Kendra Wilkinson leaving Hugh Hefner

September 24th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Hugh Hefner’s youngest girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson (above) is reportedly dating Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Page Six which also confirms the rumors of Holly Madison and Criss Angel hooking up are true:

As for Madison’s fling with Angel, Hefner smirked, “One hopes . . . that when she starts dating, she’ll have better taste.” Only Bridget Marquardt, who is married to a man in Ohio, has stayed loyal while developing a show for the Travel Channel.

I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here: Hugh lost the battle to adult diapers. That’s unfortunate and why I’m driving off a cliff at 50 – or asking Nick Hogan for a lift. Either one.

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  1. netfen

    What’s with saying Hugh Hefner is a god? He is totally lame. ANY guy who has a whole lot of cash can get young, hot pussy. Look at that 98 year old that married Anna-Nicole. Hef just flaunts it in public, because he is a business man. But any rich dude on viagra is going around banging whores if he wants to….big deal.

    If a rich dude isn’t banging whores like these its because he can’t be bothered dealing with the fact that they’re all damaged goods. Abused as kids, alcohol dependent, uneducated – boring & annoying. Not even sex can cancel that annoying shit out. Before you start saying “hef is god” go date a gold-digging stripper and see how much fun it is.

  2. Nor Cal

    UMMM, THOSE SHOES ARE THE BOMB! hef is gross, she is a baby. she just turned 22. what happened to this girl, first hef and now black guys? who would walk this chick down the isle after that slum ride. ick.

  3. lloyd johnson

    Why did Hef put all his hoes on clearance?

  4. Jeff

    More Damaged Goods. I thought she was okay but now that the rumors are true and she likes black dong i’m disgusted by her and and like my bros say at work. DAMAGED GOODS ARE NOT RETURNABLE.

  5. SueMe would make a nice bed wench in the barn

    Sue I take it you have seen quite a few cocks in your day?

  6. netfen

    @55 – hilarious. Different races have different cock sizes in general. There aint no way to dispute the statistical proof. Plus any college chick will be able to tell you….

  7. Bunnie

    I’d like to think most men would prefer a pretty, well-adjusted girl over a trampy gold-digging whore whose only good attribute is the fact that she is “hot”. You can get a great looking normal girl who doesn’t have years of physical, sexual and substance abuse behind her, and you don’t need money to get one. Just a good personality (looks are definitely helpful).

    I might add that the thought of a “big black cock” is actually more scary than exciting. My white boyfriend is of average size, and in my experience it’s more about how well they use it than how big it is. If anything, the bigger ones are useless and sometimes even painful.

    This is just a shout-out to all the guys out there: stop putting so much emphasise on size. Learn how to use the thing, and if that means finding a girl you can trust enough to ask for advice, do it. My guy has always put the woman first, and I repay him in kind.

    As for Kendra, I’ve never liked the bitch. She seems completely trashy. I liked Holly (as much as you can like a gold-digger) and I’m sad to see her go. I really hope the rumours about Angel aren’t true, and I can’t see how any girl would want to be with that.. thing. I’m assuming it’s human, but it’s hard to tell.

  8. Kendra is the only hot one on that Hef TV show which is a crap bucket program anyhow. Kendra’s hot because her face is cute and she seems like if you bang hell out of her she’ll start acting crazy like only the fiendish babes do. The other Hef chicks are just fake and dumb or borderline retarded looking.

    PS: Kendra it’s time to shove that impanted tit in Da Man’s mouth pronto!

  9. Sarah Palin

    The whole cock size myth has been debunked many times. Now, don’t get me started on moose cock! My stretched out manhole can take 2 moose at once.

  10. netfen

    of course white guys can have huge cocks. Many of them do, its just that on average, i think black guys as a population may have less cases of tiny cock. (on average). Some white guys have GIANT dicks, some have teeny weeny dicks. I know, cause I’ve seen them.

  11. noway

    I have hank basket on my fantasy team! Do I get points for the interception from Hef?

  12. Calicwsfan

    Another false Girls Next Door story. Its about as reliable as Holly leaving Hef for Criss Angel. That was a load of crap and so is this story. I guess the superficial just publishes whatever random shit it wants.

  13. Op

    just one look at her and she screams: american trash!

  14. …………..but she still likes porn?

  15. Marino

    i dont believe this one

  16. BM

    Who knows if this is true or not but I definitely don’t think the rumor about Holly is… she has been with Hef for 7-8 YEARS and I know she did not just do all of that to just throw it all away. All those years of fake laughing, sucking up, being who Hef wanted her to be, getting into the business, and cock sucking.. I doubt is going to be wasted. She will get what she came into Hef’s life for!! A great job and tons of $$$$$$$$$!!!!

