Kendra Wilkinson leaving Hugh Hefner

September 24th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Hugh Hefner’s youngest girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson (above) is reportedly dating Hank Baskett of the Philadelphia Eagles, according to Page Six which also confirms the rumors of Holly Madison and Criss Angel hooking up are true:

As for Madison’s fling with Angel, Hefner smirked, “One hopes . . . that when she starts dating, she’ll have better taste.” Only Bridget Marquardt, who is married to a man in Ohio, has stayed loyal while developing a show for the Travel Channel.

I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here: Hugh lost the battle to adult diapers. That’s unfortunate and why I’m driving off a cliff at 50 – or asking Nick Hogan for a lift. Either one.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Thank God!!! She is the most anoying one anyway

  2. Wait, Bridgette is married? The hell? When did that happen? Has it always been that way?

  3. bleh

    she is yucky looking, and she’s the stupidest one on the show… that says ALOT.

  4. It’s “Baskett”, not Bassett. He may be a dog, but he’s no hound!


  5. wow…lots of shit going doing with all the white guilt girls with a propensity for dark meat lately.

    Ill bet shes fucking LaDainian Tomlinson, being the chargers fan she is.

    or maybe OJ.

  6. #5, what difference does it make who she dates?

  7. I cant mess with someone who has the sensibility to bang an 80 year old man…but she’s sure is stacked in all the right places…

  8. Bubba Gump

    yeah wait WHAT Bridget is married???

  9. Paolo Maldini

    Hugh is my hero. He could care less about those money grubbing sluts. Everything in life is a trade. He trades fame and money and they trade their pussy. When one of them tires of the other, he trades them in for a new one because there are plenty of sluts.

    The man lives the life we all want. You get to bang hot chicks with different personalities depending on your mood. You want the motherly/wife bimbo, take Holly, you just want a dumb skank, take Kendra. There is no loyalty.

    While I dont want to be 80 years old, most men in their 30s and 40s would love to trade places with him to sleep with those fine girls. The fact you are so well along in life that a hot chick leaves you and you dont care because there will be another one to replace her and you are 80 years old means you are a frickin GOD.

  10. SATAN

    it’s been obvious for years that this chick is a wigger, and at the very least, bisexual, but i will admit that she’s physically close to perfect…

  11. I'm Obama & I approve

    Who knew Kendra liked the dark meat??
    C’mon over here, baaaaa-bay!! Let this Oreo see the pink!!

  12. Rick

    Damn, where will Hef find another batch of desperate greedy talentless whores willing to suck his shriveled cock because he’s rich?

    Oh yeah. ANYWHERE. 99% of the female population. Of course, if he’s looking at the American women, he’ll have to exclude the 70% of them that are overweight. Of the remaining women, 60% are loud and bitchy, with too many insecurities and hangups to even wear lingerie. Of the women who remain after that…

    Damn, where will Hef find another batch?

  13. guest1234567

    @5, you should change your name to the voice of ignorance.

  14. Mike Oxbhig

    Sarah Palin’s cunt smells like moose shit.

    She has to learn to stop wiping back to front.

  15. Randy

    Anyone who posts after me has sucked on Hugh Hefner’s schlong recently

  16. Slut

    #14-anyone with a vagina knows that “Mike”-so I guess that makes you an expert?

  17. kendra

    uggghh …girgle-girgle uhh – - so

  18. Andrea

    It’s like a party where everybody wanted to leave hours ago but felt obligated to stay. Finally, somebody gets up the courage to say goodbye (Holly) and now they’re all rushing to get out.

    Sure, he’s got a ton of money, but he’s a dirty horny old man and men’s bodies become completely disgusting by age 50 (40s for a lot of guys). There’s only so much a girl can put up with without throwing up constantly. That’s why Viagra is the worst drug ever invented, and why women secretly flush it down the toilet in self-defense.

  19. havoc

    Christ that chick is annoying as hell. Low class and dumb as fuck.

    All of them are superficial goldiggers. Like most women….


  20. Hef

    The monkeys can have her. Within limits, it’s ok – I don’t mind if a girl gets jungle fever once or twice – but this girl, Jesus Christ Almighty, I swear…let’s just say, after awhile the smell of genetically-based perpetual failure doesn’t wash off.

  21. The Superficial is not funny anymore

    What happened to the funny, witty comments of the superficial? whoever is writing now is not funny at all……

  22. lol andrea mount that old wan and like it,,,stop complaining!!

