone, just like an animal fucker should be.

  20. Blue Eyes

    #21 – You are such a racist asshole…someone needs to put you out of YOUR misery. Karma…..ever heard of it???? You will soon enough.

  21. Jane Goodall

    It is not entirely uncommon for human women to engage in sexual relations and even inbreed with the North American Street Apes. In such cases of beastiality, the human woman in question is usually extremely disturbed or mentally retarded, and almost always suffer from extremely low self esteem, which is the only logical reason why a human would stoop to the level of having relations with an ape.

  22. She looks a bit ashy… c’mere, I have some lotion… (ziiiip)… that’s right, use the hand pump…


  23. jk

    Did it ever occur to any of you that celebrities actually read your comments??

    I think she is very pretty and in very good shape. Sure she has her quirks but can any of the people posting mean nasty comments say they are completely flawless

    the people on this site are human beings too..just because you an anonymous person on a computer doesn’t mean your not being a douchebag

  24. tigerbaby

    She will not age well, methinks. She is already starting to get that skeletal look about the face from starvation/diet pills/whatever.

    Playboy bunnies have a short shelf life.

  25. Blue Eyes

    #23 – You are such a racist asshole…someone needs to put you out of YOUR misery. Karma…..ever heard of it???? You will soon enough.

    What a bunch of dumb ass people. Don’t judge someone for who they choose to love, who the hell are you anyway….oh yeah ignorant, racist jerk offs, who have nothing better to do than bad mouth someone else because of the color of their skin. Probably makes you feel smart… actuality you just look stupid. It will come around…best believe it!!!!!

  26. ginkfist

    starting to look like the joker

  27. Smarg

    She installed bigger tits…they weren’t that big during the Hef show.

    Anyways, she prefers diseased dark sausages inside her pee pee. That alone makes me throw up in my mouth when I see her picture. Eew.

  28. #23 – Or it could be that non whites have larger pee pees… (shrugs)

  29. Louis Leaky

    Amazing that yet another attractive woman is incapable of finding a mate within her own subspecie. I would wonder whether or not the beast she is currently bestiating with has sufficient, what do you call it, “street cred”?

  30. Olduvai Gorge

    hey 31, give me my skulls back you pasty fuckhead

  31. testing

    she is kinda a butterface Holly is like 10 years older and way cuter

  32. Deacon Jones

    No fucking way. Holly is an annoying cunt.

    Keep up those leg squats Kendra, i love that bubble ass of yours!

  33. Zee Brat

    I love Kendra.

  34. ___

    It’s so hilarious how people like #21 and #31 come on here to spew their opinions. The fact of the matter is that they’re posers, in one form or another.

    Racists like these people either are tough guy racists in real life and have a secret life of browsing the world of Celeb gossip sites. No way they would ever tell their racist buddies that they spent all day checking out


    They are too pussy to come out in real life with their racist thoughts, so they come here to do it in anonymity. Which would make you not a real racist.

    You see, any way you look at it, these racist (or not)douchebag sons of whores are in one form or another, POSERS. Real racist tough guys don’t spend their days on celeb gossip sites. You can’t have it both ways fellas. Fucking POSER WANNABE’S. You should ashamed of yourselves, and not necessarily just because of your racist diatribes…The whole world laughs at you.

    On another note, someone should surgically remove this Kendra chick’s voice box. She could not be more irritating. She sounds like an 8th grade dropout.

  35. RichPort's Vaginal Secretion

    RichPort’s Ghost has an obvious problem with the size of his own penis, which is painfully obvious since everytime black people are mentioned, he refers to their penis’. It’s probably because he longs to have Biraq Obommas cock in his ass and mouth, and is just wishfully hoping it to be big.

    I was in fact in the military, and the whole “black guys having large schlongs” is purely a myth. In fact, most of the blacks were pissed off that they didn’t have big units and most joked about it. The whole urban myth started in the 70′s when long dong silver was in porn and had a freakishly large dong

  36. jh

    hey can someone tell me what brand/style of shoes she’s wearing – they’re hot and i want some for the wife.

  37. Massa'

    I have a question for all you racist experts out there.

    Since RichPort’s Ghost will only take black cock up his ass and in his piehole, does that make him racist against white cock?

    Also, since it’s genetically proven that blacks are inferior beings and are incapable of order, discipline, independant survival, and raising children on their own, is it really “racist” to mock them? It’s just being realistic.

  38. Holyfuck


    See #36. And think about it. I think he may have a point.

  39. jk

    #38..let me get this “straight” you have a wife and you saw this picture and looked at her shoes??

    just an observation:)

  40. Venom

    That is a bad b!tch.