  17. Bernardo

    If those 3 girls leave Hefner it’s there problem, HH can get thousands of that kind of girls. There were not the first ones, and it will be no the last ones.
    3 New ho’s that’s good

  18. HorribleJudgment

    I applaud her for leaving the playboy house. Now she can admit that neither she nor any of the other girls ever slept with that old crone Hugh. He could never get it up. Even viagra couldn’t do it. And even if it could, no amount of money could persuade them to sleep with that wrinkly, shriveled raisinette, who was probably a pedophile when he was younger. Maybe he still is.

    Poor Hugh. He thinks the world envies him, when really, the world laughs at him. He is a pathetic geezer who can barely walk who drags himself around in a ridulously gaudy red robe just to be seen with blonde girls 40 years younger than him who EVERYONE know ain’t fucking him. All the money in the world, and so little time left to spend it before he dies. Oh well.

  19. BM

    #68… read a book I think is called “upstairs” or something by a former playmate where she reveals what really goes on and sorry to disappoint you but HH does screw all of the girls. I do agree though, his life is sad.

  20. HorribleJudgment

    #69, I don’t care what any book says. It is the job of every former bunny to perpetuate the myth that they fucked Hugh. They did not. It’s that simple. He’s too old and shriveled. He cannot get it up, even with viagra, and the few times he can, the girls simply refuse to. The sight of his veiny, elderly, urine-dripping, tiny stump of flesh of a penis sends them all to the bathroom to vomit. They simply cannot do it. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.



  22. Puffin

    Basically the only thing that Hef is saying about he and Holly, is that they are in “transition.” That could mean a dozen things, but I’m sure she has or is to be moving on soon. She wants to get married and have kids, but Hef is still legally married to wife #2, Kimberly Conrad, and the mother of two of his children. I have heard there is a lot of tension between Kendra and Hef, and Holly and Hef. Bridget is thoroughly wrapped up with her media/television career, so she is not really involved with the stress of the mansion. On the other hand, however, Bridget better keep her mouth shut, or Puffin is gonna figure out that she’s going on 36, and he has to stick to his strict rule of never dating anyone over 24.. Well, lately I think it’s more like 30. So, in Hef’s eyes, Bridget is over-the-hill. In no way can Kendra, Bridget or even Holly say that they honestly love Hugh Hefner – unconditionally, that is! The man is what? 83? My MIL is 84, wears Depends and is dealing with the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Don’t let these ladies fool you, if Hef was just another senior citizen collecting Social Security, and maybe lucky enough to be earning a modest pension, these women would NOT be with Hef under the latter circumstances. It wouldn’t be any fun. You wouldn’t be waited on hand and foot. Basically, you’d be cleaning his apartment and wiping his old, hairy ass! Poor Kendra, she must look at Hef and think “I’m with the fucking crypt keeper!!”

  23. Mandy

    I think Kendra was born Ken. She is disgusting!!!

  24. science

    Sex Project – sex, love, and relationships

    Myths concerning males

    Black men have naturally larger penises than white men.

    “This couldn’t be further from the truth. Based on a number of surveys
    (most notably Masters and Johnson), of thousands of men of many
    different races, white males actually have the largest penises. White
    males averaged an erect penis length of 6.4″ while black males
    averaged 6.2″. Hispanic men averaged 6.0″ and finally east Asian men
    bring up the rear with a meager 5.6″

    scientific studies… and to be honest none of it matters.. only scientific fact i know is black guys love to brag about how big they are and how much better they are than anyone else.. which in fact does usually make them appear to be a rather large penis…

  25. BlackSnakeMoan

    Kendra is addicted to that Alabama Black Snake and anal

  26. jaime lynn

    i see where alot of folk’s posting comment’s on here are calling holly and kendra and bridgette slut’s but them girl’s aint no slut’s and hugh hefner aint just some old man or what ever celeb buzz is talking about im saddened that holly would even consort with the like’s of chris angel i think the man is an idiot he is definetly not the man hugh hefner is hugh has made billion’s for him self and all his girl’s his pictorial’s are very beautiful and a well respected men’s magazine i’m a female and i love the show the girl’s next door i think the girl’s exspecially holly truly love hugh hefner as he does them some people just have old school view’s and don’t like there life style’s but i think the relationship’s the 4 of them shared was great and i’m sure no matter what happen’s here they will remain close and in contact with each other he has given these girl’s dream’s come true and he has lived a remarkable life that some would die for and he is still going strong so for you that hate him cause you aint him my advice is get a life because you could never fill this man’s shoe’s or live the life that he has made for him self and to holly kendra and bridgette you got to share in the life of an astonishing man and i know that all 3 of you will forever love hugh as he will you so much love and mad respect to you hugh hefner because it definatly is’nt over the party’s just begun and thank you for letting us your viewiers of the girls next door share in your life and laugh and love with each episode ……..much love from toledo ohio and most of the free world your all great people and god bless you all in what ever else you do in life !!!!!!! your number 1 fan jaime lynn townes