  23. sicasso

    Proof that the human knee is simply not attractive.

  24. HankTheDwarf

    This bitch has a horse face.

  25. Duke Nukem

    Kendra is smoking hot, but about 1 IQ point away from being declared legally retarded. Her only purpose in life is to take a cock and pop out kids. I’m pretty sure Hef could only be around her when he had his cock in her mouth, and even then the dumb look in her eyes was probably nearly unbearable.

  26. crabby old guy

    I’d to officially annouce that I, too, am leaving Hef and will begin dating other people.


    Mr. Lemming

  27. Deacon Jones


    God, I pity you’re fat housecat.

    Anyways, Kendra is a fantastic piece of Grade A meat. She’s the only reason I used to stop on that channel.

    Plus she’s dumb as hell, so you can keep her easily entertained, she’s got a bubble ass of steel, and i guarantee she’s fucking the shit out of my boy Baskett after years of masturbating.

  28. pat

    well, those girls were getting old anyway. Time for new ones.

  29. Diminishing intelligence runs rampant around here, huh?

    I see Deacon Jones is celebrating National Punctuation Day…

  30. Jrz

    All the shock today. Gay Aiken is a homo and three blow up doll chicks used an old rich guy to get ahead in life!!!

    What are you going to tell me next…..that the skinny boy named Sam that hangs around Blohan is really a girl?

  31. dude

    Gee, I wonder why her knees look all worn out and roughed up in pics 5 and 6…..

  32. Randy

    With that dog face of hers, it’s no surprise that she’s dating a Bassett

  33. The Obama Turd

    Barack Obama’s mother wiped from back to front and thought she gave birth

  34. Jay

    Hugh goes through another bimbo. Stop the world! This is ?what? number 5438?

  35. PunkA

    Kendra is so annoying and immature I am not sure why any dude would want to be with her any longer than the hour that you work that body each day. That is, unless she will wear a muzzle.

  36. i like em big

    So this NFL stud gets leftovers from an 82 year old Jew. When he’s eating her out, he will be swallowing Hef’s jizz

  37. tp

    What a horse-face dude look-a-like!! Nice bod, though.

  38. Jammy

    Mmmmmm………belly leather!

  39. Advent

    She’s the one that seems to be high on something most of the time.

    And what a nasty belly, needs more moles.

  40. Eva

    Bridget married?!!!??!!
    Wait… huh?
    But how…. how could her husband let her…. I mean… how could a marriage…. but…at night… who does she….. my head is gonna explode!

  41. GC TAylor

    Man, you little racist white boys really have hangups about your tiny pink dicks, don’t you! HA , ha , ha!

  42. hef

    Why are you black boys always talking about dicks? Did you not get enough of it in prison?

  43. venomhed

    Wow, a woman exploiting a man with her pussy to further her “career”? Strange, i always thought men exploited women, silly me I guess?

    (Rolling eyes)

  44. meee

    YES BRIDGET IS MARRIED. it’s not hard to discover, google it. IT’S CALLED LEGAL SEPARATION, DUMBASSES. that’s how she’s married but with hef.

    i really don’t think holly is hooking up with criss angel. & i’m not surprised kendra might be dating an athlete.

  45. Coco

    @42 – No shit. Black “men” only have a few things to fall back on. The suggested bigger dicks than white guys, although John Holmes, Nacho Vidal and Rocco Siffredi pretty much shatter that notion. Also the allusion and illusion that all white girls want a black dick. Last time I checked n!ggs were dating fat white blonds that even white guys wouldn’t touch.

    Hmmm. Well, at least they are aiming high with “member skills” rather than scholastic ones.

  46. #33 good comment…for a good joke. Stop with all the jealousy. Damn just be happy with what you have. Whites for the most part got the array of eye colors, blacks got the unique hair and nice tanned skin, spanish people just look exotic, most asian people have unique beautiful eyes, native american men can have long hair and still look really macho and sexy, etc. We all got some great physical attributes, and all of us also got some not so great physical attributes. Anyhow there is not a fixed rule for penis size as it relates to racial background.

  47. GC TAylor

    I’ll say this one, last thing. I’ve had so many white women that I’m tired of them They’re too easy and most of them are hard to get rid of. haaaaaa!

  48. I like the Bluntwrap sponser behind her!


    way to go!



    finally, she is ugly.

  50. Jack MeHoffa

    these pics really show her whitegirlness. horsefacejackass.

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