  41. Venom

    The racists on here are so pathetic.
    It is obvious that their women left them for black men or cheated on them with black men.
    And yeah, the so called inferior black man you talk about is your boss, the President of the United States and your dumbasses pay to go to baseball, basketball, football games and movies so that the “inferior” black men can live like kings off of you idiots.
    My neighbor is an “inferior” black man that plays in the NBA and makes $13 million a year, I will be sure to let him know when he is getting out of his Lamborghini that according to you guys he is inferior. This should be good for a laugh.

  42. Blue Eyes

    #39 – you’re just as ignorant as they are, you stupid fu*k. Look hard enough and you can find those kind of genetics an any race. What a moron!!!! You and your racist buddies should all get together and jump off the highest mountain you can find. This world has enough issues without having to deal with the likes of you. Get a brain dick head!!!!

    Agree with #36 – What a bunch of pussies, you hide behind the computer with your racist comments, because you know in the real world… would get the shit beat out of you. NO balls, you ignorant bastards!!!!!

  43. LOL


    HA! You assumed these sad racist fucktards had women. That’s adorable. Oh, man, thanks for the laugh.

    These fucks with women. PRICELESS!

    Adding… also they’re the same person under different names posting all day everyday, so that should put things into perspective. A pathetic vagina-less perspective.

  44. Rhialto

    Doesn’t she has anything else to say!? Empty headed!

  45. Deacon Jones

    Eh, I’m more of a sexist than anything else. What’s that make me?

    They only time my racism comes out is when I watch the nightly news

  46. Lilly de White

    I must confess. I live in an A-frame attic at my granny’s. I watch the world go by from my dormer window. I have never had a friend and my mommy was going to give me up for adoption as she had left Father to pursue her hobby. That hobby was the perpetual pursuit of having sex with the most dominant African American gentlemen that she could acquire. I actually made several peep holes through the ceilings so that I could observe. Granny would go off often to visit her sister and would be gone usuall a couple days each week. Mommy never even knew I was up there. She thought Granny was alone. But there I was in my own tiny little part of the dark upstairs realm. Cobwebs and nightmares and creaks in the shadows and my imagination were all I had save for the 2 meals a day Granny would sneak me – when she could. I had food up there in cans though.
    Mommy would seduce these men and most of them were very large it was Mommy’s obsession. Some of them would ravage her all day long and sometimes there would be more than one of them. Sometimes two. Or more.
    Most of them seemed very very advanced compared to the feeble mindless white men that I even I gazed upon with an inevitable loathing. I had grown ashamed of being white. (of course I was never in the sun).
    Mommy really seemed to relish the black man and I was treated to innumerable awesome displays of the savage power of and African American’s penis. It was a force of nature. It was like watching God create the universe. Mommy called out to God many many times during her dalliances.
    Time always passes and one age gives unto the next and one sad day my Granny died when Mommy was away. I was afraid to come down and lay up there staring down upon Granny’s rotting face as she lay there without sight staring at me while I stared down at her. I grew hungry and thirsty and so I jumped out of the dormer window too afraid to come down out of the attic. I broke many bones and was in the hospital for a long while.
    I am ok now although I cannot work and have since established homosexual relations with a fine African American gentlemen more than twice my age.
    He keeps me in the basement.
    I love all of you an spend most of my days reading gossip columns and visiting paranormal websites because the house I am in was the crime scene where a whole family of nuns was murdered and it is horribly haunted and I am visited by an amazing array of spirits some not from this world. I digress.
    Mommy loved her black men. I am coerced to.

  47. Planet of the Apes in the White House


    uh, B’lack Oboombox isn’t our boss, we’re his boss you fucktard. There aren’t any black bosses out there because the blacks would have to have jobs first.

    The only blacks that have financial security are athletes, and most of them live beyond their means, with entourage’s and fleets of Escalades, they end up broke anyway. Most pilfer all they earned, and many keep selling drugs, beating women, & killing people, cause they gotsta keep it realll….real fuckin’ dumb. And your neighbor isn’t in the NBA, because you live in a studio apt in the village and skip to work at the bath house everyday.

    They should stop paying the porch monkeys to play sports anyway, they don’t pay Horses that run in horse races, or greyhounds. The blacks are just another farm animal put on Earth by God to serve humans. And when you guilty white liberals decided to give human rights to outdated farm equipment, the whole country turned to shit. The only time negros were ever useful and organized is when they were slaves….and that’s the TRUTH biatch!!! so suck on that you pillowbiting treehugging fascist!!!!!

  48. lori

    That’s really sexy if you like orange leathery skin and fake breasts.

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