  27. jaime lynn

    i just had to leave another comment after reading all these you notice that most the females leaving comments saying that kendra is ugly hugh aint getting layed and all this other bull shit is just that bull shit most of you dumb hoe’s leaving these stupid ass comments are probably fat wanna be kendra’s bridgette’s or holly’s ive never seen so much hater aide in one room before go eat another cup cake you fat ho ho’s and saying that people are laughing at hugh hefner come on you have to be insane for that comment if any one is laughing its hugh hefner all the way to the bank baby aint none of you slut’s thats posting comments talking shit about hugh and the 3 girls got shit on on them at all your all ugly fat retarted haeing ass bitches that wish you could of fucked hugh hefner but he aint even wasteing a blink on you molly maid hoes so keep hateing because your just makeing hugh hefner and his 3 beautiful girl friends more famouse now whos laughing lololololololol

  28. gdawg

    cool…she will be tainted forever with black in her

  29. sharley

    i dont get it they all are in a relashion ship so why get involved with hef :)

  30. chai

    Oh, please Jaime Lynn, another escort service whie slut attempting to voice an intelligent opinion where there is none! Kendra Wilkinson is just another Hugh Heffner Whore. Just another white trash who likes kissing Dogs in the mouth. Nasty Bitch!! Not saying much about the asshole who married her. Kendra is nothing more than a gangsta wanna be white trash only seen as a prize fromr the dumb and the Idiot who marries her! The slut is just fake. Her reality show will tell it all! If she really wants to be some wanna be gangsta, where are her black friends, or could it possibly be as with most white trash sluts they only lust after that Big Black Banana with a million dollar price tag and OMG, may NOT REALLY BE INTO Black at all!! What a fake Bit”CH!

  31. chai

    Oh, please Jaime Lynn, another escort service whie slut attempting to voice an intelligent opinion where there is none! Kendra Wilkinson is just another Hugh Heffner Whore. Just another white trash who likes kissing Dogs in the mouth. Nasty Bitch!! Not saying much about the asshole who married her. Kendra is nothing more than a gangsta wanna be white trash only seen as a prize fromr the dumb and the Idiot who marries her! The slut is just fake. Her reality show will tell it all! If she really wants to be some wanna be gangsta, where are her black friends, or could it possibly be as with most white trash sluts they only lust after that Big Black Banana with a million dollar price tag and OMG, may NOT REALLY BE INTO Black at all!! What a fake Bit”CH!

  32. Cranston

    Kendra wilkinson is justs another piece of white trash lusting after that big black banana with a million dollar price tag on it!!!! She is nothing more than a white whore fake acting like I wanna be a gangsta. Maybe she should go into a real ghetto and try acting gangsta. Fake white B”itch! as all of them are! Unreal!!

  33. Jaz

    Kendra is a Bonafide slut. Not one black friend, yet this BIT”CH the same as the other fake ass, fake breast, fake lips Kim Karrdashian never seem to have any Black friends! Are these witches for real trying to act like they are so into black, yet they never ever are seen to have any Black friends. So the truth be told, they only lust after that Big Black D”ck for the sluts they truly are!! How freakin pathetic! Kendra Wilkinson is nothing more than A Black Man’s White
    Trash Whore!

  34. John

    Another typical mudshark slut with an empty shell for a head. Now she has a bun in her coal-burning belly. Yuk!

  35. Lee

    It’s a shame that sluts like this are held up and glorified. She’s a low life, mud shark. Sold out like others before. Nicole Brown Simpson comes to mind. Wait till she catches her buck out banging more white meat. She’ll divorce him and he’ll carve her up like a Thanksgiving turkey, just like old OJ did. OJ got real justice from his Black peers, hey Mistah Simpson, go on! All ya’ll did was carve up a White bitch. Kendra your day is coming too…like all “diversity” marriages yours will end up on the rocks.

  36. whitedevil

    peckerwoods just jealous cause us brothas are way smarter, better looking, and athletic than the peckerwoods.. not to mention we be packin..

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